Gas and Bloating From Vegan Diet

by Anonymous


I just started The Engine 2 Diet and the fresh veggies are killing me; I'm getting so much gas and bloating. I'm almost scared to leave the house - therefore, I'm scared to eat because it causes gas. Help! I really like the way I feel while eating this way as long as I don't feel so bloated and gassy. What can I do?


Gas and bloating are sometimes the unfortunate side effects of quickly switching to a more plant-based diet. In many cases it's just a matter of suddenly adding more fiber into your diet than your body is used to handling. Extra fiber reaches the large intestine faster than what you normally eat, and that's where the fiber turns to gas.

Your body does need some time to adjust, but there are a few things you can do to combat the gas so you won't have to worry so much about leaving the house. The first step you can take is to cut back on the extra fiber until your stomach seems more at ease and then gradually work back up to more fruits and veggies.

There are a few fruits and vegetables that are more likely to cause gas and bloating:

  • broccoli
  • Brussel's sprouts
  • cabbage
  • asparagus
  • cauliflower
  • lentils, peas, kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, and lima beans often cause gas
  • onions
  • artichokes
  • sometimes the fructose in fruits can cause gas pains: pears, apples, peaches
  • starchy vegetables cause gas for some people: corn, potatoes, squash, beets, and carrots are culprits
  • and of course non-vegan foods like dairy products, packaged foods, sodas, and fake sugars can cause gas

What I would recommend first is to try an elimination diet in which you remove these likely offenders and see how you feel. If your bloating and gassiness go away, you can assume that one or more of these foods are causing your problems. Very slowly you can try adding one of the items back into your diet for a week to see if you have any gas. If not, that food isn't the culprit. Once you locate the food that gives you gas, you know what you're dealing with.

From there, you can try a few tricks to better assimilate that food into your diet. Many people have success with a vegan alternative to Beano called Bean-zyme-- they just take it when eating their gas-causing food and have reduced bloating. You can try adding digestive foods like apple cider vinegar, coriander, fennel, peppermint, epazote, ginger, and chamomile tea.

We have a page on Vegan Nutritionista dedicated to natural gas remedies to learn more about any of these options for avoiding gas.

There are also a few things you can do to avoid gas and bloating that have nothing to do with a vegan diet:

  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks because they add excess air to your digestive tract
  • Eat and drink slower
  • Chewing gum and sucking on candy adds air
  • When you smoke you ingest more air

As your body gets used to the new fiber-filled foods you are eating, hopefully the side effects will begin to be alleviated. Try not to be too hard on yourself, and give your body some time to adjust.

Note: Learn more about The Engine 2 Diet here.

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other than the farting, I feel great
by: Anonymous

I am following the McDougall Plan Maximum Weight Loss. I feel better than I have in a very long time and no longer suffer from depression. The farts are pretty bad but I am taking Charcoal tablets with my starchy meals to alleviate it. Someone on here said something interesting regarding stomach bacteria adjusting to a plant based diet, you may be on to something. I was eating a TON cheese, dairy before switching and a lot of chicken. It takes time. I am going to hang in there, make some ginger tea tonight to see if that helps. There are some good worthwhile suggestions on here. Thanks for the info!!!

Veganism is the best, (tooting not so much) and THE BIG ISSUE deficiencies
by: Vegan for 3 Months

I'm a 16 yr old teenager and yes I went vegan for 3 months and I know that I'm defeinetly going to continue because I love my animals my earth and my body. The tooting issue is the most disgusting and obnoxious thing I've absolutely experienced and besides the fact that it's extremely smelly it hurts my stomach I literally toot every 5 minutes. WAIT, you haven't even heard the worst part. I'm a very dedicated yogi I love Hot Vinyasa and Ashtanga and I'm taking teacher training but holding gas while your moving a into postures is so unbearable it takes away from my practice, I'm also a competitive swimmer well I guess its not that bad because if you do it nobody notices, and I love to run and walk but when I'm at home it doesn't matter. Literally the worst and MOST EMBARRASSING tooting I've passed gas accidentally 4 times at different times and different yoga classes and its horrifying but the music was blasting real loud so I think nobody notices but other times it wasn't that loud and well still very horrifying. WELL KNOW I UNDERSTAND THE RULE WHY YOU SHOULDN'T EAT AN HOUR BEFORE GOING TO A YOGA CLASS. My remedies were drinking chamomile tea, mint tea really any herbal teas help but not much and I've tried a lot of other things they don't do much.

Gas as a new vegan
by: Anonymous

I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and I just started going vegan. I have had a gas problem for a really long time. I am currently recovering from bulimia and I knew that it would take some time to heal, but this is just horrible. I am in high school and I can't force myself to stay home and I don't know what to do. I fart all the time and I am bloated like crazy.

Stink bottom
by: Smelly

This is embarrassing!
I don't think this can be healthy to fart so much!
It's been a week vegan.
My friend who I am staying with has been vegan for about 2 years and she always complains about her stomach bloating and pain. She is 23, her skin is mostly clear but she looks very pale. She loves animals and doesn't want to eat them.

I decided to stay home alone today because the farting is so gross. And it's cold here at night so under the blankets I am farting away all night suffocating myself.
It's smelly and gross.
I feel a bit lighter and more regular in the pooping department but I don't think I can take the stink on any longer.
I don't want to eat animals... but I do believe some fish and egg and a little bit of red meat is important in our diets to be healthy.
I guess looking pale, bloating and farting is a pretty good indication something is not right :(

8 months vegan - Master of TOOTS (Aka gas/farts)
by: Tootmeister

17 year old 8 month vegan here. I exercise 4-5 times a week in the gym an have a very muscular build.
So I've been reading through these comments and have found many of them helpful, though unlike most of the commenters, I don't find myself experiencing bloating problems. Not saying I'm not, they're just not "6-months pregnant"-kind of bad. Gas is a whooooooole different story though.
If I've already seen people who think their gas is THE worst, then trust me, you haven't spent one day next to me. This sh*t is unbearable. I have to fart (toot) AT LEAST ONCE in every 3 minutes.
I don't consume fermented drinks or bubble gum.
My current diet contains some processed sugars (in dark chocolates, though they do contain palm oil, and the occasional grainy wholegrain biscuits), a bit of veggies (broccoli mostly), a lot of bananas, oats (raw) and garlic (cooked), kidney beans, lentils (at least 3 times a week), tofu, soy milk, chia, peanuts (boy, do I love my peanut butter), and some occasional wheat products.

Gas culprits for me would definitely be kidney beans and broccoli.
Not gonna give up on brocc, though I definitely am gonna cut out my beans, here I am, in the cloud of my own toot odor, writing this in desperation. School isn't easy to pass. I've already killed my class on several occasions. My best friend got used to me, as he is an aspiring vegan tootmeister himself.


Things I am going to try, in the following order,:
-Eating and drinking slower and drinking more water.
-Drinking warm and eating warm water, since everything I eat tends to be straight out of the fridge
-food combining
-fennel seeds
-probiotics and alpha galactosidase or chlorophyll

Will update. Not willing to give up this lifestyle as it leaves me with loads of energy and concentration. May the toots be with you, my friends! Stay strong

Gas Formation
by: The Windy Vegan

Further to my previous post I have something which might be of some interest. Some years ago my brother had his colon removed due to Ulcerative Colitis (nothing to do with being vegan). Interestingly, he does not have any problems like I and our mother have with gas and bloating. This leads us to believe that the main gas formation is occurring in the large intestine.

I don't know if that's much help but it may provide a clue to help find the route cause of the problem and from there, find a solution.

Best wishes all.

Gas and Bloat problems ( Vegan 1 year )
by: Aries

I was vegetarian, fruitarian, and almost a year vegan.

At fruitarian, i develop a huge belly during one year, than i give up...

I have a huge belly, and i'm having internally many gas... at vegan.

Fruits, are worst for me.

I try everything, one meal a day, two meals a day, lower calories, higher calories, and things are in the same...

I think this is because of sugar content, frutose, and other things in veggies.

I don't want to eat again meat, but i'm considering returning to vegetarian.

I think this problem wouldn't be solved easily.

Colon Cleanse First
by: Anonymous

I was advised to go for a 3 day colon hydrotherapy (colonic) to remove the toxins and colon lining build up of a non-plant based diet first to reduce gas/bloating before changing my diet. I have had no bloating and very minimal gas since switching to a plant based diet. It's been 9 months and I am so trim/toned now, have loads of energy, sleep better and my depression is cured. Also, my adult acne is gone. Loving my plant based new life.

No gas- beans
by: Anonymous

Buy dried beans and Soak beans in vinegar for an hour before you cook them. Don't eat canned.

by: Susan

Just to let you know that Bean-Zyme is not a vegetarian alternative to Beano. Bean-Zyme contains gelatin which is made from horses hooves.

I too am trying to find a vegetarian liquid remedy to gas for my little son who also has texture sensitivities in the mouth, but can't seem to find anything, that is both vegetarian and in liquid form.

Back to the drawing board.

Lack of energy
by: Brianna

I have been a vegan for a good month, and i transitioned literally over night. At first i felt amazing. I had a lot of energy and never needed a nap. However, i began to get painful gas and wasn't digesting food well, i assumed it was normal. Now i am lacking energy for about 2 weeks, loss of appetite, and it seems like when i eat i am not digesting it well because i have bad gas cramps and naseau. I was wondering if i am eating too much of a certain food or not enough. I am also a teen who is very active and dances about 5 days a week competetivly. I enjoying being a vegan and would appreciate advice to better it.

1 Month Vegan
by: Anonymous

I've been on a plant based diet for exactly one month now. I have been eating primarily beans, lentils and chickpeas for protein. A lot of green beans, brussel sprouts, broccolini, spinach, kale etc. I've began including fattier foods in the past week or so, nuts, avocado, coconut oil.

I have been feeling healthy, happy, energized and no longer feeling drained come 4pm-5pm. I am a very active person and I haven't noticed a significant difference in my fitness. Positive or negative.

Gas was extremely frequent and potent for the first 2 weeks. The past 2 weeks, the passing gas has subsided, but not significantly. The larger concern is the amount of bloating. I do not feel like I have increased in body fat percentage, but the bloated stomach is extremely demoralizing. I understand it is not a testament to my health or fitness level but a major discomfort and it's aesthetically unpleasing.

I am curious if this is a symptom that will eventually pass. I understand that beans, lentils, chickpeas, brussel sprouts etc, all produce gas but they are necessary whole foods in a vegan diet with really no possible substituted whole food. I do not want to continue on the diet while depending on supplemented protein powders and fibre bars.

I am bloating so much on a vegan diet
by: Grace

I've been vegan for around 6 months now and there hasn't been one day that I haven't bloated after every meal. I'm not experiencing gas problems, I'll just eat something simple like a potato and my stomache will bloat so bad it's so embarrassing and I extremely don't want to give up on the lifestyle, I genually base my diet around HCLF because I have a lot of energy. So I eat a lot of whole foods, fruits and vegetable I just don't understand why I'm bloating so much. My sister has recently joined my on this diet and we eat the same foods but she doesn't bloat at all. I'm so confused and depressed about this situation. I just want to have a nice flat stomach but that seems impossible for me.

Mono Meals
by: Anonymous

I have always had a sensitive stomach. I went vegan 2 months ago. At first I started with only juicing/ making smoothies for 3 days. I stuck to juicing only apples and blending greens, bananas, and strawberries. Just 3 days. my stomach reacted great. My bowel movements were on point and there was no gas/bloating at all. After 3 days, I then started making smoothies in the morning (banana, greens, berries), then mono meal with one fruit at lunch (eat as much as you want of one fruit), then ate a big salad with fruit for dinner. I did this for 2 weeks. My bowel movements were still amazing and no bloating what so ever.

Sometimes your system just needs a 'reset', even for a few days. Mono mealing works great, because your body is only digesting one item. When you introduce more and more too quickly, your body will freak out. I highly recommend just giving your body even 3 days rest of minimal digesting, by consuming only juices/smoothies. drink as much as you want; blend/juice as much as you want. make sure you consume enough calories.

I then added cooked veggies and my body reacted great. Then grains.... same reaction. I did notice when I added potatoes and mushrooms my stomach bloated. Do it little by little. I know it sounds crazy, but this helps you understand your body more and become more in tune with what it's trying to tell you. Take a few months... it's better than suffering with the gas and discomfort and embarrassment.

Also, look at a food combining chart to assure you are not combining fruits and veggies that do not mix well.

Got rid of my excessive farts and bloating
by: Anonymous

Went vegan last month. Noticed bloating and gas in first week. Started drinking 4L of water and exercise running, and weight lifting 3-5 times a week. Also make sure water is warm when you drink it. Also i grind up fennel seeds and mix it in a glass of water once in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. This has helped eliminate gas and bloating for me.

Also the person who is saying vegan is a eating disorder thats a load of Bull**** you just haven't developed a proper diet and you probably don't exercise enough and drink enough water.

Vegan diet is NOT for everyone
by: Anonymous

I tried going vegetarian and also going vegan. In addition to horrible gas, I would bloat so badly I would look 4-5 months pregnant. None of my clothes fit. I'd start off with a flat belly and feeling great when I woke up. The minute I started eating, I would start to bloat up. By dinnertime, I was suffering. The gas pains were so great that I was in agony. I cannot tolerate any bean products whatsoever, a staple of the vegetarian diet. Vegan was worse, and I was left with stomach pains, bloat and constipation.

I eat almost all organic but I am not a vegetarian/vegan any longer. My body can't take it. Maybe being a vegan is great for some people, but it's not the answer for everybody. I eat meals that are vegetarian with foods I can tolerate, but I also eat eggs, dairy and some meat. This works for me.

It gets better
by: Victoria

This is my second attempt at being vegan. The first time I went vegan, I had pretty bad gas for about 2 weeks. Make sure that if you are a vegan, you are a HEALTHY vegan. Aka, don't eat a lot of carbs and little veggies and fruit. Like this article stated, avoid the "problem" foods.

by: Anonymous

It makes me really wonder: why to keep on eating food that is not can become sick of any diet perfectionism...vegan, paleo, peg an etc....
Why not to find a happy medium? Yes, I know.... Just find an agreement within yourself that it is possible that one needs to have a little animal food and , perhaps, not too much of veggies or fruits. I am still not convinced that micronutrients exist on its own, often we need animal fat to assimilate all these nutrients... And many other reasons for eating what works best for your body, not someone's idea....

i believe it takes time..
by: Bee

i was "transitioning" to veganism for about a year now, after being vegetarian for 13 years, and am now one month 100% vegan and this whole transition time i was experiencing bad bloating and bad gas and both are still present now and even though it's uncomfortable, i am definitely not switching to animal products because i know they are not "the cure" for me.. i mean, i was abusing my body for decades with crappy food and i can't expect to feel supreme in a year or two, the body needs to DETOX but i DO believe mostly whole foods and lots of water WILL eventually get me there. have patience, people. i do feel somewhat calmer reading all these comments, though, so thank you for sharing..

plant based diet not making me feel good
by: Anonymous

Have been plant based for 2 years. Constant flatulence, and gas. I have now developed a food disorder because of this diet. I studied all the plant based doctors. Read all their books. I got allergy tested. Don't have any. When eating an animal based diet never had any stomach issues. I'm not sure what I'll do next. I simply can't digest any beans or onions, garlic, gassy foods or dairy. I am lactose intolerant . I wish I had never started this journey, but it's hard to go back to eating animal products now. This vegan whole food plant based diet will only increase food disorders among many.

Same Here
by: Anonymous

I have been vegetarian for 13 years, and vegan for 2 years. I swear that once I was vegan that the gas problem really bad. All day long, frequent, and strong in smell. If I am in a meeting or public space, I have to make sure to find a private space to pass gas, otherwise it would be terribly noticble.

I hope someone figures something out, I have tried to avoid the foods which are known for causing gas, crew thoroughly, and as recommend by my holistic nutritionalist I tried not to eat too much raw food, and steamed veggies a bit, as it is difficult for the food to breakdown form raw as the body has to heat it up a bit to digest it.

I had hoped once I had been vegan for a long enough time that it would go away, does. Does not seem to be the case.

by: Anonymous

I've been sort of on and off vegan for the past 2 months, in that I mean I slip up regularly and eat something containing a bit of milk. But what I find is that when I have a bit of dairy is when my belly bloats to ridiculous sizes.

However I think the gas is from the vegan part, mainly from beans though I did read it's very very important to RINSE beans thoroughly and this can be prevented. There's no way I'm giving up yet as I really do not want to go back to my old diet. I just assumed this is more of a transaction process

The gas is getting painful and annoying though I must admit... The noises are loud as well. But hey as long as it's not pregnancy.

by: Anonymous

I can empathize totally. Flatulance was not funny. I had a very difficult time, plus I lost too much weight. I looked like I was ill. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years. As soon as I started to take the title Vegan my life took a nose dive. I became obsessed with being very strict. People started asking me what was wrong. I was becoming irritable. I decided to ditch the title Vegan. The title carries with it negative connotations as many may have noticed already by people's reactions. People think Vegans are weird. Labeling can be a detriment.
One gentlemen here said it became an eating disorder for him. It can.
Think it through.

The king of gas
by: Anonymous

I probably had more gas than any of you combined. The exterminators would call me to fumigate houses!!! Anyhow, what helped me is I started putting my greens in a blender and mixed it with fruit to sweeten it up. So I put Kale, spinach, red leaf lettuce, dandelions, pineapple, frozen organic berries, flaxseed oil, with 4 cups of water in a blender then blend that shit real good. Then put it in a 32oz container and go to school. I drink half of that concoction and have oatmeal with bananas and an apple, then the second half at lunch with 2 peanut butter sandwhiches and I am good. There is gas, but very little (2-3 med sized farts compared to the gas machine in the belly if I had chewed all those greens). AND when you blend, blend a 2 veggies at a time, then blend 2 more. Coz if you put everything in, it's going to be a mess. Hope this helps.

Is there anyone with a solution out here?
by: Anonymous

Is there anyone with a solution out here? Or anyone who doesn't have this problem? Or is everyone just lying about the benefits??? ironically the automatically generated word I have to type in to submit this comment is 'blowup' - not kidding!

Gas and stomach pain
by: Anonymous

Do you guys not get it? A major reason for discomfort is the sudden change in diet. You're giving your body a chance to rid itself of all the horrible shit you've been putting into it for years. I have been a vegetarian for about 16 years (I'm 18 and I have never experienced the kind of stomach pain that my omnivore friends have mentioned. My boyfriend was very big on meat. He often had severe problems with bowel movements. Severe to the point of almost crying. (This is a man who doesn't even tear up from broken bones.) Recently, he's become vegetarian. He's been doing it for a while now. He did it by slowly weaning off of meat. Since fully cutting meat out of his diet, I have not heard him in pain over his stomach once (aside from when he ate ghost peppers raw). He's noticing more energy and feels a ton better. At first he was skeptical because of proteins and such. But he saw the way I eat and nds just mimicked it. I didn't ask him to cut out meat, he chose to because of seeing the way I felt as apposed to the way he did.
So, for all of you saying you can't do it, etcetc. You're only hurting yourself by going back to the cause of your pain for comfort. It's quite similar to an addicted smoker going through withdrawal. By going back, you're losing the battle and giving in. If you stick to it, you'll feel better in the end and your stomach will stop hurting all together. Oh, and the best part is that anything coming from your rear end, will almost always be odorless or at least not have a bad scent!
Im not just preaching I'm going without knowing how you feel. I'm going through this right now, too, because I'm becoming vegan. You're not alone, and you can do it. If not for the animals, at least do it for you.

Solution to gas problem
by: Anonymous

Suffered with gas on no dairy, veggie and whole grain filled diet. had to give it up because I was miserable. My suggestions:

Eliminate: beans, cucumbers, onions, raw cruciferous veggies, tofu, soy, "protein products" (bars powders shakes) nuts, oats granola

Eat a little dairy, meat, and egg. Starchy veggies, well cooked veggies- green beans peas broccoli "greens", and certain types of raw veggies: romaine/iceberg carrots tomatoes ok. Spring mix spinach kale will give u gas

No fake sugar, very very little real sugar, minimal alcohol, no antacids or acid blockers (if possible) eat slowly drink lots of water.

If u are following a vegan diet properly, and getting the protein and fats you need, you are going to have gas. High fiber causes gas, plant protein cause gas. Probably diarrhea too. There is no way to eat a proper and healthy vegan diet and not have copulent gas

by: Chantelle

I have been vegan for 20 years and vege for50 . I don't suffer from gas but since turning 40 (25 years ago) and having a partial hysterectomy at 39 years old I have had a fat tummy which I never had before apart from when I was pregnant.

I eat mostly fruit, nuts and some raw greens and home made whole food bread but perhaps my fat tummy is nothing to do with diet?

I would welcome any helpful comments!

Thank you!


This is horrible.
by: Newlyvegan

I have really enjoyed my three weeks of strict vegan diet and as much as I would love to continue I can't anymore. The gas is horrible. I'm not talking a little bit of flatulence, I'm talking stomach swollen and painful has stuck in my stomach that will not release. It's too painful to keep going.

by: Anonymous

Were herbivores were meant to get gas and fart.. A little displeasure in my end isn't worth the pain and suffering for the animals entire life.

My good deed for the day
by: Anonymous

I have found that going for a good walk or a jog is a good way to Feel better!
(This is actually a method used for horses too! Lol)
the movement seems to loosen things up in the digestive system - and if you find a nice quiet space for this walk or run you will also have the opportunity to release the gas too!

by: Fibers

It's most likely the high amount of dietary fibers that cause the bloating and gas. Not sure what to do. I've started eating a lot more vegetarian food. I need so much food though because I'm in the early 20's and exercise a lot, but I don't need the extra fibers that come with it. I would like to eat more vegan, due to a lot of reasons. Can't deal with this bloating though. It screws your everyday life up more than you'd think.

Hi Guys. Back Again
by: Anonymous

Hello All,
I am back again to share some positive info on the ongoing issue here. Which is a concern, a frustration and no joke. I will share some of the things I have tried with positive results.

Half an hour before I eat breakfast, lunch, etc. I have half a glass of water with about 1 tsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Drink slowly. I have cut down the amount of food I eat at one sitting. I try not to drink while I am eating. Of course I have some liquid handy if I choke. :) Giving the food some time to digest I will then drink some water.

I have cut back on the onions and garlic. I was overdoing it as I love both and I am a great cook. More is not always better!! I have also cut back on the beans, which has helped. I have introduced more variety of foods. has a great website with plenty of vegan recipes. I cook the majority of my meals from scratch.

Oh, also eat slowly and chew your food really well. LOL

And I agree with the person here who said "Get out of your head." The issue could drive you crazy. Then it becomes an eating disorder. Then you are in a real pickle. I was becoming very irritable as there seemed to be no solution. Too many contradictions. The things that I have tried are the things that have worked for me. Not 100% of course, but a huge improvement. The suggestions may seem like a pain in the butt, but it does not take that long to develop a new approach.

Best of Luck!

Thanks for all the info about gas
by: afartentoo

I'm new to a Vegan diet, and I too have had such gas problems but I'm willing to try the probiotic way. That makes sense to me. I've already figured out that brussel sprouts are not to be eaten raw. I need to cook them before eating, otherwise I will always be alone. So embarrassing! The sad thing is, I like the taste of them raw. I'll just have to make sure if I want them that way, I will be home ALONE! Thanks to everyone who has written about this issue.
Have a blessed life :)

SO gassy!
by: Vegan Woman

I just would like to say that dairy from cows is not a natural thing for humans. Drinking milk and eating dairy products from a different species is what it is, and we are the only species that does so. Calcium and protein are plentiful from other sources. Truth be told, cheese and milk and other dairy is so tasty it is hard to give them up. I know, because I love and miss eating cheese most of all, but I also know it is not meant for my body. That being said...I have been so gassy from time to time that it is almost unbearable. It doesn't seem to be constant, but now and then flares up for days at a time. I'm unsure of what exactly is causing it, but I've eaten a plant based diet for over 3 years now and I still struggle with this off and on. Am going through it again right now, and it is so uncomfortable and odorous that I am surprised my husband hasn't moved out until I have moved on from this bout!! I also have constipation issues, have had all my life, and in spite of eating lots of fiber over the last 3 years, I still deal with that, as well. I suspect, due to my specific symptoms, that my colon is slow acting, which causes lots issues and results in constipation. Recently, I found a solution (I hope) by taking Magnesium Glyconate every day, which has helped my body perform better, thus helping me eliminate regularly. But, the gas issue is still a problem, unfortunately. Removing beans from my diet would prove to be a bad thing, as it would be for most vegans, since they are a high protein source. Good protein sources are supposed to be less gassy, so the beans that provide more protein should likely be the "go to" beans. I can take away broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage, although I love all of them...and then reintroduce each one in small amounts to see if any of those are the culprit. I've a feeling it is a combination of things. Glad to know I'm not alone...but it is still very hard to deal with, especially in public.

Gas and Vegan
by: Anonymous

I have been using Activated Charcoal pills along with a probiotic. That seems to help. The beans for me are the culprit!

oh the gas
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,

I was vegetarian for 8 years and have recently (about 3 months ago) have switched to a vegan lifestyle.

I pretty much eat the same thing everyday:
-banana smoothie (at least 4 bananas) for breakfast, chia seeds
-brown rice with some kind of veggies for lunch
-lots of veggies, pasta, brown rice or sweet potato for dinner

The issue is the gas, it comes very specifically about 30 minutes after lunch, and is unbearable. I tend to hold it in all day until work is over, and by then I look 8 months pregnant.

I also think the vegan diet is stalling my weight loss as I still exercise at least 5 hours a week. (has anyone else found this??)

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried the herbal teas, lots of water, and chlorophyll.
At this point I'm thinking about going back to vegetarianism...


Not Vegan
by: Anonymous

Beano is not vegan as it contains fish gelatin

Thanks For Sharing!
by: Anonymous

Hi Guys
Thanks for sharing. I have been Marobiotic for 4 years, Vegetarian for 21years, Semi Vegan for 2 years, now 99% Vegan going on 2 years. As I strive for perfection :). I am now having the same embarrassing situation as mentioned above.
Your humor and good advice will get me through it .....I Hope...
Blessings to all.

Gone with the wind...
by: The Windy Vegan

I too am suffering from excessive levels of wind since converting to a vegan diet after almost a lifetime of being vegetarian. I'm 31 now and I've been vegan for almost a year now. I just assumed my body would get used to it after a while but that has not been the case thus far.

I just wish there was more help and advice out there from professionals, as it is there is lots of incorrect advice and conjecture floating about.

I'm sure that somewhere in this world there has got to be the perfect solution for people like us who wish to follow a lifestyle that eliminates the death and brutality of the meat and dairy industries.

Best of luck!

Are you kidding me???
by: Anonymous

If I try the elimination diet, what in the world would I eat as I slowly add each food back? You have eliminated legumes and a lot of the veggies I eat on a daily basis. I'm not sure what I am going to do . I don't want to go back to eating animal products but I am really unhappy with the bloat and gas. I feel like I gained 10 lbs.

Croakin' Like Froggy
by: Frank

"Passing gas (farting)" is the least of my physical problems. I'm convinced that the Starch Diet has kept my weight down close to normal BMI and my vitals' numbers are close to ideal. Having 2/3 BMs a day is just fine with me. Being the only plant eating person at my house is a problem, but when the SAD takes effect on my kin, I'm sure that they'll become educated by the likes of Drs. McDougall, Esselsteyn etc. For exercise, I swim, vigorously breast-stroking my way. Perhaps this keeps my innards AOK.

by: Anonymous

I was so glad to hear that all this gas is normal since going vegan. I went to my grandson's soccer game and thought I was going to blow up before the game was over. Sure hope this goes away. I will try some of your suggestions and hope they work. Thanks guys for sharing your experiences. It gives me some peace of mind while on the journey.

Fartmaster Flex
by: Norma-Jean

I have been vegan for about a year now, and I also don't eat processed or refined foods/sugars. I suffer from very intense gas. I eat plenty of nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies and whole grains. I am gassy all day long, but it is worst at night. I don't eat soy because I know that's a culprit for me but it's still bad.

Sensitive to soy?
by: Anonymous

I have been vegetarian for about 2 and a half years and decided to slowly eliminate dairy and eggs and become vegan. I had terrible gas and was in a lot of pain in the beginning! It turns out that I am quite sensitive to soy! I would do a workout, drink a soy protein shake, and then not be able to move for sometimes 2 days! I stopped eating/drinking any type of soy and I feel normal again. I am still vegan, but I make sure to eat enough to get the nutrients I need, and take a supplement if needed. I also started making sure I drink 2L of water a day. Anyone else have this issue with soy?

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your tip about the probiotic. I too have been dealing with bad had and bloating, but for a long time. I am not new at all to vegetarian diet. My diet is about 95% raw and vegan. I have been dealing w gas n bloating for ages and I'd like to try the probiotice idea but would love a suggestion on which one to get.

Bloating and gas with vegan diet
by: Anonymous

Don't know how to combat the issue. Looked at the list of food to cut out and gradually add back. Seems like will be cutting out on literally everything. Digestion feels better with vegan. No reflux. No bad Burps of indigestion. But tons of gas and a very bloated stomach. Take fiber liquid chlorophyll apple cider vinegar and pro biotic pills regularly. The only thing I don't do is bring myself to drink large amounts of water.
Any suggestions.

always bloated in vegan diet
by: Anonymous

I went on the vegan diet and I look 6 months pregnant. It was working out fine in the beginning but gradually my stool kept getting harder and harder and it eventually made me constpiated. Everytime I age something I felt so gassy and bad disgestive discomfort. I think im eating too much fibre and will cut down on the beans and whole grains. I'm thinking I will also go back to milk and eggs and see if my situation improves

A year later and I am still bloated...
by: Anonymous

I would have thought by now that my body would have been used to all the veggies/fiber/fruits/nuts/beans/tofu etc. etc. I started taking PB8 again, but so far it hasn't helped. I'm fine at breakfast but towards the afternoon and especially the evening it gets worse. HELP! I don't want to stop eating healthy as I need the various nutrients. Also I have noticed that my energy has been slipping... I felt great for the 1st 6 months and I have noticed that I have been feeling more tired. I do take a B-12 supplement, Vit D and calcium. I eat lots of greens for iron as well as 10min oats, grains, beans etc. By blood work showed that my hemoglobin was at almost base line, whereas a year before going vegan it was about 3 points above the base line. Any ideas? I cannot eat dairy vegan or not, and the thought of eating any sort of meat again makes feel sick to my stomach.

done with all plant based diet
by: Anonymous

It's been 2 years now eating a completely whole foods plant based diet, with no sugar, oil , dairy or refined foods; just some whole grains(no wheat although no allergies), beans , all kinds of veggies and fruits with small amount of nuts seeds and avocado in my salads. My teachers were Dr. Esselystyn, Dr. Mcdougall, Dr. Colin T Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Jeff Novick, Dr. Doug Lisle and so many more. I studies at Cornell University in plant based nutrition. I'm here to tell you these last 2 years have taken me to low levels in my life. Constant intestinal gas for hours, excessive bowel movements, always thinking about food since I was probably pooping so much. I have come to the conclusion that these extreme ways of eating are glorified food disorders. If you are having lots of gastro problems digesting the food, it is more of a poison for you than a health food no matter what the docs say. We all know to stay away from the trans fat and processed sugary food and dairy. There are no vegan societies in history. All have eaten some animal products. Find the healthy foods that work for you and that you can digest well. Take care of your emotional well being and exercise and don't get caught up with the diet of the week. Yes I know, I love animals . Feel strongly about them but....I'm not going to but their health over mine. Vegan and Vegetarian do not allow ME to thrive. Take care of your emotional anorexia and attend to the needs of your soul and the rest will follow. The mind body syndrome is so connected. Check to see if you have celiac or lactose issues or H-pylori .Our diets are being manipulated by whoever decides to write a book. Anyone can write a diet book and most make lots of money from it, at our expense. Bottom line, I'm going back to eating some fish, some eggs, some chicken and enough with these awful gassy beans and healthy cruciferous veggies that kill me. I've obsessed too long about food because both my parents had so many illnesses but I feel I've become ill over obsessing. Sorry to ramble on. I'm having a moment here and just need to vent. Heal your mind and soul and the body will follow! Watch Soulful Sundays with Oprah on Own channel. Meditate, connect with something bigger than you, volunteer, get out of your own head, read all the great books on Gary Zucav, Eckhart Tolle,Byron Katie,etc. Each day make someones day better. I'm tired of being so focused on me and my diet. It's like a real eating disorder, really. Enough said today. Wishing all of you good health in mind and body.

Me too.
by: Larry

I have evolved over the past year to entire plant based diet, and I am really concerned about the gas issue. I will try the elimination diet, that is a good tip. I was wondering how severe a gas issue some others have had, mine, is well, a LOT! it is embarrassing, and I fear sometimes in public, mistakes, I tried Beano, it don't seem to help that much.

Soy or Other Allergy?
by: Anonymous

Another possibility for excessive bloating, stomach pain, or gas is an allergy to soy or another fruit. Soy is actually an extremely common allergy, and as a vegetarian who is also lactose intolerant a difficult product to avoid. There are also several fruits I'm slightly allergic to in their raw form but are fine when cooked (cause a scratchy throat and gas). Even after being vegetarian for nearly a year and a half, and eliminating milk and soy - I still have gas problems, it's frustrating but likely due to the large amount of beans we end up eating and the fact that soy is hidden in nearly everything processed.

by: Anonymous

I was in a bad shape too,but I find miracle "cure". Just add to your diet a large amount of water. Drink lots of water. Cook a big kettle of water and drink it during day. First thing in the morning, slowly gulp down warm glass of the water. It worked for me.

Essential oils
by: Anonymous

It is helping me to put a few drops of doTERRA brand essential oil blend called digest-zen in water and drink it....
But I sure hope this goes away. Grateful for all the ideas. Will try some of them also.

Gas and bloating Q&A
by: Shelton

I just wanted to thank all of you for you comments. I thought I was the only one with the problem and was about to go talk to a GI doctor. I'm walking around like I'm 6 months pregnant with gas and bloating. Honestly I thought there was something seriously wrong. I did a rapid transition from vegaterian to organic Ova Vegan and the result was catastrophic. The probiotics are helping and so is the vinegar. I'm so elated, I didn't want to give up my diet. Thank You for all your help!!

the real reason why we might need diary?
by: Anonymous

I am raised as a vegetarian (have never eaten meat, ever!) and I tried to go vegan last year, just replacing the dairy products with soy or oat diary. Since I already was eating lots of fiber, veggies, fruits etc I did not need to make any adjustments to that food group. Yet I had to give up being a vegan after 3 months because my stomach was completely out of balance! Bloating (looked like I was 6 months pregnant), super low energy and it seemed like my body just felt like shutting down every normal function it had before. I think it has to do with the delicate balance of our digestive system and that somehow some diary (or perhaps the protein it provides) is an important part of that balance. I don't have scientific proof for this but I have the experience. Now I'm back on eco milk, eggs and cheese.. I eat a bit of cheese and some milk in my coffee every day and an egg probably every three days and it makes a HUGE difference.

still gassy after going back to vegetarian
by: Alissa

I am having problems with gassiness and have looked all over for answers. I first tried veganism for a month and had no problems but went back to eating small amounts of dairy and eggs. About two months ago, I gave veganism another go but immediately became VERY gassy... Like the worst ever.

My friend said it was because I was eating a lot of raw foods so I started eating less raw and beans and eating more bread and pasta. No luck. So I started eating small amounts of dairy again thinking my problem would go away with vegetarianism.

It's been a month and I am still so gassy. It's horrible because its really stinky. I have tried probiotics, soy yogurt, and herbal teas. I need help! My next option is lots of dairy yogurt, which it really don't want to do. I don't want to take enzyme supplements or bean-o because they seem impractical in the long term and I'd much rather eat my enzymes naturally. Also, I take a multi-vitamin with calcium and B-12.

Probiotic Was The Answer For Me
by: Anonymous

I'm adding a comment here because I too was searching online about what to do regarding vegan gas; every time I tried to switch from a vegetarian to a vegan diet I had HORRIBLE gas, so indescribably bad that I switched back to animal products twice. I am so relieved to have tried taking a probiotic, and now the gas is GONE! Its a miracle. And I only took one per day (instead of 2 as indicated) and then not every day (pretty sporadic, yet apparently it was enough for my body to establish equilibrium). You can also try eating probiotic foods such as non-dairy yogurts with active cultures, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, etc. Don't give up on your vegan diet... try a probiotic (or a few different kinds, until you find one that works best for you). Be sure to get a probiotic that contains guaranteed live active cultures (should be refrigerated). Good luck!

by: Anonymous

Beano is not vegan

I also get bad gas...
by: Anna

I've been eating Vegan for about 4 months and have had an excessive amount of gas. I've taken Beano, Gas X, and soda. They help stall it off for a while, but a few hrs. later I get it bad. Is there anything you know of that can help with this situation. I eat quite a few grains, fresh salads, veggies and fruits. I feel great except for the gas. If I eat dessert, it's 90% of the time a vegan one. I try to stick to fruit for dessert. I truly feel better and haven't had a cold in over a year.

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