Is pasta vegan?

by Matthew
(Las Vegas)


What kind of pasta noodles are vegan? Are vegan noodles only the ones that aren't made with egg in the dough?


That's a great question. Most pasta is vegan, but there are a few ingredients you do need to look out for with pastas.

When you're buying pasta in stores, I recommend you get used to checking out the ingredients list. Most regular semolina white pasta and whole wheat pasta is vegan. As a general rule, egg noodles are almost never going to be vegan, unless you can find one that is a "faux egg noodle" pasta.

I only buy pasta made with two or three ingredients-- most of the really cheap stuff has all kinds of additives that just are not at all healthy for you, vegan or not. If you do buy them, watch out for whey and egg whites as hidden non-vegan ingredients in pasta. Another common non-vegan ingredient in pasta is butter. Some manufacturers add it to give the pasta softness, but many use canola or olive oil instead.

If you're ordering pasta in restaurants, the best rule is to remember that boxed pasta is usually vegan and homemade pasta is usually made with eggs. I like to ask about homemade pasta and most waiters will be aware of common food allergies like eggs, so it's an easy thing for them to answer. If the server doesn't know, they almost always offer to ask the chef, or you could ask them nicely to find out the ingredients.

Of course, eggs are not necessary for pasta recipes as I've made my own homemade pasta without an iota of an animal product.

I personally love vegan pasta that is made entirely from whole grains. Buckwheat noodles, or soba noodles, are easy to find in grocery stores and Asian markets, as well as in bulk online for better prices. In most grocery stores you can find more than just whole wheat, such as whole grain vegan pasta made from quinoa, millet, rice, corn, and rye grains.

Ezekial makes a killer sprouted whole grains pasta that is extremely hearty and healthy. It's excellent with a tomato sauce, cashew cream, or a nice summery pesto. I have found that it takes a few tastes of really hearty pastas to get used to the flavor, but after that it's hard to even eat the white pastas again because in comparison they have so little flavor.

I hope that helps!

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Still pays to read the ingredients as mentioned.
by: Anonymous

Any of the commercial lasagna noodles I have seen including Barela which another site list ias vegan , are not as they contain eggs

Still pays to read the ingredients as mentioned.

by: Anonymous

Many thanks....clear, concise and helpful information.

by: Anonymous

Thank you, I'm cooking for a group that includes some vegans and I want to serve food that everyone can enjoy. This was very helpful!

Thank you..
by: Anonymous

This is soo helpful! I choose compassion and therefore I am vegan. Having said that, there are so many things to look out for that makes it hard to be vegan.. Luckily I love ALL animals and am up for the challenge which is very much worth it :)

Vegan love
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for helping me find better pasta ! <3

by: Anonymous

I am considering a having a plant based to vegan diet, so I was confused when I saw a vegan YouTuber, "Freelee the banana girl", eating pasta. I made pasta in Italy once and it had eggs in it, so 'how could it be vegan?', I thought. Thanks for this amazing explanation. It explains a lot.

by: Anonymous

You broke that down so nice and easy to read. Thank you for that :)

by: Anonymous

Thank you. Just made the choice to come to the light and become a vegan. I love pasta and am glad i can still eat pasta. I feel so amazing after becoming vegan. Sorry it took me 29 years to get here

Thank you.
by: Jody

I appreciate the info you provided on pasta. I have been an avid label reader since I was about 12, so I thought pasta was okay. A waitress in a restaurant the other day insisted all pasta has egg in it. When I tell a waitress or waiter I am vegan they are mostly very helpful and check with the chef to make sure of ingredients; sometimes though they aren't very happy with me and give me a hard time. Again thank you!!

by: Anonymous

Loved this as well!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Great advice! I always feel weird when I am in a restaurant and get weird reactions when I say I am vegan. So to ask whether they use egg or not seems like a better way to go. THank you so much!

Vegan pasta
by: Suecline

Thanks for a clear and simple explanation.

Thanks Stranger
by: Zaneta in Minneapolis

Thank you so much for posting this. Over the last few months, I've been looking into veganism a lot more seriously, and lately I have been second guessing a lot of my previous food choices which had very much so seemed like no brainers; previous apparent logic: pasta = wheat, wheat = plant life. It must be vegan! This seems silly, but subconsciously, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what was happening. Soooo not the case, AT ALL.

I also appreciate the way that you thoroughly, and respectfully, answered this question. You would think that more folks would act in the same manner, due to the attraction to a like lifestyle choice. But sadly, soooo not the case, AT ALL, either.

I just figured that instead of smiling warmly & moving on, I'd take a moment to let you know that these subtleties have been noticed, and are appreciated.

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