Blood Type O+ and Vegan

by Debbie
(Hollywood, Florida)


I've been on and off as a vegan/vegetarian. My blood type is O positive. I've been told with my blood type I must eat animal protein. It grosses me out to think about it. My doctor says I need more protein and fewer carbohydrates because of my sugar problems. I don't know how to balance the foods out the right way. What do you think; can you help?


This is a pretty common question that we get on Vegan Nutritionista, similar to another question about being "protein type" and eating vegan.

An entirely new diet program started based around the idea that people with different blood types need to eat different kinds of food. Some of the books include:

I believe this diet fad is appealing to a vast number of people because it seems to make some level of sense; we're not the same, so why should we all feel great eating one way? While not all bodies are created equal, I firmly believe that people can have any type of blood and still excel on a vegan diet. Of course, some people might have food sensitivities, especially to things like wheat and soy, and avoiding those foods can make a huge difference in your life.

The blood type diet says that people with Type 0+ blood should be eating animal products and reducing their consumption of carbohydrates, as well as exercising vigorously. I hesitate to call this a scam, but it's really difficult for me to get behind any type of theme diet. I've heard from many people that when they stopped trying all the diets on the planet and just started eating a well balanced diet full of plant foods, their health improved. 

Although I'm not well versed in the blood type diet, when I started to research it, I found that many people said they have been vegan for years and feel great without eating animal products or exercising extensively. Plenty of people professed that following the recommendations in the book did not work for them at all, and that they were healthier when they stopped eating animals.

I personally am blood type O+, so evidently I should feel better eating meat, but from a young age I didn't enjoy meat, and I've never felt better than after I went vegan. I lost a few lingering pounds, I gained a ton of energy, I've maintained the same weight since college without dieting, my blood pressure is low, my cholesterol is amazing, and I'm in the lowest bracket possible for health and life insurance premiums because I am so healthy. It's hard to take those simple facts and convince me I should be eating meat.

However, you may convince me that I feel better when eating more protein. The good news is that it's simple to get plenty of protein from plant sources, and studies have shown that eating too much protein can lead to health issues, especially when it comes to animal protein.

I do stand behind some of the suggestions of the blood type diet, especially in avoiding refined carbohydrates like white flour, refined sugars, and processed foods. Especially while pregnant or exercising more heavily, I don't feel as well if I start my day with carbohydrates and no protein. My recommendation is to stick to a balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, and nuts and seeds. If you find you don't feel well when eating wheat or other glutinous foods, try avoiding them to see if it makes a difference in your health.

Hope that helps! We'd love some comments from other readers who have experience with the blood type diet.

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O+ and vegan
by: Anonymous

In response to the fibroid sufferers this happens from lack of vitamin C and D.Pineapple full of C shrinks them and sunlight prevents them.As an O I found exercise like walking an hour in the sun gets rid of them and the weight.Also spinach has protein and a cup of spinach curry kills the hunger and gets rid of fat and toxins.Both kill cancer cells also.Os are rice eaters as other grains are fattening.Exercise is a must and the weight burns faster on a veg diet.

Change from Vegan to Blood Type
by: CeeJay

I have been vegan 3 years, absolutely 100% plant based! About 1 year ago my body became so inflamed, including breakouts with hives. I've been treated by several medical specialist, trying to rule out autoimmune disease. Next week I'll see a neurologist for excessive inflammation in my eyes and headaches. My PCP had to prescribe medication for hypertension, high cholesterol and watching my A1c. Unbelievable!!! My eating habit is great, no added sugar, good portions and well balanced meals.
The MRT blood test identified many food sensitivities that were causing my problems. Thanks to Leap, NO more hives but issues with my eyes have not changed.
I have decided to change my vegan diet to blood type diet. I am O+, born meat eaters, except pork. Hopefully, this will clear my eyes and eliminate need for medications.
Wish me luck!!

Vegan and O positive
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed reading your article. I have a neighbor who eats for her blood type. She's constantly trying to suede me into eating meat. It's annoying to say the least.

Like you, growing up I didn't care much about meat. I would opt for a peanut butter sandwich instead of steak.

I was vegetarian in the 90's but really relied on Healthy Choice dinners. LOL!!! I was a runner and very active my whole life. However, my food choices weren't as great as I thought.

In 2009 I went vegan and people thought I would actually die! What broke the spell was the book "Skinny Bitch." It was the hard-faced truth about my Diet Coke I drank on a daily basis. I will not say how many I'm embarrassed. It should have been called liquid crack! However, the hardest thing to give up was CHEESE!!! I have slipped I will admit. But, as I researched everything about being vegan I remembered why cheese made me crave it. Cheese contains casein which releases opiates called casomorphins, if I'm correct. I've read it triggers the additive state in our brains and makes us crave more. I truly believe this. Everyone feels so elated and happy when they eat cheese....until it's gone. I knew cheese had to go!!!!

Thankfully, there are great alternatives that vegans can consume. Plus, nutritional yeast is one of the best cheese replacements I have found that really taste.... well cheesy!!!! It's worth it.

I've read many articles on eating for your blood type and I personally don't buy it. I believe someone made a lot of money on a theory. Perhaps, eating a plant-based diet is a healthier way of life. Giving up is really getting back. I'd rather let animals live their lives peacefully and without pain.

My views about a plant-based diet are still the same. I don't consume any meat and kick cheese to the curb!! My views are moral today. Animals have the right to live and die peacefully.
I'll do just great eating dandelions and radishes!!! =..=

not everyone can be full vegan
by: Jack

I am here to tell you my story about being a vegan. almost 2 years ago I decided to go vegan (health reasons). it worked for a while and feeling good lost weight, getting praise from other fellow vegans. in the 8 months of vegan, my hair begins to thin a little, then a little more, my teeth begin to weaken and end up getting a tooth out. i picked up some weight because of the carbs and low protein. I am an aspiring lifter/bodybuilder and it was not working out for me. I slowly induced lean ground turkey into my diet and my hair is growing back, my muscles are showing and i'm getting lean. i'm an o blood type and realized that full veganism is not for my body. as leroy colbert says - "the body complains but don't explains". i only eat lean 97% ground turkey as a source of meat. no red meat, chicken, fish, and especially PORK (the devil). my daily diet still consists of vegetables and fruits, oats 90%, 10% lean meat. I read a book explaining that fruits and vegetables do not have sufficient amino acid levels for the body to fully operate. veganism is for fitness people, but not for heavy compound lifters. yes I tried all the supplements to prevent no meat, it only does little compare to meat. and I was acting erratic while being a vegan because the lack of tytophan, tryoisne and other amino acids to balance out mood. meats like turkey do have those amino acids. veganism is great but not for everyone's body and that's the truth.

0+ and Between
by: Donna

Hi everybody. Loved all the advise. Thank you. I must say I have eaten many different diets, even the Type 0 (where I believe God has lead). However, I was a vegetarian for about 13 years and loved it. Though I eat meat I like to stick, as much as possible, to a plant based diet. I must say I feel better and the weight is stable. To me the Blood Type Diet is a good theory which can help with some health problems, such as allergies, weight, thyroid and etc. I also believe we do not really consume enough vegetables, fruits, nuts and etc. (whole foods). Whole food is what God gave the body to digest. Yes, it can mean cooking.

Blood Type Vegan
by: AnonymousGuy Burton

lood In Dr. D'Adamo's book he clearly states that Blood type O's can indeed be vegan, it is just a challenge to do so. I have found this to be the absolute truth. I have been Vegan before i understood the extensive and highly accurate research that went into the Blood type way of eating , and long term the results were not positive. However by carefully following a common sense approach to adhering to my Blood type profile ( O- ) , and being careful to supply my balanced amino acid requirements from vegetable sources i am very happy with the results. I have been involved in this process for years, actively looking for other Type O's that are successfully vegan and have only met and observed over a reasonable length of time 1 other type O that is doing it and she owns a health food establishment.

diet for type O
by: Linda

I am looking into eating more specific types of foods for my blood type which is 0 positive. However, I am convicted by God that I don't need to eat animal protein to have a balanced diet. I am taking more raw protein which consists of Organic Pea Protein, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Coconut flour, Sunflower Lecithin, and Acacia Gum. All of these ingredients are organic.

I have been a vegan vegetarian for about 22 years. I used to have seizures when I was growing up as a child but God helped me to change my diet and lifestyle to Vegan and I haven't had any seizures for the past 15 or 16 years. I feel better and have more energy, plus I am juicing carrots, spinach and beets. Thanks for helping me to decide what other foods I can eat because it seems that I have trouble digesting beans of any kind. Maybe I should take something to help me to digest these beans. What is your advice? Thanks so much!!

It worked for me
by: Anonymous

15 years ago I was introduced to the diet. I'm an O, that had been vegetarian for 8 years. Once I gave up wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and eggs and started eating fish and chicken I lost weight and felt relief from severe fibromyalgia. 3 years ago --maybe 4, I went back to not eating animals, but don't eat wheat and have tried to limit dairy. I have gained weight, and fibro and the start of arithitic pain has me upset. I can't go back to eating animals--I love them more than any humans. I'm willing to eat mounds of lentils and nuts if that's what it takes--just not sure what to do

Need for Research
by: Anonymous

i am a psychologist with the ability to read research and wish I could find something definitive on the blood typeO debate - the anecdotal reports here are interesting and appreciated but statistically don't help. Does anyone have references to peer-reviewed articles? YLR

Coconut and blood type O+
by: Anonymous

What is the side effects of coconut on a type o+ person it diet?
by: Anonymous

Hi folks,

I've been vegetarian for 26 years, and vegan the past year. I've just found out ha e a fibroid causing anaemia through heavy blood loss.

I've never had any health problems before! The naturopath I saw suggested I take a type of acid to help my body absorb proteins due to my blood type O

I've never drunk I've now cut out my one coffee a day and soy milk.

Has any other females experienced this?

Many thanks.

When I stop eating meat I get sick
by: Sheehan R. Fun an

I am a type o+ and when I quit eating meat my energy level drops,I get dizzy spells, bipolar mood swings migraines and a terrible stomach aich. Other than all that I'm in great health. I'm a martial artist and I need energy to maintain my lifestyle. I am extrememaly strong and I can do some pretty amazing things with physics. As someone who feels super human my advise to the all of you is to eat organic food. Plants grown industrially are tortured just as much the animals are. If you think that plants are any less sentient than animals you've got some soul searching to do.

Dedicated Vegan and O+++++++++
by: Tea Leah

I became vegetarian when I was 19 years old and then became vegan a year later. There were times when I was not getting the nutrition that I needed, as I was in the learning process of being a vegan and didn't understand about the need for b 12 or getting protein from plants, nuts, and seeds. There was a short time when I went back to eating chicken and fish, experimenting with animal protein, but went back to being vegan, determined to find a healthy way to eat by my principles. Now I'm 37 years old and have become a confident, healthy, happy, balanced, mindful vegan. I prepare most of my food and have begun soaking and sprouting whole, complex grains, such as buckwheat and sunflower seeds. I have a veggie/fruit smoothie EVERY morning made of romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, celery, cilantro, a green apple, a pear, a banana, and two small apricots, blended in 16 ounces of Dole Pineapple Juice. (This recipe makes three days worth of smoothie). I have at least one salad every day, made with sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, apple juice sweetened cranberries, some avocado, sometimes pumpkin seeds. I have sweet potato or pumpkin several days a week to get a rich source of vitamin a and potassium, (and other wonderful nutrients). I eat about 99% organic, occasionally buying a pear or apple that is not organic. I've found that hemp milk and coconut water are excellent replacements for soy milk, almond milk, and regular milk. Make sure to buy milks that are carrageenan-free. Eating this way is fun, wonderful, healthy and keeps me blissful.

If you are blood type O+ and are a vegan at heart, find a way to be a healthy vegan. There's no need to buckle if you truly want to be vegan. Oh, and a recent check up at the doctor shows that my health is ideal, all levels in optimum range. It is possible to be a healthy, happy, vibrant O+ vegan if you are dedicated.

O+ and veg
by: Sharon

I've been Vegetarian for about 28 years for the animals.I eat some dairy but no eggs and try to keep it organic.I'm O+ Eurasian.I have always had weight issues with meat, pasta, and potatoes but I discovered my body does better with veg/vegan rice,Indian,Thai,and Chinese food than bland,carb western which gets in my joints and makes me fat.The spices help digest lentils also.Pineapple works on fat and cholesterol and beans,grains that cause inflammation.

5-years vegan, O+
by: Landon

I put zero stock in the blood type diet. I've been a vegan 5 years and I'm 0+. I have TONS of energy, I eat ALL the time, and I am the healthiest I have ever been. I was a raw foodist for a long time and I still eat 10 bananas a day even though I do eat cooked foods as well. I eat a LOT of leafy greens, when I do eat soy it's organic and fermented, and 100% of my produce is organic. I make most of my food myself, including my own vegan cheeses, sour cream, mylk alternatives, and meat substitutes. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but I watch my nutrition closely and I thrive on this diet, even as someone with hypoglycemia. I also take vitamin supplements and eat lots of nutritional yeast. Hope this helps! Don't let the bastards tell you that you need meat, people! It's a lie and science shows direct links to dementia, Alz Heimers, cancer, and heart disease.

26 years experience of being sick.
by: Beatrix

I have a 26 year history of serious food related illness. One thing I've learned on my journey is this, EVERYONE fools and lies to themselves about what they put into their mouths.

It's one thing to be Vegetarian or Vegan but does that mean all you consume is Organic? If you change to a Vegan diet and increase the amount of supermarket vegetables, well are also increasing the amount of toxins into your body that these vegetables have been grown with, spayed on, dusted with etc. so, it's possible that if you are experiencing ill effects it may be more due to this than the natural real foods that we humans are meant to eat. It also takes a bit of research and learning to know how much, how often we need to eat certain things. Most people don't do the research.

Lastly, just because you buy something from a health food shop doesn't mean it's good for you. If it's out of a packet it generally has far too much sugar and salt in it. After 26 years I find I'm best on REAL food mostly organic Vegan. I'm o+.

by: Kathy

I knew there was somewhere on this vast interweb of all of us type O's that struggle with what we put in our bodies. I too want so badly to be vegan/vegetarian but (1) I'm a bit lazy when it comes to making food and (2) every person I see tells me I need animal protein. It's a huge struggle. I have so much love and compassion for the animals and give gratitude for their sacrifice. When your health starts suffering, it's a challenging place to be but I will keep searching for a diet that works best for me with the least amount of harm to other beings.

Much love and many blessings on your health and wellness quest.
Kathy :)

Blood Type O & Vegan
by: Anonymous

These comments helped tremendously! I'm going Vegetarian. Thanks for all who took the time to reply.

Do not ignore the Blood type diet!
by: Irena

For some of you this will be disappointing but the Blood type diet made a huge difference to me.
In my 40`s I went on lacto-vegetarian diet and after almost 5 years I gained 18 kgs, was completely exhausted and my thyroid gland gave up on me, as well as the kidneys and the reproductive organs - I lost my period. My blood type is O +.
So let me put it this way: I don`t like eating meat and I feel it`s awful sad to what is happening to animals, being kept in slaughter house and animal extinction of some species but the blood type makes sense to me.
After I was told about my condition I started eating fish and in a week lost 4 kgs! Two months afterwords I begun eating red meat once a week (with remorse) and my strength got back and the body functions improved. I do some fasting for now (twice a week and the Xmas and Eastern fasts) but also eat fish, eggs and poultry and I feel healthier, except I still feel sorry for the animals.
I guess everything depends on many factors such previous health condition and many other factors. For now I`ll stick with this diet and we`ll see afterwards!
I wonder if my menses will come back? I`m 45 now.

O+ and a Happy Vegan
by: Bernard

Hi people,

When I became roundabout 40 I started to listen to my body. I ate meat every day. It was 'somehow' very clear to me to stop eating meat from now on. So I did. Now I am 57 and I feel very good and happy and actually looking better than my friends that are of same age. Better smoother skin, better skin color, although other factors can also contribute to this fact (non-smoker).

To my view and understanding from all this years it is more important to listen to your body and to act upon it, than to follow a specific blood type diet.

Blood type diet
by: Scott

I agree that the blood type diet is highly questionable, at best. I know of no reputable scientific support for it. The idea seems only to be backed by assertions.

concern from Nicodemus
by: Anonymous

Am of blood group O+ and I have a problem with eating soya, every time I eat soya I feel a lot pressure in the stomach after awhile meaning that it has not been properly digested, and when I eat meat especially supper I feel very fine and hungry by morning, meaning that digestion was excellent. In I really love meat

type O and veganism
by: Anonymous

Hi, i relate to those of you with the dilemma of do-we-eat-meat, as type O's. I have tried various levels of vegetarian/vegan/ trying to eat a type O diet, including meat, for a number of years now. The results of my experiments are not what i would like to report, but here it is: when eating a vegan diet, (which i prefer for many reasons including i dont like killing or eating animals) i put on 6kg, especially around the middle, had many aches and pains and muscle stiffness, raised cholesterol and triglycerides, and felt tired and slow, mentally and physically. Very reluctantly, i began eating more a type 0 diet, some meat, less carbs, no legumes, and felt a lot better within a week. over a few months the extra weight fell away, flat tummy emerged again, i felt more alert and fewer aches and stiffness. (i am 60) My swollen fingers reduced. Wish i could report something other than this to all you dedicated vegans, as i was. Still a challenge to eat meat, but a little serve 2 x a week seems to make a big difference, as does avoiding carbs, which can be replaced with good fats, quite a nice compensation! Good luck!

by: Tashi

I have found the comments above very interesting. I am a 44yr old woman living in Melbourne, Australia. I am 23yrs vegetarian and have raised 4children as such.I think the key to remaining healthy and Veg/Vegan is to educate yourself from the beginning. This does not mean becoming fanatical about your choice! Recognise which foods contain protein, mineral, carbs etc. In western culture we are extremely fortunate to have access to food products from all over the planet, along with the information on how to prepare them. Food preparation is incredibly important as you can so easily destroy nutrients during the prep/cooking process. Make food fun, especially if you are raising children to be the aware, evolved humans our planet is going to need if we are,as a species to survive!I have hit times when, like all modern humans, I was working to hard and my iron and B12 hit the floor. My answer was to splash out and purchase a cold press juicer (Lexon/Sampson do an excellent one) and push mountains of root and leaf veges into my system. It took 3months for my Iron level to go from a 4 to a 9 and im now back in the safe healthy range of 12. I think this also may have been due to hormonal changes in my body as I get older. My body hates yeast,wheat and although I have never been tested I am guessing I am lactose intolerant. I think it is fair to say that with so many products available that have chemicals/additives not to mention the pollution when living in Citys and if your unlucky like us, fluoride in the water, it is normal to feel toxic if you dont minimize exposure to these things. A cleanse every 6months can do one wonders. I remain active, healthy and alive. (oh and yes O+) More power to those who have the moral and inner strength to rise above the continuing murder of other beings) Tashi

O+ former vegetarian.
by: Anonymous

I would love to be a vegan. I mean this with all of my heart. I actually get really depressed about this. My health fell apart when I went vegan. At first I felt lighter, better, but my teeth got very weak and my overall constitution was not great. Factor in food allergies to gluten, tomatoes, safflower, peanuts, and cashews, and I was basically eating nothing. Animal protein does very well with my being. How it gets to my plate does not. It's actually affected me so much that it's contributed to why I am not having kids. I think humans are mostly monsters. Particularly the ones like myself that thrive on meat.

Naturopathic MD Recommendation....
by: Shravaka

After several years on an 80% vegan, 20% veg. diet, I decided to have a complete blood work-up done to asses my current status. I felt rather confident given wonderful health in my 60+ years and refined attention on my plant based diet, plus supplements....

I was shocked...! While most everything was fine, my white and red blood counts were low? White (WBC) was way down!!! How could this be?

The Naturopathic MD I was working with reviewed everything I was doing with diet, exercise, supplements, etc., and was the one who recommended animal protein... Like most of you, I resisted this idea like the plaque and voiced every alternative I could think of (sprouted brown rice protein, pea protein, Sun Warrior, Garden of Life, etc.) and she just shook her head and said they wouldn't work. She clearly understood our O+ dilemma on this topic, but could offer no alternatives.

Yes, there may very well be some O+ types seeming like they are doing well on a vegan/veg. diet (I was one of them), but one day that could very well change... Then the only question will be; What is more important to you; your health or your beliefs???

Begrudgingly adaptations have been made to include red meat back into my diet and another blood test will be performed in a few months to monitor progress... And like all of you, the search will continue to find a plant based solution.

by: Anonymous

I am blood-type O and have tried the diet for awhile, especially the one aimed at allergies (where meat is the focus). But since I also follow the 80/10/10 diet, animal protein is out of the question. So to solve my catch-22, i decided to try items in the blood-type diet which I was comfortable with (no meat). The thing is not to follow any eating-plan religiously. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. Oh, and one last comment: when going vegan or vegetarian, it may be tempting to have plenty of seeds and nuts and legumes, all of which increase allergies due to lectins in them. They are healthful in moderate quantities, but by having them too frequently, you may actually consume more fats than your meat-eating counterparts.I am pleased to report that my allergies are less severe since merging these two diets and that being less strict with myself has made the transition from meat to no-meat less painful.

hemp for type o's?
by: Anonymous

Is hemp ok to eat for bloodtype o? It has a complete amino acod profile, plus a ba.lance of the omegas

Vegan Type 0
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this forum as I have been in such a dilemma. I am currently an ovo-vegetarian (I do eat egg whites every now and again but never any animals of any kind). I run and strength train 4-5 days a week but I am so tired all the time. I consume a lot of plant based protein shakes (Vega Thrive anyone?) and eat a lot of vegetables. I avoid white grains about 98% of the time. I don't eat any tempeh due to its gluten base but I do eat a lot of nuts and legumes. I read about the Blood Type Diet book and I am torn. I know I would never eat any red meat ever again; and the thought of eating chickens breaks my heart. My dilemma is eating fish because I know of their health benefits w/Omega 3's and CLA's that help to burn fat. I cannot seem to lose the fat I have and I am desperate. I try to eat proteins with complex carbs with every meal and I don't want to resort to fat burners but I may have to at this point. I guess at this point I feel like if I start eating fish, I need to give something else up like simple carbs (e.g., pastas and bread although I don't each much of them right now). I am a nutritionist and try to educate my clients about living a healthy nutritional lifestyle that is best for them....but now I'm

Vegan gone omnivore
by: Type O

Hi everyone. I've been reading all your comments and I respect all points of view. It is really nice to have a place we can share our doubts, experiences and others can benefit from them. I am blood type O. For the last four years, I've been vegetarian, then vegan and at last raw vegan. I changed my eating habits as I felt that was what my body needed at the time. Today I've eaten the first piece of chicken of my new life because of the same reason. I know this will upset some of you as it would have upset me in the past so for this, I am truly sorry. After my own experience during the last few years as well as the knowledge and experience of the amazing people I've met through this journey, I have learned a lot. Most importantly, I have learned from my inner me, which is where we can all find answers. I've been feeling weak beyond measure and started struggling with routine daily tasks. My body was not psicologically craving meat but phisically and I started feeling I was poisoning myself with all the raw greens which I have always disliked. Our closest ancestors are chimpanzees and they are omnivores, this is a very stable truth. It's been thought we started walking on two legs instead of four when we started approaching the sea shores where we fed on crustaceans that were full of Omega 3 which pumped our brains to eventually become what we are nowadays. I have never in all these years encouraged anyone to become vegetarian but instead to be healthy for themselves and the planet. I find if we all ate fish, red meat, poultry, diary and eggs only once a week, the world could find a good balance. I also know, and we all know, that as soon as a specie is no longer valuable to us in any way, it disappears, what would happen to cows if we stopped needing their milk?! We would need to create cow sanctuaries! Stay true to yourselves and always consider the secondary effects your actions and decisions have in our beautiful world. Thank you.

O+ vegetarian/vegan with several health issues
by: Nataly

I am glad I found this page as many people are having the same dilemma I am. My bloodtype is O+ and about 4 years ago I went raw/vegan because of a health issue I had and I wanted my body to heal by giving it highly nutrient foods and none of the crap. In about a year, all my test results were normal. However, I continued my intense workouts and ate a mostly plant-based diet. Perhaps I was not doing something right in terms of supplementing or getting enough protein (I know people think it's a myth) for the types of workouts I was doing (approx 2 hours in the gym 4-5 times a week) because eventually I started to literally feel muscle breakdown. I was prone to injury in the gym. I decided to start eating fish again about a year ago. However, I struggle with the idea of wanting to be vegan and I go back and forth. I often do juice cleanses, and eat mostly raw when possible. My back and muscle issues have now become chronic. Most recently I have been out of commission for about a month, not able to work out as I have pain, tightness, soreness pretty much on the entire right side of my body (lower back, glute, hamstring, and pain has now started in my knee). One particular day I had salmon, eggs, and potatoes and the next day had the best workout of my life, no pain, full of energy. Now I'm not saying I can't be vegan, BUT I definitely was not doing something right for the amount I was working out. Most recently I was diagnosed with a disc tear in my lower back and arthritis in my lower back (how I have arthritis at 28 I have NO clue)...but I can't help thinking it is this raw/vegan diet. At this point I'm not even sure WHAT TO EAT anymore. I also found this article that talks about healing from degenerative spine and back problems by eating meat and how vegetarian diets lead to degenerative back diseases (here is the article Honestly I would love to eat raw and continue with a plant-based diet but I don't know if my body can handle that. I really have no idea what to do. Would appreciate ANY feedback and help! THANK YOU

by: Rooney

I too after being a vegan for nearly two years had neck/shoulder issues and after taking hi dose omega 3 (1000mg) found that this alleviated it. Hope this helps!

Veganism didn't work for me
by: Anonymous

I am O+ so I don't know whether that's the reason going vegan didn't work for me. I tried it for 21 days and didn't feel better. In fact, I felt worse - lethargic and depressed. But when I tried to be gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free, I felt wonderful. I had more energy and just felt great overall. I guess one just has to keep trying different things until they find what's right for them but I definitely don't think that veganism is for everyone.

Prove it.
by: Anonymous

Elizabeth: 'life was pretty obviously created' Where's your proof of this ? It's nonsense to use that assumption to rubbish another one based upon evolution. That's a faith and has no basis in fact atall and can never be proved.
I dont know whether the Bllod Type diet has any relevance but I for sure wont assume it's credibility or otherwise based on a religious belief. Keep religion out of this discussion please.

you can eat by your blood type and be vegan still
by: Anonymous

I ran into this topic a few days ago as my metabolism has changed a lot in the last years. The blood type diet provide only recommendations. What I plan to do to remain vegetarian is to avoid my "poison food" which are wheat-based products. Based on the blood type diet I know I need extra iodine for my system, so see weed is a top option. Instead of meat, one of my neutral meals is chickpeas and soy. Fruits are totally allowed as well as vegetables. Onion, garlic and Spinach are top healers for O+ type diet. It is a matter of "adapting"

Theory based on theory has to be treated with caution!
by: Elizabeth

The blood type diet is based on part of the theory of evolution, which is unproven. (In fact the opposite has far more weight of evidence - life was pretty obviously created.) Basing another set of ideas on this first theory is building on a *very* shaky foundation!

If one wants to start a new theory, it must be based on solid facts, not on assumptions made by people who accept evolution either to appear 'scientific' or because they cannot tolerate the alternative! The blood type diet should be treated with extreme caution for this reason, if for no other!

Humans were designed, engineered and built as pure vegetarians and function best on that diet.=)

Veggie and O Type and Happy:)
by: Anonymous

I am 32 and have been a vegetarian all my life. I eat free range eggs and some diary. Very Genetically Modified GMO free. Just discovered I am O plus. I've been very lucky with good health, thank God, and worked as a model for many years (so I guess maybe look fairy healthy). I encourage people to reduce and cut eating meat. It is so cruel and potentially poisonous. Good luck. PS - tell all your friends about GMO avoidance

The Science behind this.....
by: Dr. Stern

IT is really very simple. People with A+ blood have low levels of alkaline phosphate in their stomachs during digestion. This makes the breaking down of animal protein more difficult, so the transition to a plant-based diet for these individuals would be easier than the transition for someone with O+. An excess of alkaline phosphates in the stomach can cause digestive problems for those with O+ blood. Now, the contention that someone with O+ blood cannot be vegan is nonsense!

0+ vegan
by: Rosali

I personally know that 0+ positive people have bigger craving for meat, but that doesn't mean that they will get sick without animal protein. I was lacto-vegetarian for 10 years and now I am vegan (4 years) . My health is great! I just did my blood test, the doctor was amazed. He even asked me to be a regular blood donor. So, in conclusion, its not the lack of meat that is getting you sick, you have to check if you eat a balanced vegan diet.
Before I went on the vegan diet I consulted a dietitian friend of mine.
I advise you to do that too.
All the best!

I tried O- diet, but I want to go back to vegan
by: Margaret

I was vegan for about 15 years, but then I turned to the blood type diet which is 0- for me. I had tremendous amounts of energy and felt better "overall" but it has been 5 years and I think it was all nonsense. I want to go back to being a vegan but struggling because I am celiac, gluten free and dairy free.

I do not do well on grains or alot of fruit, so what will I eat? I was going to start with being a pescatarian but I think that is nonsense as well. I was wondering about the diet and do other people think it worked?

I really want to get back to the basics.

Oh, and what about nuts and oils? I want to lose about 10 pounds but more importantly, I want to feel more energized and the blood type diet is not doing it for me.


O+ & feel terrible on vegetarian diet
by: Anonymous

I was vegetarian for fifteen years and I just got sicker and sicker. I was a health nut vegetarian so I knew what I was doing. I began eating a little bit of chicken and turkey after reading The Metabolic Typing Diet and Eat Right For Your Blood Type and I had more energy at 37 than at any point in my life prior. My body just can't seem to tolerate the high dose of carbs, even though they are complex carbs. But I don't want to eat meat and I can't eat dairy or gluten containing grains. I feel stuck, like I have to choose between my ethics and my health.

Obtaining Lysine
by: Anonymous

Just to say with regard to Lysine...

Yes it is an essential Amino acid meaning your body cant make it and it has to come from one's diet but actually if you are deficient you will be showing symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, agitation, bloodshot eyes, slow growth, anemia, and reproductive disorders.

A healthy vegan diet consisting of plenty of different kinds of beans and pulses will provide you with what you require. (I'd include nuts and soya in there too)

So even if your hypothesis is correct and you are not getting enough from your diet, you wouldn't need to consume the quantity of the above as you suggest and definitely wont need to revert to eating dead animal flesh but rather address what you are choosing for meals and perhaps plan a weekly rotation system in order to ensure you are getting all you need.

There are bad vegan diets just as there are bad carnivore ones and in addition the A versus O hypothesis is just that.
Please don't give up being vegan.

I've been one for almost 25 years now and apart from a hereditary thyroid condition which has nothing at all to do with diet am streets ahead of my contemporaries in terms of good health in terms of energy, cholesterol, BP etc etc.

I'm in your same position kindof
by: Im O+ that the o+ diet is not a myth

I was the last to write before you, and I tried eating meat and I did feel better. So I did the research and I found tople who are either athletes or vegan/Vegetarian are more likely to have HIGH Lp (a) Cholesterol and a bunch of other heath problems and upon my MANY many researches I came to the Conclusion that we lack LYSINE and
Essential Amino acid contained ONLY in meat (red) and lentils.... So unless your consuming ENDLESS AMOUNTS of lentils a day, you NEED to take a lysine and l proline supplement every day. And also a multi vitamin. I take garlic, lysine, mv, reverestrol, and ubiquinol, and vitamin d. I don't know if I'll get any results from all this but I will try it for a month and if still nothing, then my family nd I will go back to eating meat perminantly! I OBVIOUSLY don't want to but, I have kids.... I NEED to be healthy
oh I love take two to four spoonfuls of ground flaxseed in a big cup of soy plain milk with a big scoop of brown raw sugar (mmm....... Delisious)

Feeling Bad
by: compassione

Hello, I need to begin by saying, there is zero chance that I will ever return to eating meat or dairy or eggs. I have been stict 100% vegetarian for almost a year and strict but probably 98% vegan for 7 months (I sate 98% because I am sure there have been breads that may have contained milk or eggs that I wasn't always aware of, but I never purchased or consumed cheese or eggs otherwise). I do this first and foremost for the animals. I will never return, but I admit I immediately felt wonderful when it began and I felt good vegetarian. I felt wonderful for the first few months of vegan and then I began having issues with my spine/neck. I admit there may have been an existing problem, but it seems to have exacerbated after about 1 month into vegan. I make sure I get plenty of B12 and I am type O so I did eat a lot of meat prior to becomming vege/vegan, but I don't know if the protein is the issue. I find my body doesn't want carbs/sugars and it feels like that's all I eat. I try to eat mostly food I prepare but I never feel quite good anymore. I am close to despair because there is no option for me, other than finding a better way to eat what I believe are the foods that are meant to be eaten (greens, seeds, beans, etc.) I am always afraid to tell people how bad I feel because I know veganism is the way we were meant to live and I believe it's the only way to live morally or ethically. Any honest feedback would help. I will not believe eating animals or their by products is the answer, but I am hoping someone else has had this experience and they can assist.

to the previous Annonymos
by: Im O+ that the o+ diet is not a myth

Well if you don't consider tofu, lentils and greens proteins then I don't know what is. I forgot to add that my hemoglobin was better than perfect! My alkaline was WAY too high and that can be dangerous! Yes your right we need to eat balanced to have good health. Good health requires good ph. Good ph requires both alkaline and acidifine to be at level. Acidifine foods are processed foods and meats with the exeption of penuts and pistatios. Everything else a vegan eats is highly alkaline. All I know is that I feel bad for the animals, but I have two babies and I'm doing what I feel is best for them. I need to. I'm they're mom.

by: Anonymous

I am not vegan, but attempting vegetarian. While I have no issues with people stating that they "went vegetarian/vegan, felt great for awhile, then got sick" and now have reverted to animal protein, I do wonder how many actually did their research BEFORE taking the veg/vegan (especially vegan) route and ensured that they were balancing their proteins correctly?

If you did, then no argument, but many people have no idea how to "do vegan" correctly and subsequently suffer illnesses that animal protein then corrects - but ANY complete protein, including correctly combined plant proteins, would have corrected the illness as our body requires complete protein - and on a vegan diet that requires careful planning. I suspect that "o types" who do well on a meat based diet would do equally well on any diet with ample complete protein.

I've been vegan/veigitarian for 4 years until today
by: I'm 0+ that the diet is indeed isn't myth

I've been getting signs from my body since 4 Years ago now. I've been having ssoo many health issues happening to me lately and I went to a cardiologist and did a detailed cholesterol check and to my surprise my cholesteral was moderately high and my LPa cholesterol was BEYOND sky high my vitamind was low and upon my research I have learned that vegans tend to have it high much higher lp (a)than meat eaters. I'm eating chicken breasts now and fish oil for my LIFE! VEGANISM/VEGITARIANISM is NOT rated E for everyone. That's 4 Years of vegan/vegitarianism! I DON'T doubt it, I KNOW that for me it was killing me.
I was the kind of person that would guilt ppl into being vegan and NOW I believe Its really NOT for everyone!
Oh, I didnt ever even eat cheese or fats to have my cholesterol the way it was.

To: Ignore the 'Blood Type Diet'!
by: Anonymous

A theory in the hard sciences i.e. physics/biology are based on observations and facts. Theories that when tested many times yield the same results.

We do not have a problem accepting the "theory of gravity" even though it is just a theory, or do we?

The fact is that we do not have a complete understanding of how our human body works in relation to our blood type, or for that matter our genes. As time passes by and our undertanding increases we may make adjustments to our theories.

For example, when we see eagle, a pigeon, hawk, or an owl fly, we may come to the conclusion that all birds fly; but we know that not all birds fly, for instance the piguins or the ostrich.

I'm O+ and still switching back and forth
by: Anonymous Infinitus

First of all, I'm glad I found this page. I'm 50 years old, and since I started vegetarianism at 18, I have had several health issues: ovarian tumors, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, food allergies, weight gain, hair loss... But above all of that, my biggest issue has been depression and moods. I have been modifying my eating according to what my natural doctors have told me through the years.

Finally I went to a wellness center this year and the dietitian told me that I have to eat meat. I bought book and I found out that Type O can't digest proteins in all grains or nuts. Also, we can't tolerate coconut, honey, and other foods that have been regular in my diet. I started eating organic meat and egg, and the difference was outstanding. I felt more centered and able to think, make decisions, more relax, I lose weight, ...etc.

Now, because deep in my heart I want to feel the same, but without the meat, I'm looking for solutions. If I go back to vegetarianism, the reality is that the only things my body really can tolerate besides meat are, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, some seeds, and greens (greens probably would be my only source of protein). Also, I would have to consider B-12 shots.

Psoriasis and other skin issues
by: Heather Francois

I had severe eczema on my hands prior to going vegan, and it got a little better once I cut all animal products out, but did not go away. However, what I discovered was that I did not have enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) in my diet, and this was the true root of the problem. I now keep hemp seed in my refrigerator at all times, and take it daily. It has a light nutty flavor, and keeps all my skin issues in check. Other sources of EFAs include Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Avocados and Walnuts. But hemp, in my opinion, is by far the best. Without it, my skin cracks and bleeds, and with it, it is smooth and supple.

by: Jenny

In response to the poster who has psoriasis, I just want to say....I'm not a medic and neither do I have any 'medical' knowledge to speak of but I do know about being vegan and it WILL NOT have caused your problem.

Had you continued meat-eating or even done any other kind of 'diet' it may still have erupted and starting eating meat again won't cure it !

It could be chlorinated water which you can help by installing water filters or, like me, have a water purifier and put a filter on your shower head, and just see how that helps.

Then there's washing powder in clothing and bedding which clings on your skin, just as the manufacturer intends it to do on fabrics and when the skin cannot tolerate it any longer will react in the way you are suggesting.

You might want to search for a gentle and more pure product and rinse rinse rinse at the end of a wash cycle.

Are you drinking enough fluids, especially water? Not doing so can lead to ultra dry skin which can in turn lead on to psoriasis.
Then there's oils...if you exclude all oils from your diet in the belief that'll be good for you, you could be depriving yourself of this important diet component and causing again, drying of the skin.

I've had this problem, if, I think, not as serious as your sounds but now having taken all of the above precautions have nice soft clear skin which only occasionally acts up if for instance my shower filter needs changing!

I'm vegan, but don't exclude things I enjoy such as builders black tea (being a Brit), occasionally fries, etc, though avoid sugary stuff and definitely strictly vegan.

Please please don't go back to eating the flesh of animals. Why not try some of the things I've suggested at least for a time to see if any of them helps. They are just suggestions offered here only because they worked for me.

I hope I may have been some help to you and good luck.

looking for help
by: Anonymous

I am O+ and just celebrated 15 years vegan last month. Unfortunately, it seems like I'm the only vegan on the internet who got psoriasis AFTER going vegan. / : It started in little patches on my scalp about 7 or 8 years ago, and then, around 2008 it escalated to my shins, body, and face. When it flared up around my eyes in 2010, I fasted and cleansed for the first time, and it all went away almost completely. But slowly it came back. I've cut out wheat, coffee, black tea, sugar, gmo corn, most corn in general, i've tried calming teas, coal tar and sal shampoos, aloe, and although it helps keep it less agitated, it doesn't cure it.

I don't want to eat animal products. Though, I do believe hunting and small farming can be done ethically.

I am considering eating animal protein for the first time in all these years. Not because I want to, but because I'm tired of having these red sores all over my scalp and body.

Any suggestions?

The other side of the coin !
by: Anonymous

As someone who is A+, when I discovered the A versus O theory in respect of type of diet, I have to say it did all seem to click with me. As a child I literally gagged when well meaning parents tried to make me eat animal flesh and even found milk unpalatable. Having for many years eaten dairy, I eventually gave up and haven't looked back. I dont know if this theory has any basis in fact but do seem to be a 'natural' vegan. Might just be co-incidence I guess but I tend to think not.

Blood Type Diet
by: Life Time Vegetarian

I am O+. I have been a vegetarian since I was old enough (age 2) to tell my mother I did not want to eat meat. I am now 56. I do not like flesh of any kind. I have been extremely healthy my entire life, which has included three healthy pregnancies. I have strong nails, thick hair and an abundance of energy. When this diet first came out my sister told me I needed to add meat to my diet. The thought of eating animals offends me. I do not take issue with people who choose to eat meat. I cooked it for my husband for almost 30 years. I do eat dairy products. I put milk in my tea daily and I eat feta cheese almost daily. I think a good balanced portion controlled diet sans fast food and high fats is what we all need. I just can't get on the O type bandwagon.

O+ blood group
by: Anonymous

I was raised a meat eater and didn't know any different until reading the Skinny Bitch book. After that I gave up beef, pork and lamb completely and have never touched them again. I ate small amounts of chicken and fish for 2 years and then decided to become a vegetarian. I was a full vegetarian for 6 months and a vegan for 4 months.

During the first 2 months of being totally vegan I felt amazing. I had lots of energy and started losing some weight. After 2 months though I got terribly sick. My nails become weak, I had no energy and I suffered from constant headaches. I went to a doctor, reflexologist and kinesiologist/spiritual healer. All of them told me about the blood group diet and after doing a lot of research on it I decided to start eating some animal protein again in the form of fish and free range chicken. Within a week my headaches were gone, I had tons of energy and I felt really good again. I was extremely doubtful about the blood group diet but from personal experience I know that it worked for me.

another 0+ weighs in...
by: pish

I have been eating raw vegan for over a year and vegetarian for longer than that. I, for one, feel absolutely awful when I consume any animal product. I also think it is bad science to base a theory on a theory, as another post commented...thank you for your well-thought out answer to the question...and, Forks Over Knives should be required viewing in our public schools....

i think its worth looking at
by: Ashley

I am O- and I 'should' eat meat according to this diet, but O blood types should steer clear of dairy and wheat. I think the diet does make some sense - A blood types are natural vegetarians as their ancestors were predominantly gathering societies etc etc whereas B and O groups consumed meat

I don't think this diet plan should be so readily dismissed just because of a defensive attitude about being told something is better for you because of your ancestry, if you follow the diet you can exclude the things you would prefer to exclude. for instance if your blood plan said tomatoes were highly beneficial, but you couldn't stand the taste, then you don't have to eat it.

I don't follow the diet, but I know it has helped people I know feel healthier. And because it is based on science and our evolution, it makes sense to an extent, but then you have to bring in personal preference and ethics too, so the diet may not be right for you.

Vegan and Diabetes
by: Karen

I am a diabetic and believe it or not, giving up animal products has brought my fasting blood sugar down to the same range as people who have never had diabetes and are not considered borderline diabetics. My doctor is surprised, I take no medicine and I switched to an almost vegan lifestyle after reading a book published by a dr who tasted it on a number of diabetics and it helped most get off their meds and keep a good blood sugar level. The best side affect to all of this was that I finally got rid of the chronic heartburn I had. I have not given up all products, I still eat minute amounts of dairy, yogurt and lo fat cheese, but I feel so much better and I am finely able to lose weight.

Type O trouble with beans!!
by: Anonymous

I am blood type O and have been having a terrible time with beans which they say you should avoid on blood type O do you have any suggerstions to replace the beans I am also having trouble with soy.

O+ Diet
by: Heather Francois

I am also O+ and have been vegetarian 90% of my life. My diet was, however, very high in dairy and eggs, because I thought I needed them for protein. I have been super low on energy for the past 15 years- and I am only 30! Only during brief periods of time when I was super careful about my diet and exercise regime did I feel and look good.

Two months ago I saw the movie Forks Over Knives. This movie provides information from several prominent doctors revealing how dangerous dairy and all other animal products are. I cut out the dairy and eggs immediately, and wow, what a difference. It took my body 2-3 weeks to "detox" and now I have massive quantities of energy, my nails have quadrupled in strength and patches of psoriasis that were beginning to develop on my elbows have disappeared.

As an added bonus I have lost about 15 pounds without having to do any extra exercise or cut out my treats (coconut milk ice cream- yum!). Also, please be aware that dairy cows and egg laying chickens are horribly, terribly abused= beyond anything you could possibly imagine. Organic, free-range, cage free is not any better- they are all marketing scams. I have recently done the research on this and I am truly horrified. So good luck to you in your new journey!

Ignore the 'Blood Type Diet'!
by: Elizabeth

The blood type diet is a nutritional theory based on the theory of evolution. Theory based upon another theory - and a shaky, unproven theory at that! NEVER base theory on theory. Always derive theory from known fact - far less margin for error!

I'm glad to read that anecdotal evidence has flown in the face of the blood type diet. Well answered!

0+ vegan
by: Anonymous

I am 0+, I am vegan and I feel AWFUL when I eat meat and even worse when I eat dairy. My body just doesn't tolerate any. Also, since turning vegan (10 months ago) not only did all my blood tests and regular checkups came back PERFECT for the 1st time in 5 years, but also I stopped feeling pain from cystic fibrosis (I have read that this is due to stopping dairy). So, my advice? trust your body, listen to it, and see how you feel.

Thank you
by: Debbie

Thank you for anwsering me, I surely want to go the vegetarian route not sure about totally vegan but would love to start with the vegetarian way. Thanks again!

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