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*Thanksgiving Thoughts: Enjoying Thanksgiving as a Vegan
*New Vegan Store: Vegan Essentials
*Questions: Can Older People Go Vegan?
*Questions: "Is All Soy Bad For Me?"
*Ebook: Black Friday Deals on Vegan Nutritionista Ebooks

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Enjoying Thanksgiving As A Vegan


Vegans go into Thanksgiving in different states of mind.

Some are joining other like-minded friends for a buffet of plant foods, while others are bringing their own dishes to a more meaty party. Some people are anxious about trying their first holiday without the classic poultry entree, and others are squeamish about seeing a dead bird with over-sized breasts as the centerpiece.

Wherever you are on the path-- veteran or newbie, apathetic, cynical, or sad, alone or among other vegans-- just remember what Thanksgiving is supposed to mean.

It's not about the food. It has become about the food, but it didn't begin that way. In the beginning, the food was just a way to enjoy the day properly.

It's supposed to be a time to share and be grateful for all that we are lucky enough to have. It should be a celebration of our independence and freedom from rulers.

I try to remember all those out there who aren't able to have a full meal that day, or most days. I feel happy that I can spend the day in the kitchen with my sister putting together roasted vegetables, lentil soups, pumpkin cheezecakes, and baking our Tofurkey.

While I find it hard to stop worrying and feeling sad for the birds being sacrificed across the country on this one day, I try to take a day off from discussing it with the other half of my family who will be at the table. Instead, I enjoy their company. Really, Thanksgiving never should have evolved to the slaughter-fest it is now; it really should always have been more about the company.

With the right intention and spirit set for the day, you can make it a joyous occasion no matter what the setting. And what can't hurt is preparing a few delicious dishes for yourself and others. Afterall, even if you don't want to discuss veganism that day, you can still "wow" people with your food!

We have a collection of vegan Thanksgiving recipes going on the site that you are welcome to use and enjoy. We would love to add more. In the spirit of giving and sharing for the holidays, please do add your favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes and stories here.

Check out these few must-haves for a super fun vegan Thanksgiving:

  • A grateful attitude
  • Friends and/or family
  • Dandies vegan marshmallows. There's nothing like these marshmallows on the market right now. They brown and melt just like real marshmallows, and they are light and fluffy just like childhood memories.
  • Humility and the ability to let turkey comments roll off your shoulders
  • Patience and the ability to talk about turkey abuse on factory farms at a later date
  • When I saw this Turkey Cake Pan on Martha Stewart's show, I couldn't think of anything funnier than a turkey shaped seitan roast! Hilarious!
  • A Bundt Pumpkin Pan helps make a full size cake or bread pumpkin
  • These Mini Pumpkin Muffin Pan would be perfect for tiny pumpkin cakes or even as ice cubes for dinner.

Enjoy the holiday!


Vegan Essentials

Vegan Essentials

Vegan Essentials is one of my very favorite places to shop for vegan supplies and goodies.

They have everything from clothes and shoes to vegan chocolate and vegan cheese, and their prices are the best around. Often you can find things at Vegan Essentials that aren't in your local grocery or health food store.

I have just signed up as an affiliate for them, so anytime someone buys something from Vegan Essentials after using a link from our site, I make a small commission on it. But, I do promise that I would never recommend something that I don't use and love myself.

So if you see a link to Vegan Essentials for something you like, you can support their company and the running of Vegan Nutritionista as well.


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Vegan Chemical-Free Gas Remedies
The one negative drawback to eating a vegan diet is that you often eat more fiber than the typical person. Doesn't sound negative, right? Well, it can be for your digestive system. Never fear though... I have researched and found several amazing, natural, chemical-free gas remedies.

Take A Fruit Bouquet Workshop
Fruit Bouquets are a creative way to show someone you care, without having to cut flowers or buy chocolates. Take this workshop to learn how to make your own fruit baskets, including pineapple daisies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and grape tulips.

Learn All About Nut Cheeses
Vegan cheeses are abundant in grocery stores across the world, but most of them are still lacking something. Tree nut cheeses are the fabulous and new (somewhat) addition to the vegan world, and their flavor is unparalleled.


"Can I Go Vegan At Age ___?"


I've had several people ask recently about going vegan at different stages of life, so I would like to feature those questions and my responses this week.

Question: I'm 69 years old, and want to eat vegan. I have a real sensitivity to soy. I have found almond milk at my grocery store, but what about yogurt, etc. Will I just have to do without? Is soy yogurt less of a problem? I have been vegetarian in the past, so I'm not totally in the weeds here. This is a great site. Thanks for being here. ~Barbara


Hi Barbara,

You can absolutely go vegan at any age. In fact, doing so later in life is great because it could help you combat or prevent many diseases that typically come with age.

If you have a sensitivity to soy, I would just stay away from it right now. It's actually easier than it seems, you just have to be vigilant in checking packaging. The funny thing is that most meat-eaters eat a ton of soy as well since there is so much in prepared and packaged foods nowadays. If you are a healthy eater and can cook for yourself, you will have no problem.

For milk substitutes, I love almond milk. In our household, we just completely substituted almond for cow's milk. When you start out, beware that it will be a different color and a different flavor than cow's milk. If you keep that in mind, you won't surprise yourself. Soon, you get so used to that new flavor that you can't remember or imagine the taste of cow's milk. You can also try other milks.

If you love yogurt, there are other non-soy vegan yogurts available at whole foods right now. The most common one is coconut milk yogurt, but there is also rice milk yogurt as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Most of this site is dedicated to going vegan, so hopefully you can scan through here to find answers. You could also check the FAQs page where people have asked and had answered many questions.

Here's another person asking about going vegan when past age 60.


"Is All Soy Bad?"



I am experimenting with more plant based foods, but I am concerned because I have heard so many terrible things about soy. I am not really sure what to think about it, because I LOVE tofu, but there is all this research being put out on the internet that says its terrible for our bodies. My family goes to a naturopathic doctor who said to never eat soy if we can help it. Help! ~Michelle, Seattle, WA


It's great to hear from you. You have a great question, many people wonder about the same thing. In fact, we have a pretty lively little debate going on here (at the bottom of the page) about whether soy is good for you or not.

To start, I want to let you know that being a vegan does not necessarily mean you need to eat a lot of soy. In the past, there were quite a few soy-dominated vegan foods on the market, but now you have tons of options. In addition to soymilk, there is now almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and more all readily available at grocery stores.

There are veggie burgers made without soy, and plenty of other fake meats. And, if you want to go more macrobiotic, there are tons of other beans you can eat besides soy. So, that shouldn't deter you at all from going vegan.

What I think has happened is that within the past 20 years or so, big corporations have figured out that they can manipulate soy to suit their needs, and because of that, it's grown out of control. Soy has been used for thousands of years in Asian cultures without any concern of it hurting their health. However, that soy is very different from what now takes over our food supply...

To read the rest of our response about genetically modified soybeans.


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