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I had been coveting a VitaMix for years and finally got my first one from my then-boyfriend as a gift. Here is my vitamix review. I am sincerely against supporting a product that isn't truly amazing, so I wouldn't share this with you without fully believing in the vita mix blenders.

The first night I got it I made at least three different things:

  • Lemon sorbet-- yup, right in the mixer, in about 2 minutes. It was sweet and tart and perfectly creamy.
  • A whole fruit and veggie juice with a beet, a carrot, and an apple... in about 20 seconds. The juice was nice and cold, I could taste every vegetable, and it was as smooth as drinking from a jar.
  • A second fruit juice with an orange, a banana, and a few strawberries... in another 20 seconds. Just as good, but sweeter.

Since that first night of overindulgence, we've kept using it an average of 4 times a week.

I love that everything is so fast. We always laugh about how the ice is completely toast in the machine. The VitaMix 5200 destroys ice like nothing you've ever seen.

Vitamix Super 5200

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Cleaning is a cinch too. All you need to do is rinse and let it air-dry. You can even put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it with some water and turn it on to make its own dishwasher for a deeper cleaning.

I always used a regular blender before and felt like it was a decent blender. That poor thing must have dust on it by now because I haven't touched it in ages. It just couldn't compare.

I will never need to buy a food processor, blender, ice cream maker, or juicer. Also, Vita Mix blenders have an amazing guarantee.

That's my complete Vitamix review for now. I'd love to hear your Vitamix reviews as well, just comment below. It's one of those products where if you buy it once, you never need to spend money on it again. It's well worth the investment. LOVE IT!!!

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