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*Greetings: Veganism is Increasingly Popular
*Featured Product: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar
*Ebooks: Vegan Nutritionista Ebook Packages
*Question: "Is is healthy to go vegan right away?"
*Recipe of the Month: P.F. Chang's Tofu Lettuce Wraps
*My Most Recent Project: Cute New Vegan Tee Shirts
*Hidden Pages: Pages Made Only For You
*What's New?: What's New on Vegan Nutritionista?

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Veganism is Increasingly Popular

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It seems like forever since I last wrote to you, but it's only been a month. I guess the holiday season is just like that.

Is it me or does veganism get more popular every minute? What before people ridiculed or questioned, now people understand.

I read in the Montreal Gazette that the U.S. Department of Agriculture expects the percentage of animals killed for food to drop by 6% from 2008. The author of that article also acknowledged that several vegan books made the bestseller list in 2009, including Eating Animals, by Jonathan Foer. Foer's book has raised a stir around the world because he takes a more neutral, almost investigative, stance to eating animals.

Another top seller was Food Inc., which came out secondarily as a book, as a guide to the movie Food, Inc. As with most documentaries about the food industry, I found it especially disturbing, and the book was thick with details and information. The authors did a massive amount of investigating and left out any details that weren't 100% verifiable, so you can rest easy knowing that absolutely everything is true.

In 2009 it also seemed like tons of amazing new cookbooks came on the scene. I have some reviews here.

I just can't wait to see how our vegan world evolves over the next 12 months. Just on our Vegan Bytes newsletter alone, we've had a 607% increase in subscribers over the 2009 January subscriber list. So exciting! Hopefully this year was a great indication of the thawing of people toward their old eating habits and lifestyles.


Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

Vegan Cookies Book

Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero had so much success with Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World that they couldn't resist following it up with a vegan cookie book. Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar is just as cute and fun, and with really tasty cookies. There's no reason these cookies wouldn't satisfy even the most discriminating dairy-lover.

Just like the cupcake book, there are tips and hints at the beginning of the book and tons of gorgeous pictures of the goodies. I just have to tell you about a few favorites of mine from this fabulous cookbook.

Over our Thanksgiving break with family, my sister and I made the black and white NYC style cookies for family and they were loved by all. They're fluffy and just-sweet-enough, with a yummy hint of citrus. Isa and Terry recommend eating them the same day, and we just about did-- the rest were snuck in for breakfast the next day.

A few weeks later, I cooked up a batch of gingerbread cookies and sugar cutouts for my fiance's office. The gingerbread were heralded as "the best gingerbread cookies ever" and the sugar cookies were "so delicious."

A few notes about both recipes... I was worried about the gingerbread because they came out very soft and all my snowmen shapes lost heads and arms. I might not have cooked them long enough. The flavor developed over time and these cookies were more amazing the day after I baked them. The sugar cookies had the really flaky dough reminiscent of old-school egg-filled butter cookies, so I created a method of pounding the rolling pin rather than actually rolling it. That worked. Both were delicious.

I made the fig bars a few days ago and those haven't made it out of the house. They are wickedly good and are being hoarded. I made them in an 8"x8" pan like the recipe requires, but I think next time I'm going to try to flatten them and really mimic Fig Newtons. We'll see how that works out.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I do love everything that Isa comes up with, but this is a special book. I'm now just waiting a reasonable amount of time before diving into a few more recipes.

Oh and p.s. If you've just subscribed to Vegan Bytes within the last year, you might have missed the interview I got to do with Isa Chandra Moskowitz last year. Check it out to learn more about her.

Join In The Book Discussion

I personally almost never buy something without reading several reviews of it (which makes it annoying to shop with me, but is good for you readers), and that goes for everything from a vacation to a cookbook. I thrive on the reviews of other readers and I'd love to know what you like best. If you've read an amazing new vegan book or cookbook recently, we'd love to hear what you think of it. Post a review of your favorite new vegan book here.


Vegan Nutritionista Ebooks

Vegan Meal Plans

Small VMP

Vegan Meal Plans is a complete meal plan for one month vegan weekday dinners. It includes recipes, pictures, nutritional information, grocery lists, and tips and techniques. Everyone from those beginning a vegan diet to those veterans who want fresh menu ideas love this ebook. It focuses on fresh, local, and seasonal vegetables and uses all normal ingredients-- no fussy or gourmet skills needed. Download a copy for only $9.75 here.

Vegan Grocery List

This massive, complete vegan grocery list is the only one you'll ever need. Print out copies of it to hang on your fridge, and then mark what you need as you go throughout the week. Download a copy for only 99¢.

A Fresh New Vegan You


A Fresh New Vegan You is a complete look at why people go vegan, including information about factory farms, the environment, and the health benefits. It provides details on how to go vegan, and offers basic vegan nutritional advice, as well as information on vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children. This ebook combines all my vegan research into one easy, convenient location. Download a copy for only $27 here.

Package deal:

Get A Fresh New Vegan You and Vegan Meal Plans with a free copy of the massive Vegan Grocery List for nly $33. Save 10%! Download this package here.


"How Do I Transition to Veganism Quickly?"


Question: I was walking in downtown Chicago with a few friends when I saw a group of people handing out what seemed to be just some random paper. I wasn't going to take it but the person who offered it to me looked very sincere. So I took it and just stuck it my pocket.

Two days later I was clearing my coat and I found a pamphlet with information on farm animal cruelty and where my "food" came from: (I can say that it brought tears to my eyes. This was last Tuesday and I've been thinking over and over about it and am determined that I want nothing to do with meat or animal based products.

I wanted to know though, how fast should I make the change. I read how you did it progressively but I just don't feel confortable consuming anything as such. I've been surviving on veggies and fruits for this past week but I wanted to see if it was healthy to just cut off all of it right away or should I take things a bit more slowly?

I would really apreciate your response... thank you for your website; it was been very helpful so far:)

~Katherine, Chicago, IL


I'm so glad to hear that you read through the handout, and I'm not at all surprised to hear that it brought you to tears. I still have trouble reading about the explicit abuse to animals from factory farms.

To answer your question, you can go vegan as quickly as you want. Many people are just like you; they get their hands on the information and simply refuse to eat animal products anymore. And, you can definitely do it healthily. You will probably see right away that your body feels great without animal products. Many people say they feel incredibly energetic and light.

If you are going to stop eating all non-vegan food right now, make sure to look over the vegan food pyramid to ensure you are eating the proper foods. Many people go vegan, but replace all their old food with vegan junk food and meat replacements, and I don't recommend that diet. Those people are typically the ones who later say, "I just didn't feel good on a vegan diet, so I went back to eating meat."

I recommend that you eat a good variety of fruits and vegetables (aim for eating ever color of the rainbow, every day, and eat plenty of dark, leafy greens), whole grains, beans, and nuts as a snack. If you feel nostalgic for some of the old animal products you used to love, you can check out our pages on vegan foods for recommendations on the best tasting products.

I hope that helps! Congratulations! I firmly believe that it's incredibly hard to learn the truth about our food industry and to simply keep eating the way we all were raised. You just can't turn your back on the information (at least not with pride!)


Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Small rolling pin

This is a recipe submitted by Roger Scott Dotoños & Woz Delgado Dotoños of Hungry, Hungry Veganos, and it's a big hit on our site.

I like that Roger and Woz have taken a recipe from a popular non-vegan restaurant (P.F. Chang's) and turned it into something they can make at home. I often find myself trying to figure out the ingredients and cooking method of food at restaurants, and this recipe will help you if you've ever felt that way at P.F. Chang's.

Read the recipe and see a picture here


Vegan Tee Shirts

My goal with running Vegan Nutritionista is to increase awareness of the compassion involved in deciding to forgo animal products in the pursuit of saving lives, reducing suffering of all living beings, and improving the environmental conditions around us.

I wanted to help people decide to become vegan, transition to a plant-based diet, or simply give veteran vegans more tidbits of information to help them spread the message.

I started Vegan Nutritionista simply with that goal, and as it's evolved, I've realized I can do more than simply writing articles on the website and sending out this newsletter.

If you've been reading this newsletter for awhile, you know I introduced A Fresh New Vegan You as an ebook to help people transition to veganism, Vegan Meal Plans as a guide to a month's worth of vegan meals, and I often recommend products and spread recipes that I love.

This newest project is a super fun one... tee shirts. I personally love the cute little vegan tees on the market, but I saw a hole in the marketplace for shirts with messages about the cute, witty things animals do and feel.

For example, did you know that...

...pigs are more aware of their surroundings than dogs and 3 year-old children?

...pigs love massages and music?

...cows mourn the loss of their friends, and sometimes cry real tears? chicks learn to peep from their mother... while they're still inside the egg?

...and so many more interesting, adorable facts about farm animals.

Rather than focusing on the depressing messages about factory farms, I think positive shirts about animals will bring out the compassion in people around us.

That spurned my latest project! Check out these fun vegan tee shirts...


Secret Vegan Nutritionista Pages

Vegan Bytes Insider Password

The following pages are created just for Vegan Bytes Insiders... they are special hidden pages that only you can see, and it's my way of thanking you for reading each month.

The following pages are password-protected and will require a password from you. This password will change occasionally and you will always find the most current password in the most current Vegan Bytes Newsletter.

p.s. case sensitive

Vegan Chemical-Free Gas Remedies
The one negative drawback to eating a vegan diet is that you often eat more fiber than the typical person. Doesn't sound negative, right? Well, it can be for your digestive system. Never fear though... I have researched and found several amazing, natural, chemical-free gas remedies.

Take A Fruit Bouquet Workshop
Fruit Bouquets are a creative way to show someone you care, without having to cut flowers or buy chocolates. Take this workshop to learn how to make your own fruit baskets, including pineapple daisies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and grape tulips.

Learn All About Nut Cheeses
Vegan cheeses are abundant in grocery stores across the world, but most of them are still lacking something. Tree nut cheeses are the fabulous and new (somewhat) addition to the vegan world, and their flavor is unparalleled.


Whats new

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