Vegan Diets Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss

by Ed
(Washington D.C.)

Vegan Diets Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss

I want to become a vegan but the only thing stopping me is my male pattern hair loss. I still have a full head of hair and to battle my hair loss I take Propecia medication, have a high protein diet, and use a special shampoo. I have read on many websites that eating foods rich in protein like eggs, yogurt, and meat are needed to maintain my hair. Will becoming vegan and giving up those foods make my hair loss worse?

From what I know about male pattern hair loss, it seems to be a largely genetic occurrence, so it’s hard for me to say that going vegan would have an effect on your hair loss.

However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that you can absolutely get just as much protein from vegan foods as from eggs, yogurt, and meat. So, if you plan to stick to eating high-protein foods and taking medication, I think you’ll have no problem going vegan. You can browse around Vegan Nutritionista and read more about how abundant vegan protein is in nature.

Also, from the brief research I’ve done on male pattern hair loss, I’ve read that calcium, iron, and silica are incredibly helpful for preventing hair loss. You can find those vitamins in leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, chard, etc), oats, cherries, concord grapes, and sea vegetables.

And, actually, to give a totally opposite viewpoint, I have read that diets high in fat and specifically, animal fat, lead to increased testosterone and a higher chance of developing male pattern baldness. There was a study done on Japanese men (by Aderans Company Limited) that found that prior to WWII, male pattern baldness was rare, and then afterwards it became much more regular. The significant change was that their diet changed from one rich in rice and vegetables with occasional fish to one full of meat and dairy.

Therefore, eating a low-fat, plant-based diet that is well-balanced and full of dark, leafy greens, sea vegetables, beans, whole grains, fruits, and nuts/seeds will actually help to prevent hair loss.

Here are some foods that will help to keep your hair thick and full:

  • asparagus
  • black beans
  • broccoli
  • brown rice
  • Brussel’s sprouts
  • cauliflower
  • cherries
  • chickpeas
  • Concord grapes
  • kale
  • lentils
  • lima beans
  • oats
  • peas
  • soybeans
  • spinach
  • sunflower seeds
  • walnuts

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Avoid omega 6
by: Anonymous

Hi recently read that omega 6 actually makes balding worse. Found in flaxseed oil.

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