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The Rising Tide of Nashville Vegan Restaurants

When I moved here a dozen years ago, the very concept of a Nashville vegan restaurant seemed ridiculous. It was really a veg wasteland. Even when I started this website in 2008, the options were few and far between. But times have truly changed and it's exciting.  

Over the last few years, Nashville has seen a surge of new vegan and vegetarian restaurants, as well as improved options at "regular" places. There are now many restaurants that offer a vegan entree or two, and some even offer a separate menu. Others have only side dishes that you can piece together into a meal. But I'd say that the vast majority of servers understand veganism and are willing to ask the chef to see what s/he can provide.

We also have two Whole Foods grocery stores and two Turnip Trucks (with an expansion of the East Nashville location on the way), as well as The Produce Place in Sylvan Park. All of them have great vegan food  and some prepared food.

This Nashville vegan restaurants guide is organized by category: completely vegetarian restaurants and restaurants with many vegetarian options. I'm also including a section on East Nashville, what I consider the most vegan-friendly area of town.

Completely Vegetarian Restaurants with
Abundant Vegan Options

Khan's Desserts

Update: Khan's Closed :(

Right down the street from Wild Cow in East Nashville is the tiny Khan's Desserts. Though it only houses four tables, Khan's makes desserts that are sold all around Nashville. And they're really, really good, beautiful treats.  The owner, Karina Khan, used to cook and bake at Wild Cow and you can still find her desserts there. 

Nashville vegan restaurantsKhan's The Mobster

Khan's also makes awesome vegan sandwiches, like the Mobster, with grilled seitan, Daiya cheese and roasted red pepper. 

Above was one of my favorites, a vegan crabcake sandwich.

One of our standard picks is the breakfast burrito with vegan sausage and tempeh.

Khan's Desserts' vegan sundae: caramel sauce, coconut whipped cream

In 2015 Khan's introduced vegan soft serve that you can order straight-up in a cup or cone, or you can have a sundae with caramel or chocolate sauce and toppings, and even a blizzard-esque frosty delight.

Khan's online menu: http://khansdesserts.com/sandwiches/

Updated: Khan's Desserts closed in August 2015

Sunflower Cafe

In late 2012, a new Nashville vegan restaurant popped on the scene in Berry Hill, right off Thompson Lane. They focus on farm-to-table food prepared fresh daily and served on a hot and cold bar line. You can choose from one of their specials and pair it with a few sides, or you can just assemble three or four of your favorite choices into one plate. They also serve local kombucha and both house made and Vegan Vee desserts. 

I love their cafeteria style serving because it's a beautiful treat for the eyes and it's very quick. I love being able to see my food before selecting it. 

Sunflower's veggie burgers are a big hit. This meal was accompanied by sesame kale and curried chickpeas. 

Sunflower Cafe's online menu: http://www.sunflowercafenashville.com/

The Wild Cow

The Wild Cow is a fully vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant in East Nashville, off Eastland Avenue. This Nashville vegan restaurant itself has great ambiance and is always filled with an eclectic mix of people, a sight I love to see. Their menu is completely vegetarian, but most dishes either are also vegan or can easily be veganized.

I have a full review of The Wild Cow here. 

Wild Cow's online menu: http://www.thewildcow.com/twc/menu/

Vegan Vee

We followed Vegan Vee back from the early days when she sold blondie bars at Sunflower to when she expanded and started a whole world of delicious gluten-free vegan desserts that she sold all over the natural restaurants in Nashville. Now there's a dedicated vegan gluten-free bakery in Sylvan Park. Those are words I never thought I'd write back in the early 2000s! 

Vegan Vee's vegan and gluten-free baked goods

I swing more towards fruity desserts than chocolate laced, so my all-time favorites at Vegan Vee are her lemon muffins that are light, fluffy, sweet and tart, and covered with lemon glaze. Sometimes they are  lemon blueberry or raspberry and for me, it's all deadly. 

My husband leans more chocolatey, and he loves her Samoa muffins, yo yos (think Oreos), milanos, and coconut donuts. 

The other side of Vegan Vee's bakery case, with vegan donuts

Check out Vegan Vee here: http://www.veganvee.com/

Grins Vegetarian Cafe

Grins is actually located on Vanderbilt's campus, but anyone can eat there. Their menu changes daily, but usually has many vegan options and the prices are college cheap. You have to find them during the school year.

Menu: http://www.bongojava.com/grins/

Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

One might not naturally think of Indian as an option for a Nashville vegan restaurant, but it's a great option. This is a great Indian restaurant, one of my favorites in Nashville. On the weekend they have a yummy, inexpensive buffet lunch with many chapati, salad, soup, desserts, and several main entrees.

During the week, we like to share one of the special dishes that has an assortment of different entrees and comes with a soup and drink. You do have to ask what is made with ghee, the clarified butter, and also if any cream or milk has been added to the dishes. They are very helpful with finding vegan options.

Recently they updated their menu to better list the vegan options. Here's their online menu: http://www.woodlandstennessee.com/

Vegan Food at Non-Vegan
Nashville Restaurants

African Food

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

One of my favorite places in Nashville is this Ethiopian place tucked away on Thompson Lane near Nolensville Pike. Their food is all cooked in oil, and in many African countries dairy products are avoided altogether, so it's rare to find something that would be vegetarian instead of completely vegan in their cuisine.

They have a few appetizers, but we go straight for the vegetarian combination. It comes with 5 or 6 types of food, usually 3 are bean dishes and the remaining ones are vegetables. We've always had green beans and carrots with ginger and a cooked cabbage dish, but once we had a beets and potatoes vegetable dish. As for the beans, they're all good. They have a yellow lentil puree, a regular lentil puree called Miser W'et that's kind of spicy, and our favorite is the chickpea puree called Shiro W'et. It is outstanding!

You eat everything with your hands and grab bites of food with a delicious buckwheat bread called Injera. It's made much like a crepe, but without the eggs. I've read that certain Ethiopian restaurants take pride in their buckwheat flour being authentic.

They also make their own blend of spicy iced tea. I prefer the unsweetened version, but they do make a little Southern-style sweet tea that will make your tongue click on the roof of your mouth.

Gojo's menu: http://gojoethio.com/menu.html

American Food

Bongo Java

Bongo Java is part of a family of restaurants including Grins Vegetarian, and Fido. It is actually a coffee house, but it serves some yummy dishes that many students in the area munch on while studying. There are picnic tables outside and little nooks inside with tables and chairs. Another cool thing about Bongo Java is that they have a theater upstairs where you can hear live music.

They serve all day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but most of their breakfast items are made with eggs. They do have a side option for veggie sausage, ham, or turkey, but you would need to ask if the fake meat has eggs in it. You could always go with a standard bagel as well, just watch out for sweetened bagels which sometimes have eggs, butter, and/or milk.

For lunch and dinner, there is a black bean chili and a salad option, as well as a few hummus dishes and a black bean quesadilla that can be made without cheese and sour cream. They also have a black bean burger served on a multi-grain bun.

Here is their menu: http://www.bongojava.com/images/rev1breakLUNCH.pdf

Bongo Java also has an East Nashville location with many of the same food options as the Belmont location, making it another top option as a Nashville vegan restaurant.

This is their menu: http://bongojava.com/images/BJRC_LUNCH_MENU.pdf

California Pizza Kitchen

This may seem like an unlikely selection to see on this page, but CPK does actually have a few vegan options, and they are really tasty.

We tried their asparagus soup, which is creamy without cream, as an appetizer since I wasn't in the mood for their other vegan option; hummus.

Their grilled vegetable salad is awesome; it's made with asparagus, green beans, corn, onions, and avocado, and tossed with a vinaigrette. We also had a mushrooms pizza, which was tasty, but we would love it with a whole wheat crust. Their crust options are either the standard white or a honey-wheat crust.

Here is California Pizza Kitchen's vegetarian menu: http://www.cpk.com/menu/pdfs/vegetarian-gluten.pdf

Cori's Doghouse

This is a gourmet hot dog restaurant in midtown that will let you substitute Lightlife vegan hot dogs for any of their dogs. You can also create your own with different toppings. Make sure to ask about veganizing their bun because I think most of the time it's grilled with butter. 

Here's their menu: corisdoghouse.com


Fido is the brother to Bongo Java and has much of the same coffee house cool atmosphere. It's located in Hillsboro Village.

Their breakfast items have more vegetarian and vegan options than at Bongo Java. For instance, several of them either have tofu scramble instead of eggs or fake meat replacing the usual meat (again, check for eggs in them.) They also have the bagels and sandwiches, one with hummus, another with peanut butter and banana.

For lunch, they serve a mean black bean burger (request it without mayo), and a grilled portobello and eggplant sandwich (request it without cheese.) For side dishes, they have hummus, fries, corncakes, and yummy sweet potato fries. A few of their salads can also be made without cheese for a vegan meal.

Here is Fido's dinner menu: http://www.bongojava.com/FIDOdinner.pdf


Flyte is my husband's favorite restaurant, and while it's not a pure Nashville vegan restaurant, they always have a few options for us, or are open to creating something unique. It's chic and upscale, but has a friendly atmosphere where the owners are sometimes out in the main room and remember their frequent visitors. 

Flyte's beet salad with beet powder

Their menu varies with the seasons, and so do their options for vegans. Personally I think their 2015 chef, Mike Moranski, is the best they've had since the beginning. The last time we were there they'd even created two vegan dessert options for us, rather than just offering sorbet.

A salad designed for the chef for us vegans

They also have a few salads and soups that are made without cream and are delicious. 

An assortment of delicious vegan vegetables at Flyte

On the main menu, there is always one vegetarian dish that can be made vegan, and they are very open to satisfying the customer by making what you need.

Here is Flyte's menu: http://www.flytenashville.com/menus/dinner/

Phat Bites

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives recently featured Phat Bites, and though I haven't been myself, it looks like a good place to pick up a hummus style sandwich close to the airport.

Phat Bite's menu: http://www.phatbites.com/index.html#menus

Pinewood Social

This is a fun place with coffee, a bar, a bowling alley, and a restaurant with schmancy drinks and really good food. Their fried broccoli with almond dipping sauce is a standout. Other options for us are hummus and the side dish of broccolini and spicy peanuts.

Their menu: www.pinewoodsocial.com

Pub 5

This is another American food restaurant with options like a hummus of the day, quinoa tabbouleh (ask for no feta), tempeh tacos, an Asian tempeh sandwich, and a hummus wrap. 

Here's their menu: http://www.pub5.com/images/Pub5-Dinner-11-19-14.pdf


Sloco is a sandwich shop which is owned and run by Jeremy Barlow, the former owner of Tayst. Sloco is in 12th South restaurant and they stick to local, seasonal produce in their sandwiches.

There are three vegan options on the menu, and some of the other sandwiches can be made vegetarian as well. It's a cute shop with tasty vegan sandwiches like a meatball sub, a sliced seitan, and a grilled veggie, and it's definitely worth a visit. They even have bike delivery if you work or live close by.

Sloco's menu: https://slocolocal.com/

Sunset Grill

This is a great upscale restaurant with a nice outdoor patio, and where supposedly you can spot celebrities. I haven't seen one there personally, but that's the word on the street.

They have a tasty hummus starter that can be brought out without feta cheese, and a few salads that can be adapted to be vegan. For entrees, they have three dishes that I zeroed in on: an Asian stirfry, a Mediterranean pasta, and a veggie pasta called voodoo. The Mediterranean is great and vegan, as is the stirfry. When ordering vegetarian voodoo, ask for a different kind of pasta as the original dish is made with egg noodles.

They also have a few great side dishes like steamed veggies, quinoa pilaf and sweet potato fries. The prices are a little higher here, but still reasonable for vegetarian entrees.

Here is Sunset Grill's menu: http://www.sitemason.com/files/dewmT6/Dinner.pdf


Tayst is the only green certified restaurant in Nashville, and it always offers a few vegan options. They use local ingredients and also stick to humane non-vegan food. The servers are very aware of the vegan diet and will often offer you the choice to have the chef prepare a "vegetarian specialty," which is basically a unique preparation of the best vegetable and legume options they have in the restaurant.

We had a nice anniversary dinner there once that even ended with homemade coconut milk ice cream, which I appreciate. Sometimes vegans can feel left out at dessert time, and it's nice to have a little "vanilla ice cream" just like everyone else.

Update: Tayst closed in 2012

Tin Angel

Tin Angel is a cute little restaurant on West End Avenue that considers itself one of the original neighborhood restaurants.

They have a Mediterranean salad that comes with shrimp and feta, but you can request it without and it's very tasty. They also have a similar pasta with the same ingredients, and again, you can get it without cheese. They also have another pasta, and at lunch they serve a veggie dish and a quesadilla that can be made without cheese and sour cream.

The prices are a little higher, but still affordable. On a side note, they use filtered water rather than serving bottled water in an effort to reduce plastic waste!

Here is Tin Angel's menu: http://www.tinangel.net/PDF/menudinner.pdf

Asian Food

Thai Phooket

The first thing I ever heard about this restaurant were rave reviews. I heard the food was amazing and possibly the best Thai in Nashville. The person telling me hadn't been to Smiling Elephant, but they still told me I had to get to Thai Phooket.

A few things about the place intrigued me. One, of course, was the cute name. And the second draw was that their entire restaurant is in a trailer parked right across from Titans Stadium. We hightailed to dinner, but we were... disappointed.

We ordered their signature Thai iced tea, and it was so sweet it was literally undrinkable. Granted, I never drink sweet tea, so I'm not the best judge. My husband loves sweet things though, and he couldn't finish it.

We had their spring rolls, and they were boring; not many vegetables inside and a nothing-special dipping sauce.

We tried two kinds of vegetable stir fry dishes, both of which came with rice, and both of which were just okay.

Maybe it was just an off night for Thai Phooket, but I don't have much interest in trying it again. It's a bummer because they have the potential to be a good option in the Nashville vegan restaurants department; just check out the menu:

Thai Phooket's menu: http://www.thaiphooket.com/#!menu/vstc1=dinner

Jasmine Restaurant

Jasmine is another great Thai restaurant in Brentwood, right off I-65. Their restaurant is located in a strip mall, but has a nice fresh ambience.

We found they are very willing to help accommodate both vegetarians and vegans, and all you need to do is specify up front how you want the dishes prepared, and specifically remember to ask for no eggs, fish sauce, shrimp paste, or dairy products.

They have a nice fried vegetable spring roll and a fried tofu appetizer. For entrees, there are two sections that contain options for vegans; noodles and entrees. In both sections, you can choose vegetables or tofu, or a combo of both. They have some nice sauces such as a ginger, cashew nuts, and peanut sauce to choose from, as well as a stir fried veggies dish and spicy eggplant.

This definitely deserves to make the list of Nashville vegan restaurants.

The Smiling Elephant

My favorite Thai restaurant with vegan options is The Smiling Elephant. It's in a small building off 8th avenue south, across the street from Fiddle Cakes. The tables are very close together, but service is fast and friendly, and they are make every dish to order, so you can specify to your heart's desire.

To start, we love the fresh rolls appetizer. They have great vegetables and a small pickled thing on top, and the dipping sauce is delicious. Their coconut milk-based soup and lemongrass soups are both refreshing and light.

They bill themselves as the best pad thai in Nashville, and that may be true. We get ours without egg or shrimp paste and it's still tasty. There are also several other entree noodle dishes that can be made without animal ingredients; all you have to do is ask.

Here is The Smiling Elephant's menu: http://thesmilingelephant.com/menu.php

Caribbean Food

Calyspo Cafe

This is a great, quick, cheap place to grab some vegan Caribbean food, with several locations around Nashville. Their vegan options are marked with a red V check mark. I usually opt for their beans and three side items, all for around $6. Pretty stellar deal. I love their spiced sweet potatoes with coconut flakes on top, and their callaloo is nice and vinegary. Add cuban black beans (without sour cream) and St. Lucian rice and you've got a complete vegan meal.

Calypso Cafe's menu: http://www.calypsocafe.com/menu.htm


We've had some good Jamaican food at Jamaicaway in the Nashville Farmers' Market off Rosa Parks Avenue near the Bicentennial Mall. The food is served cafeteria style, so you just need to ask which options are vegan that day and they'll direct you to your options.

Jamaicaway's menu: http://www.jamaicawaycatering.com/restaurantmenu.html

Mediterranean Food

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

This restaurant is tucked into a strip mall on White Bridge Road in West Nashville, but it's worth the trip. They have a section for vegetarian that are almost all vegan or can be made vegan. They also have the standard Mediterranean dishes like hummus, grape leaves, and falafel, and a standout called ezme, a red pepper puree.

Here's their menu: www.anatolia-restaurant.com

Bella Napoli Pizza

My favorite pizza in Nashville is the marinara at Bella Napoli. It's made in a wood oven by genuine Italians and tastes as close to real Neapolitan pizza as I believe you get in the middle of the United States. 

Bella Napoli's marinara pizza with no anchovies

The dough is just the right chewy and crunchy texture, and I love their marinara sauce and simple garlic, olives, basil on top. Just make sure to specify that you don't want anchovies.  

Bella Napoli Nashville's vegetarian pizza without cheese

You can also ask for the vegetarian pizza without mozzarella. We usually add marinara sauce to it, but you can see from above that it's good in this almost focaccia style as well. 

Bella Napoli's menu: http://bellanapolipizzeria.com/menu/


This is a great, inexpensive Mediterranean restaurant with a few locations around Nashville. We've never had a problem requesting no feta on any of their salads, or substituting tahini sauce for tzatziki sauce. I like the falafel pocket, their creamy hummus, and their grape leaves.

Here's their Brentwood menu: http://brentwoodkalamatas.com/menu/

Mexican Food

Las Paletas

When you're in 12 South, check out Las Paletas across from Sevier Park for a cold treat. They're a Nashville institution and have been featured on The Food Network. Their fruit popsicles are vegan and made with real fruit.

Las Paletas' menu: http://laspaletasnashville.com/

Taco Mamacita

I applaud Taco Mamacita for having a completely separate vegan menu, and each time I've gone, I've been so excited to be able to order straight off a menu without substitutions. I am hugely disappointed to have to report that we've yet to be even a little impressed by the actual taste of the food.

I really wish I could give it a good review, but the salads I've had were made with iceberg lettuce and the rest of the ingredients were flavorless.

We tried enchiladas, tacos, and tortilla soup, and each time come out feeling the same way: disappointed.

They do have amazing margaritas though. Love the Elvez.

If you go, ask the host for a vegan menu and good luck with a better experience than we've had.

East Nashville Vegan Restaurants

East Nashville is a little mecca for vegans, with Wild Cow and Khan's Desserts as the centerpieces, but studded with many amazing options.

Stay around Five Points for funs bars, The Turnip Truck, I Dream of Weenie hot dogs, Pied Piper sorbets, Five Points Pizza, Rumours East, Tree House, Fat Bottom Brewery, Mad Donna's, Calypso Cafe, Barista Parlor, Far East Vietnamese fusion, Bella Bakery's whole wheat desem bread, High Garden tea, Local Taco, and Lynne Lorraine's juice.

Venture over to the Walden's complex on Eastland for Wild Cow, Silly Goose, Rosepepper Cantina, Two Ten Jack, Eastland Cafe, and slighter down the road to Khan's Desserts.

In between the two is Italia Pizza, Lockeland Table, The Post, and Olive & Sinclair Chocolate.

If you jump across Gallatin you can visit Mas Tacos and have an old-fashioned soda at The Pharmacy (note: both vegetarian burgers at The Pharmacy have eggs in them; a fact that not all their servers are aware of. Boo!)

Five Points Vegan Options

Barista Parlor

If you're looking to impress anyone with a really cool coffee shop, check out Barista Parlor on Gallatin just north of Five Points. They really don't have much in the way of vegan food, but you can get a cold brewed coffee and really nice chocolate bar and enjoy the exquisite decor in an old garage and look for famous musicians. Barista Parlor has a second location in The Gulch.

Their website: http://shop.baristaparlor.com/pages/experience

Bella Bakery 

Bella makes their bread in house with natural yeast, and it's awesome to have a dedicated bread bakery in the neighborhood, at the Shoppes of Fatherland. Their whole wheat desem is an awesome loaf, though do expect to pay more for the homemade-ness and natural ingredients, with the desem coming in around $7 a loaf.

Bella's website: http://www.bellanashville.com/#!

Fat Bottom Brewery

Fat Bottom is in the old Fluffo building on Main Street and is a fun place to see how beer is produced and grab a flight of beers to sample. 

Fat Bottom Brewery's hummus plate

I like to sit in their courtyard with a pint and their hummus sampler and enjoy their ginger wheat ale. 

Here's their website: http://www.fatbottombrewing.com/

Far East

This is a nice Vietnamese restaurant in the Shoppes of Fatherland with good vegetarian options. We like the fresh rolls either with tofu or just vegetables, and the vegetarian stir fry or vegetarian pho. 

Far East's menu: http://www.fareastnashville.com/menu.html

Five Points Pizza

What I love most about Five Points Pizza is the toppings. You can add daiya cheese (for $3 a pizza) and their vegetables and olives are high quality. I like their crust, but it's more of the doughy, thick crust style, than the thinner, chewier style that I tend to prefer on pizza. They also serve local beer and wine. 

Here's their pizza menu: http://www.fivepointspizza.com/

I Dream of Weenie

This is a cute little hot dog stand operated out of an old VW parked across from Pied Piper. They serve a vegan hot dog that can be substituted into many of their hot dog creations.

Check them out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IDreamofWeenie

Local Taco

At the Shoppes of Fatherland, you can find a great restaurant atmosphere at Local Taco. It's not my super favorite food, and the portions are very small. Our server was able to find out from the chef what could be made to accommodate us and they made a few things work, notably their grilled corn without cheese or butter. 

But, as a big note, if you get a margarita, be sure to specify that you don't want egg white in it. For some silly reason they add it to the drink to make it look pretty and there's no note of it anywhere. 

Local Taco's menu: http://thelocaltaco.com/menu/pdf/east_nashville/dinner.pdf

Mad Donna's 

This is a super popular brunch location on the weekends, likely because of their fun covered patio and bloody Mary bar. They have a black bean burger that is vegan and tasty french fries. 

Their website: http://www.maddonnas.com/

Margot Cafe and Bar 

Margot is a cute little upscale French and Italian restaurant right at the corner of Five Points in East Nashville. While they are not vegetarian, they have one vegetarian dish available on the menu, which changes seasonally. They also have a few starter items that can be made vegan; such as the herb infused olive oil (made without cheese) and the housemade potato chips (served without aioli.)

Here is Margot's menu: http://www.margotcafe.com/pages/chef_and_menu.html

Pied Piper Creamery

They make new flavors nearly daily, and usually have a sorbet option and sometimes a nice chocolate coconut vegan ice cream. Do make sure to ask that the sorbet has no milk in it because recently we almost ordered one on the assumption that it was clearly vegan but it had "a little bit of milk." Huh?  One of my favorites is the red, white, and blue sorbet they debut in July because it takes me straight back to the bomb pops of my childhood. 

Find them online: http://thepiedpipercreamery.com/

Rumours East

This is a great upscale restaurant in an old Victorian house with seating on a front porch, inside the house, on the back patio, and even in the back yard. They have an ever-evolving menu, and as with most fancy restaurants nowadays, they can alter or create a vegan option for you and it will taste good. And they have fancy cocktails and wine as well. 

Their daily menu: http://menu.rumourseast.com/

Sky Blue Cafe

This restaurant is in the Edgefield area of East Nashville, close to East Park. They're open for just breakfast and lunch and have a few outdoor tables, and typically a nice size line for seating. They have homemade vegan chili, and tofu scramble.

Their menu: http://www.skybluecoffee.com


This cute restaurant is tucked into Five Points right near Wags and Whiskers, a great little pet store. They have an actual treehouse built above the outdoor patio that you can reserve for slightly larger parties. We had some absolutely incredible glazed Brussels sprouts there that I've been trying to recreate ever since. They tend to have 1-2 vegan options on their menu, and because it's small plates I recommend it as a late-night or early evening cocktails and appetizers spot. 

Treehouse's website: http://treehousenashville.com

Walden Complex Nashville Vegan Restaurants

Eastland Cafe

Across the street from Rosepepper is this upscale cafe that serves again offers a few options for those of us who eat plant food. At the risk of sounding slightly indulgent, let me again say that I enjoy their happy hour cocktails. They have a fruity cocktail that tastes like a little slice of sunset in a glass. At our most recent visit, the server told us the chef can prepare something for vegans with a little head's up, and we also had a tasty hummus platter and another vegetable dish.

Eastland's menu: http://www.eastlandcafe.com/files/Menu.pdf

Rosepepper Cantina

This is a fun Mexican restaurant with ultra-fast service and a family-friendly atmosphere. We love to sit on their enclosed patio with a super strong house margarita and three flavors of salsa and chips. 

Rosepepper Cantina's vegan burrito

The two items we get most often are the huge vegan burrito with steamed vegetable, black beans, rice, and tomatillo sauce...

Veggie fajitas at Rosepepper in East Nashville

 ....and the fajitas made with vegetables that come with vegetarian refried beans and rice. Just specify that you don't want cotija cheese on your beans.  

Here is Rosepepper's menu: http://rosepepper.com/

Silly Goose

Update: Silly Goose is closed 

In the same strip as Wild Cow and Two Ten Jack is this cute and chic little restaurant and wine bar. 

Silly Goose's Jo CD sandwich made vegan

They have several truly stellar sandwiches that can easily be veganized, like the Jo C.D. and the Frisby. Just make sure to ask about the bread and the dressings (in addition to cheese, of course.) 

Silly Goose's frisby sandwich
Silly Goose in East Nashville has amazing couscous

They might be most famous for their herbed couscous, which is divine. Also, their simple but delicious salads are worth a try as well. 

Silly Goose's menu: http://sillygoosenashville.com/menu/

Updated: Silly Goose closed in August 2015

Two Ten Jack

Two Ten Jack is a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant, which is pub style, small plated, food. It's a fun atmosphere with a big outdoor patio open during nice weather and swanky indoor seating. They have fun Japanese cocktails and a few vegan options. Every server we've ever had has gone to check to verify what we can eat from their menu, and it's all been insanely good, though on the expensive side. 

Their menu: http://twotenjack.com/nashville/

Vegan in the Heart of East Nashville

Italia Pizza

My favorite pizza in East Nashville is from Italia, specifically because of their daiya cheese, nice crust, and the fact that they deliver. They also do a whole wheat crust that's vegan. 

Italia's website: http://www.italiapizza37206.com/

Lockeland Table

Lockeland Table is a farm-to-table restaurant at the corner of 16th, right down Woodland from Five Points. I love to sit on their patio during their community (happy) hour in the early evening and drink a lavender lemon drop while munching on delicious roasted vegetables and a local, seasonal, chef-inspired creation. 


Olive & Sinclair

One of Nashville's most famous creations is Olive & Sinclair chocolate. It's always featured in articles and TV shows on the city because the beans are roasted in house and you can take tours of the chocolate production. A few of their chocolate bars are vegan, with my favorites being the Mexican Chocolate and Cacao Nibs. 

Check them out online: http://www.oliveandsinclair.com/

The Post

My favorite little neighborhood East Nashville coffee shop for working on my site is The Post. The servers, owner, and patrons are friendly and I like their music and atmosphere, and their coffee and juices are really good. Recently they've added more vegan options in their refrigerated take away section, and they've always had a few vegan (and often gluten-free) desserts in the bakery window. On Sundays they have a jazz brunch with vegan pancakes, waffles, and tempeh tacos. 

The Post's website: http://thepostnashville.com/

Restaurants with Veggie Burgers

You will need to check with your waiter to see if they are vegan, but a few places do have a good veggie burger:

  • Blackstone
  • Boscos
  • Bricktop’s
  • J.Alexander’s
  • Burger Up

Nashville vegan restaurant options are not hard to find, although there are not many. Another thing you can do is look for places with great appetizers or side dishes and order several of those. Just make sure to ask if the items were cooked in butter, made with eggs, milk, or cheese, or have a stock made from animals. It sounds like a lot to ask, but once you get comfortable with the process, it's no big deal. Then you can make your own Nashville vegan restaurant!

I hope you enjoyed this Nashville vegan restaurant guide! If you find any other options for Nashville vegan restaurants, please contact me and I can add it to the page.

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