Increased pooping when going vegan

by Anonymous

What is going on with my poop?

OK, sorry for asking the gross question, but it's really annoying me, and I'm trying to figure out if what I'm experiencing is normal.

I'm a middle-aged male. I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years, but I've always eaten a lot of dairy, mostly cheese. I started reducing my dairy intake about 3 weeks ago, and I'd estimate that 95% of the food I'm eating now is based around raw fruits and veggies, dried fruit, whole grain bread, legumes, tofu/soy milk, and nuts. I drink 8 cups (more or less) of water per day, 1-2 alcoholic beverages per day, 1-2 glasses of Gatorade per day, 0-1 cups of decaf coffee per day, and 1-2 sodas per week. I've never had any sort of dairy intolerance. I am currently about 30 pounds overweight.

Now I'm in the bathroom 5-6 times a day, and my stool is very loose. Sometimes my stool is not formed at all, and sometimes it's formed but very soft. It seems like there's a lot more coming out of my body than going in.

I'm going to the bathroom so much it's gotten painful. I'm hoping there is an end in sight and that my body will adjust, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how long did it last? Any tips for getting back to a once-a-day, well-formed-poop kind of life without going back to lots of dairy?

Good for you dropping the dairy! Dairy products are highly addictive, so it's a big deal to be able to stop eating them.

As far as the poops, although you're going pretty often, it could still be pretty normal. Your body is getting rid of the waste left over from the cheese and milk, and getting accustomed to the increased fresh foods in your diet. Don't worry-- it should even out. It's hard to say how long it will take to level out from 5-6 times to a more regular schedule because it depends on your body and personal diet.

However, I think you should be aware that you may never return to your normal one poop a day. But, that normal was when your body had the natural binding power of dairy products, and without them, your stool will naturally loosen up.

Most of the vegans I know have at least two, but they are refreshing, cleansing poops, and they happen speedily and without need for any bodily effort.

One thing I could recommend is to think about phasing out gatorade and sodas. They are chock full of sugar, which our bodies just don't need. There also might be something in those sweetened drinks that's triggering your body to release more poop.

Another thing to consider is that decaf coffee is actually probably worse for our health than caffeinated versions. There are a few ways to decaffeinate coffee and the most common way is through a chemical rinsing process. The beans are rinsed with methylene chloride, which is known to cause cancer, or ethyl acetate, another chemical. Also, decaf coffee still has a small amount of caffeine in it, which could cause diarrhea. If you do not want to cut it out completely, I would recommend only drinking Swiss water process decaf coffee, which is processed only through pure water.

You might also think about adding complete whole grains, such as steamed/boiled quinoa, bulgur, barley, millet, etc. They will also help balance out your body and return it to a regular schedule, and they provide you with good complex carbohydrates. Whole grain bread can sometimes be deceiving and also often has added sugar. You can learn about the different options for whole grains here.

Just some ideas!

Good luck, and again... congratulations! I am sure you are going to start feeling amazing within just a few weeks. I was just like you, and when I stopped eating dairy products, it changed my world (and body in the process). With a few simple changes, I bet your body goes to its correct weight within a few months.

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Me too!
by: Cyndi Smith

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, just started vegan and after two days wow on the toilet a lot I pretty much figured out all the crap I ate in the past is coming out, I have found my appetite has decreased immensely. Hopefully I should be healthy and thinner, being a vegetarian who eats cheese milk sour cream cream cheese is not going to loose weight.

Also I watched "earthlings" for the second time and that was that. Never again, no more tuna and mayo either - I just can't be part of animals being torched before becoming disgusting meat.

diet tips
by: Anonymous

Dried fruit I find give me stomach cramps & are laxative . Bulk up your diet with whole grains, rice, quinoa, buckwheat etc. Lots of nuts & vegies. Take a vegan probiotic to help the gut with the transition. Get rid of the sugar - soft drin & gator Ade. Good luck

Soy is bad for our heakth
by: Lucinda

I am happy to hear about your health journey. I would strongly urge you to eliminate soy products from your diet. We were never supposed to eat soy products. Studies have shown that it can lead to cancer.

pooping so much....
by: Helmet


i've been through something similar. my anus was NOT ready for the amount of waste elimination that comes with going plant-based... i started pooping so many times a day which resulted in my anus becoming irritated by the constant opening/closing motions and the more frequent pressures. this actually resulted in an anal fissure for me. that means there's a tear in the skin of my anus. moderately-very painful, it partially heals and then comes undone when i make another brown log, many trips to the bathroom resulting in blood on the toilet paper. not a pretty scene! anyway, fast forward, it's FINALLY going away after what seems like many months, probably realistically 3-4 months... anyway, i've been there too brother/sister... keep munchin those plants, keep makin' that waste

Same Problem, Fixed it quickly
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue and a friend told me to add more fibre and protein as these things help solidify things. So I stared eating more meals centered on beans, legumes, and dark greens like collard greens and spinach. Presidents Choice has a legumes soup mix that I find helps quickly. It worked almost immediately for me. Now I just pay attention to make sure I'm taking in more protein and fibre and things have been normal.

The only downside to this method is that you'll probably get a little gassy for the first week while your intestinal flora adjusts, but drinking mint tea with your meal or just after is great for easing that.

Hope this helps!

by: Matt

How much vegetables and fruit is one serving for a 160 in man?

foods can be diuretic!
by: Cameron

Hi there, I had a similar problem when switching to a vegan diet and eating more raw foods. I experienced intense and chronic diarrhea (aka lose stools) but after doing a bit of research I realized that some of the foods I was eating a lot of are actually diuretic. They can affect some people and not affect others I guess! My foods I removed were mango and celery (which I was juicing) and raisins. In moderation these foods are fine for me but once I cut them out the improvement was instant. Experiment with some suspect foods and see if that helps! Good luck.

Healthy poops is a great thing about being vegan
by: Anonymous

I was constipated my whole life. I stopped eating gluten about 11 years ago, and the gut pain stopped. But I still have struggled with constipation. Then, about 5 months ago, I went on a mostly whole food plant based diet. And voila! no more constipation.

Now when I eat, I think think of it as also feeding my gut microbes. (Did you know that poop is not so much undigested food as it is gut bacteria? SO big poops mean a large population of healthy microbes, which are keeping YOU healthy!)

Now, it is often needing to poop that gets me up in the morning, and is is easy and big and cleansing. And, with a healthy gut, I am a lot happier and emotionally stable, as well. Did you know that the serotonin for your brain is produced by your gut microbes?

The more we know about the gut microbiome, the more important we learn that it is. And eating a whole food, plant based diet makes my microbiome very happy!

How much should I eat?
by: Anonymous

Recently had my gallbladder removed and was told I can go back to my normal diet and was not told what I should be eating. I dropped 15lbs and went back to eating what I normal but dropped fast food. Well, I started noticing that I was bloated all the time and I felt the food sticking to my mid section. So I just decided after some research I should try a vegan lifestyle. I'm on day two and feel really good. I have been pooping a lot, 5 times already and it's barely going to be 1pm. I've been watching YouTube videos and have noticed that a lot of vegans eat a lot! What's a good calorie balance to eat? I am hoping to lose more weight, to get back into pre baby weight from first child.

Excess of formation of stool
by: Anonymous

Though I take 3 proper meals a day, yet I've got to go to the toilet whenever I finish my meal. I never take milk or milk products. I dislike fruits. I eat only chapattis and subzi with onion and green chilly. Please guide.

loose stools
by: Anonymous

Since 2000 my nutritionist changed my way of eating no bread no red meat, hamburger just 4 oz chicken 4 oz Wild salmon 3 times a week. Brown rice snacks twice a day clementine about 10/30 and nuts or fruit in mid afternoon. I went from 260 to 145. I am 66 yr. old in 2011 was 150 felt great. 2015 ate things normally do not, moved different area. Jan. 2016 began eating no bread, no meat at all, only sometimes wild Salmon or mackerel only 4 oz. grain brown rice Quinoa juice sometimes veg and fruits green tea apple cider vinigerBragg in water each morning with black strap molasses. beans daily sometimes twice. Salads some lunches.
Its been two weeks. When I was eating chicken more bread I made, movements 5 or 3 times a day but formed not loose.

Definitely dairy
by: Anonymous

Carol dairy is a binding agent. Try giving it up for a few days and see if you feel better.

Pooping like a champ
by: Anonymous

I got here because I googled low fat vegan gad and pooping. I recently read forks over knives and better than vegan and decided I would try jumping in to a low fat, whole food, plant based lifestyle. I'm having trouble with all the extra fibre for sure. I'm three days in and have popped more than I have in the last three months! Also the pain in my lower gut is awful. The poops are very satisfying but I'm hoping this pain goes away soon. I've tried gas x to no avail and have googled for less gassy veggies so hopefully it will help.

Anyway the point is... Another person here who can relate. Check out the titles I mentioned because the fats and sugars definitely can be your culprit. Better than vegan was written by a guy who ate his way to 475 vegan pounds, so it really does matter.

by: Anonymous

Boiled chickpea sometimes can help to nomalize stool and make it firmer.

My experience
by: Monika

Some sugars are powerful laxatives. This was brought home to me when my daughter was a baby and started eating solids. If she was constipated all I needed to give her was some pear purée and we had movement that day. If she was a bit of runny, banana would put the brakes on. Once I went vegan I found this to be true for me too.
Flax seed is great at binding everything inside, as are psyllium husks.
Good luck!

Whole Plant Foods Benefits
by: Donna

I agree with others that it would probably really help you to cut out the soda and gatorade. High sugar always affects my bowels almost to the point of uncontrollable diarrhea. There is a great natural alternative to gatorade for electrolytes: Ultima Replenisher. It is an all natural, no sugar, vegan drink powder to replace electrolytes. The grape flavor almost taste like grape soda but has no artificial color or flavor and no sugar! My other favorite flavors are tart cherry and red raspberry. It is probably available at your local health food store. I order mine from (a huge online health food store). If you choose to get it there use my code NAL 759 to get $10 off your first order. Other than that, I feel it is also very important to use whole plant foods: no oils, refined foods such as white breads, pastas, or flours, and no refined sugars. Eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. I like hemp milk on my whole grain cereal for breakfast. There are other non-dairy alternatives. I also like plain organic soy yogurt with non sweetened frozen and thawed fruit such as cherries or blueberries. You will lose those extra pounds, your bowels will regulate, and you will feel amazing! Good luck!

Same Problem as header guy
by: Anonymous

Very sore backside after pooping three sometimes four times a day on a vegan diet. It has been eight weeks since I went from eating a very high processed carb diet of nothing but cakes, biscuits, sweets, puddings etc. and being totally out of control. I feel so much better and my poop is soft but formed which is amazing for me. However I have in the last week, developed such a sore anus which feels like I have been kicked very hard there. I have been using Sudocrem to try and ease the soreness. Please if any other linger term vegans went through the same thing and came out the other side.

Vegan is the way to go
by: Anonymous

After becoming educated by Dr. Pam popper's book "Food over Medicine" and watching Forks over knives; veganism has changed my life. Before while I was eating meat, I would get constipated. The reason why is because meat doesn't have any fiber. After switching to a low fat plant based diet, I now have two regular movements a day and never strain. It's not IBS that caused my problem; it was my diet!

RE: Linda
by: Anonymous

I would encourage you to check out the documentary Forks Over Knives. It explains, with adequate research, how going vegan can relieve a host of symptoms. I personally started mostly fruits and veggies a month ago, with one serving of meat each on Sat & Sun. I don't have to force any bowel movements. I have much more energy. I am now going vegan since I watched Forks Over Knives. Good Luck on your journey.

Same thing
by: Anonymous

Hey, I was vegetarian and went vegan maybe 5 months ago and I had the same thing. And for a while I still had some dairy & Crappy carbs. I found after having a cheat day, I could go up to 8 times a day. Now that I'm constant with my raw till 4, it's settled and I do 1-2 HUGE ones lol.... If I eat anything in excess that's too naughty, eg deep fried or complex carbs like bread. My body wants to flush it out straight away.
I was always quite a healthy vegetarian, but dairy & complex carbs really do make ur system heavy and block it all up.
I also initially found I was soooo thirsty because the new diet was flushing out all the salt in my system.
Now I digest things easily, & feel better

Don't Give Up
by: Anonymous

I have tried Veganism on and off since January. It started with a bout of diverticulitis that sent me to the E.R. I was told that after fasting on a liquid diet in order to let things rest to eat more fruits and veggies and to stay away from processed foods. It helped me a little but I started researching more and more and came across the vegan life style. So many health benefits claims so I gave it a try.

The first time was really difficult because I was ill informed. I went fully raw as well. My energy level was crap. I was sleeping half the day and had many dizzy spells. I read a little more on the subject and discovered that I probably wasn't getting enough calories in so I want crazy on bananas. It was about at this point that I started having difficulty in the bathroom. Painful movements that were very large. Ouch! I quit. During the time I was practicing this lifestyle I lost a considerable amount of weight and that was great but not worth the "pain in the rear" for me.

I gained it all back and a little extra within a couple months. Plus my health problems were getting worse again. I was so desperate for relief that I continued to research. It kept coming back to Veganism and for me it has to be whole foods.

I gave it a try again. This time armed with more facts. I supplemented with a good multivitamin, B complex and D3. No more zapped energy, but what to do about this horrible problem in the bathroom?

The answer was more simple then I could have imagined. My bananas and some of the other fruits I was eating weren't fully ripened. The problem with this is that when fruit isn't fully ripe it contains a lot of starch which causes a form of constipation that I didn't even know existed. This sounds to me to be what is being described by the writer of this blog.

Another very useful tip is to make smoothies with both fruits and vegetables and lots of water. I literally have a blender full every morning for breakfast. Google green smoothie recipes. Yum!

I feel so much healthier and lighter now. It was worth all the obstacles I had to overcome to get to this point for me.

Just remember to get all the information you can, supplements, fully ripened fruit and plenty of water.

i am vegan
by: Horrez

I have been vegan for three months and it is the best decision I have ever made in regards to my body health and mind.I only eat fruits vegetables tofu sometimes and nuts and berries. I once was always constipated, but now I am regular I drink plenty of water and I for take a multivitamin and protein drink once a month. I feel better I look better my skin is better my blood pressure is normal my triglyceride's are normal I am no longer overweight and my communication with God is wonderful.Being a vegan is a blessing and I say try it ailments ypy have will dissolve themselves. ALSO I DO EAT ALOT OF BLACK BEANS AND SPINACH..I do not eat any type of bread or cracker or sweets. GOOD LUCK...SUGAR CAUSES YEAST WHICH CAUSES INFLAMMATION.

Salt Flush
by: Anonymous

I am transitioning from nonveg to mostly vegan and will be doing a salt flush soon to get most of those hard to digest foods out of my system in a few hours rather than a few weeks. If you do try something like a flush remember to use wet wipes to not irritate your skin.

Constipation and poop that doesn't want to come out
by: Linda

I am not vegan, but have been thinking of switching. I've had constipation issues for awhile due to IBS (constipation type). It is not unusual for me to "go" once every three to four days. My stools are difficult to pass as they tend to be hard and thick to the point that I clog the toilet. Needless to say it takes awhile for my bowel movements to happen, and I do need to push frequently to get it to come out. My thinking is that a change in diet, even to the point of vegan, may help with my stubborn bowel movements. I would love to be able to sit on the toilet, relax, and have poop come out without having to push. Is this possible by going vegan, or by any other means?

poop problems
by: Anonymous girl

hi everyone
I have experienced the same kind of problem but I do eat meat and vegies but mostly vegies any way this problem could be constipation. A way to help this problem is by drinking more water and cutting down on these vegies greens, cauliflower, onion, garlic, all peas, kernel corn, egg plant, broccoli....... and some other vegies have a look on this website it will help
as I have said I have experienced this problem be for and I know it is annoying and frustrating having to go 4-5 times a day to me that's not normal so my advice is to have a look on that website drink more pure water and try to wait it will return to your normal amount of poop one day.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

This article was fantastic. It was very helpful for me. I have just recently started a vegan diet. Before that I did increase my fruits and veggies and cut down on my meats and dairy. After much thought and research I have decided to follow a vegan lifestyle. My poops have been very loose, I though that something might be wrong with my diet. I look forward to the changes that will come.

Loose poop
by: Malc

Hi guys,
I wrote some months back about loose poops. I was going 6 plus times daily; getting pretty sore down below too. But now, after almost 6 months I am enjoying 3 healthy perfect poops daily.
I found getting a good daily, varied eating routine, not too much or too little of anything really the way to go.
You will soon find out how different foods affect you.
Last time I wrote I was anonymous, but on reflection, why should I hide the healthy vegan lifestyle I have chosen to follow, as well as the moral issues.
You may remember me from my last letter which said; "I LOVE VEGANS"(in fact I love everyone).(That includes animals of course).
Your friend,

Another possibility
by: Patricia

Another possibility is that you could be sensitive to soy. If I eat over a certain amount of soyfoods, I have very loose stools, and urgency to go. I notice when I decrease the soy foods, this lessens.

This might help
by: Donna

I would second the idea about cutting down on the sugar; when I eat too much of it, my bowels are always looser.
But another suggestion: plain carob powder. Carob is a bowel regulator so will help if you're too loose or if you are constipated. You can add a tablespoon to your oatmeal, mix some in non-dairy milk or use in place of cocoa powder in recipes. This always helps me.

Poop, poop and more poop!
by: Anonymous

I am not a new vegan, I just lapsed for a few years.
I have been a vegan now for 7 to 8 weeks. Man, my visits to the toilet are pretty frequent. When I get up in the morning, I do a some exercises; after 10 minutes I'm in the toilet. Then I have breakfast, 20 to 30 minutes later I'm in the toilet again. I never poop less than three times in 1 hour. Through the rest of the day I go about 3 times. I don't mind, I feel good; it's just making my "lower region" pretty sore. But I am sure it will settle down (eventually!).

I am 64 now. When I was a vegan 14 years ago, my wife and I moved house. So I went to a doctor to get registered. The doc said she would give me a check over. She took my blood pressure and said "Wow" how old are you, I told her I was 50. She said your blood pressure is like that of a young man in his early twenties, how come? I told her I was really active and walk/exercise a lot, (which she said was good) then I told her I had been a vegan for quite some years; for some reason she wasn't very impressed. But I told her I was living proof of a very healthy man! Thankfully, doctors today (I live in London, England. Born and bred) agree that a meat-free diet is much preferred these days. It has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that meat, especially red meat is the cause of several different types of cancer. They are now looking into the "downside" of dairy products.

So keep eating the plant life and live LONGER!!!

I love VEGANS! (Well, I love everyone).

Be happy. Keep pooping. It's good for you!

Sounds like gallstones
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you may have gallstones or gallbladder disease.

The loose stools combined with your weight and huge fat dairy intake make it very likely you have gallstones, which are affecting your bile storage ( the gallbladder stores the bile and secretes it to break down fatty foods). The signs of gallbladder disease are diarrhea, clay colored stools, bowel disturbances, upper right quadrant/back/shoulder pain.

Reduce the fat in your diet and quit dairy. Don't get your gallbladder removed unless you have no choice.

Google all alternatives and educate yourself.

Good luck

To constipated Carol
by: Anonymous

Part 1


Try an enema.


Use psyllium fiber husks every day (and not that Metamucil crap which is the same stuff only with too much chemicals and sugars). You can buy pure (tasteless) psyllium husks from a health food store and it's really inexpensive. Read the directions and drink lots of water right after drinking the husks in water. Psyllium takes about a day to pass through your system so use it maybe twice a day, once in the morning and once at bedtime.

I am 51 now, but i was constipated when i was in my 20s and i did something that stopped it and it's been regular part of my routine ever since then.
Here's what i did and still do.
I used my shower hose. I removed the shower head and set up a medium pressure flow with as much hot water as you can handle - the hotter the better as it relaxes your whole anus and lets the poop come out (don't burn yourself with too hot water).
Stand in the bath tub with your bum facing the wall. Place the shower hose pointing up onto your anus opening and let the water massage it a bit - let your bum RELAX - i used to get goosebumps all over my body and it felt nice. Then, put the hose a few inches into your anus BUT (very important) constantly push like you're pooping. It's VERY important that you push because if you don't constantly push (non stop), the water will enter your colon and will/can cause cramps. Plus, if a lot of water enters your colon, it will fill the colon up and when you think you're done, you will have VERY wet farts when you least expect it (very embarrassing).
When done, just point the hose at the drain, and with the water pressure all the poop will go down the drain.
Yes, you will have to wash out the tub and yourself after. That's a given. And yes, if all the windows are closed, the shower steam will smell like poop all over the apartment - it will be like someone used the toilet while someone else used the shower. Small price to pay to have a satisfying crap. Use candles or incense.
By the way, if you have painful hemmorhoids, the water pressure can sting when it touches.

10 Pounds lighter
by: Anonymous

I've been vegan for a month and have noticed an increase in volume but not frequency. After I hit that bowl in the morning I feel 10 pounds lighter and very energized! Every morning is Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber. If I take a while, I just tell people i was shaving.

another poopy tale
by: Anonymous

Well, contrary to most of the writers here, I started a vegan, and lost chunks of my hair for the effort. After a few years of trying veganism, and not having any increase in health, and actually having some B12 anemia, I read Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and started a new regimen. This suited me much better. In spite of being a meat eater, I also had 3-5 poops a day. I accepted this as normal. But when I went into nursing school, I retook my childhood shots ( didn't have copies of my shot records)and began to have 12 or more diarrhea episodes a day. For about 2 years they were simply undigested food. Salads came back out within an hour and looked like chewed up salad. Watermelon too, came out looking just like chewed up watermelon, within an HOUR. I was very worried that I would lose my teeth and bone integrity and have other health problems which I did. I looked up deficiencies that caused diarrhea and I would take D or zinc and it would help for a month or two and then the diarrhea would come back. After several years of this my adrenal got fatigued, as did my thyroid. My online research led me to many hints at the root of this, and many were helpful, but finally I found research on thimerisol, the mercury in vaccines and this caused mast cell malfunction in rats, causing diarrhea and histamine overproduction. Well there it is. The shots caused all this. Natural thyroid helped a lot and natrual adrenal, but finally I tried Maca and then I began to become normal again.

Years of whole grains ond being off soda and being off junk, and candy, and white bread and salt, none of these helped. Darn the vaccines, they messed up my life really badly. I am currently trying 4 months of a steroid called ketotefen which is supposed to be a mast cell stabilizer and a cure. So far it is really making my nose run, more than normal (also an issue, and a lifelong one). I have been on it for about a month. But I hope this will get my mast cells back to normal functioning. I also gave in to pepcid, to firm up the stools, and I am hoping when the ketotefen is done, I will be able to be off that stuff too. As an H2 inhibitor, it reduces histamine production, and this has been a big issue causing my ulcers- and it is adrenal and histamine and mast cell related.

Go to the and see if your problem may be thyroid, it is worth the look. ( yes, the Adrenal Fatigue book pinpointed diarrhea as a bad sign as well as the thyroid madness info. )

Still vegan except for kefir
by: Robbie


I have a long post on this page that i wrote last year, i think (they're not dated). However, i am, now, back on track with my poops - no more watery stools like i had for a whole year.

I started to eat lots of kefir. Kefir is really good for the digestive system - gets things back to normal again because of the live bacteria in it.

I am still the semi cheating vegan i was before.

I still practice urine therapy (and i, still, never catch colds or the flu because of it) like i did before.

Google, kefir.

The kefir helped me a lot.

Good luck,

Small hard poops
by: Anonymous

I have been vegan for 7days now and going strong, I was not eating meat before this. Now I find myself pooping 3/4 times a day, always small and hard whats with that. Is it because no dairy means I have less fat in my diet?? I have also uped my water intake, is this normal.

by: Anonymous

i was a vegan for over five years, and my real claim to fame, as it were, was that i managed to put on some muscle mass during. i was a regular heavy weight lifter before, and continued with no problem as a vegan.

you take in a lot of fluid during the day, certainly more than me and i'm pretty active. do you exercise regularly? you do say you're 30lbs overweight. i'd up the exercise and lower the intake of fluid during the day. on top of shitting your brains out more than once a day, you're lowering the chance of intaking any nutrients from the food you're eating, especially since it's raw and harder (takes more time) to digest.

I had the same prob at first
by: ehab

I was an ordinary person (eating everything/anything) then for many reasons I switched my eating habits into 80% fruits intake, at first 2 weeks I pooped around 7 - 12 times a day then it became painful with blood / oil I went to the doctor then I found out that it's completely a good thing coz my body is detoxing, he gave a me a medicine for pain, and then after a while my pooping started to get stable and I started to go for 3 - 4 times a day, morning and sometime in the afternoon and once around bed time.

20 tiny poops a day
by: CantStopPooping

I watched Forks Over Knives and went vegan about 2 weeks ago. Before that I had a few stints as a vegetarinan and I always have eaten alot of vegetables and bean & rice. The last week I have been very gassy and pooping about 20 little poops a day. Can I expect this to stop anytime soon? Its really annoying (and smelly!)

Chronic Constipation Poster -
by: Anonymous

The herbal colon cleanse product you are using may be your issue. Laxatives, herbal or otherwise, are addictive and with continued use will get your body to the point where it can no longer produce a bowel movement on it's own. Also, dairy is constipating. Try giving it up. Good luck!

Vegan a year
by: Anonymous

Dairy was a huge problem for me, meat was difficult to digest. Was diagnosed with IBS decades ago. I decided on a vegan diet to see if I could stop ibs. I haven't been sick since. I decided to test my reaction to cheese after a year and I got sick, so yes...dairy was the culprit to years of misery. As for meat, my pets love me for it! They now know I won't be frying them anytime soon and I feel better than I ever have!

oily stool
by: Anonymous

My wife has been experiencing oily stool since becoming vegan 5 months ago. Wondering if this is normal or due to high oil consumption in her cooking or something else.

to the last poster
by: Anonymous

the dairy you eat is probably making you constipated, as it is constipation making!

hope this helps!

Pooping Vegan
by: Anna

I am a new vegan, I switched from a nearly carnivorous diet a few weeks ago, to a plant based diet because of all the health benefits. I used to poop every other day, and if I pooped everyday, that meant I was gaining weight. I poop 1-2 times per day, anymore than that is simply painful. My poop is sort of formed, it usually piles up in the bowl, or floats. Im 20 and ive been overweight my whole life, but ive never felt so free of guilt or pain on any diet before, I really believe I can make this a lifestyle.

Vegan diet has helped me also
by: Anonymous

Hello I recently found out I am highly allergic to dairy foods and that is what has been making me sick for years. I am not a complete vegan, I do add chicken or turkey to my diet once a week, but primarily stick to veggies and the morning star veggie burgers and breakfast foods. I also have cut out all dairy and have noticed the difference in more frequent bathroom trips and am thrilled I also have recently lost 100 pounds and in doing so my colon narrowed so bathroom visits were few and painful for me. I feel so much better now that I have eliminated red meats and dairy out of my diet.

Loose vegan stools
by: Robbie

I am a (bad) vegan since about 1 year and I was vegetarian for a year before becoming vegan.

I say "bad" vegan because i still eat pizza once in a while, or even occasional Italian sausages by the company called, Olymel.

I no longer eat dairy except for kefir. Other than that, there are no steaks, chops, roasts, chicken, turkey or any meat, fish or dairy in my diet. I only became a vegan because I have gout in both feet. I loved eating meat, and bacon and milk and cereal and ice cream and, and, and.... The list goes on and on. That's all changed now as i have a huge salad for breakfast with a fresh, fruit smoothy poured over a bowl of quinoa.

I started practising Urine Therapy around the same time I became vegetarian. Also, I started to eat mangosteen powder. At first, too much mangosteen power caused diarhea, so I slowed down on that. I've read that urine therapy can cause diarhea, also, as it causes an internal cleansing.

I had diahrea for a long time due to a friend convincing me that drinking water from the hot water tap was healthier than the cold water tap. For almost a year I drank that water and I had the runs like brown water. I never had to run to the toilet, but when I finally sat down, it was watery.

My poop, now, is still unformed three years after drinking that water. I am a vegan now, and it looks like mucus-like, loose porridge. It's light-brown-coloured, and some of it floats and some of it sinks to the bottom of the bowl. However, my doctor can't get over my blood test results - I am so healthy she says. And I feel GREAT, I am active and people usually can't believe it when I say I am 50. (It feels weird even saying I am 50, I feel 30).
I never had any gut pains or blood in my stool.

But my poop is still loose, unformed, light coloured - like caramel. The toilet paper gets wet when I wipe.

I keep thinking I have some sort of disease but I have no pains to back that up.



Dairy and Constipation
by: Anonymous

Yes your dairy can cause constipation. Especially if you have any kind of an intolerance you dont know of. Me and my family went vegan recently and do have multiple poops a day and they are extremely healthy. We all have minor intolerances to dairy and have found after cutting it out we feel amazing. I'd try it for a month and see how you feel. Then, re-evaluate from there.

For the person with constipation,
by: Anonymous

If you are taking medicines such as opioids for the chronic pain, this could be the cause of the constipation (which will also be chronic and will need to be treated daily as long as the pain is being treated on an opioid). Also, with constipation you often need a combination of a laxative and a stool softener to go.

poop, sorry!
by: Anonymous

I went vegan, and began pooping 2-4 times a day! At first, they were yucky. Now, they are totally "normal" and formed...regular poops.
When I was a plain "vegetarian", eating dairy and eggs, I went once a day IF THAT.
Now, since becoming seems like whatever I eat comes out just as it is suppose to! I could set a watch by it now! Your body will take some time (few months) to regulate, but it will.
Even with all this pooping, I had blood-work done recently due to an un-related topic. My doctor was THRILLED at how healthy I am! He said he "rarely" sees numbers as good as mine! He asked me about my diet and lifestyle, and told me "It's working, keep it up!"!
All that said, watch for cramping, blood in the stool, dark colored could have a digestive disorder! They are pretty common.
Hope this helps,

chronic constipation
by: Carol

Just read the pooping article. I have just the opposite problem, chronic constipation. I've used cascara sagrada, an herbal colon stimulant. I'm am vegetarian w/dairy, but I still don't poop regularly. I may be a little obsessed with not pooping, because I was told that if something goes in, something should go out, so I try to have a bowel movement every other day. This is only possible with the cascara sagrada.

I have chronic pain and multiple chronic illnesses, which is why I'm trying vegetarian. Long story you think dairy is the problem...the reason i am constipated so much?

Please help!

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