Vegan Bytes #38: What's The Most Extreme Diet in the World?

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*Vegan Thoughts: The Most Extreme Diet In The World Will Shock You
*Nutritional Spotlight: Carrots Truly Are Good For Your Eyes... And Other Body Parts
*Question: "Can I feed my dog vegan dog food?"
*Question: "Is SiteBuildIt Worth It?"
*Vegan Ebooks: The Vegan Bread Box is Now Available on iTunes and Amazon for Your Reading Devices
*Recipe of the Month: My Favorite Hummus Recipe, and Awesome Add-ins
*What's New?: What's New With Vegan Nutritionista?

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What's the Most Extreme Diet in the World?


There are hundreds of different diet plans on the market right now, and some people swear by one or another. I am not a huge fan of diets, and much prefer lifestyle changes where you have appropriate expectations and don't feel deprived. If you're reading this newsletter, you've probably read the free weight loss e-book I include as a free gift for signing up, so you know all about my philosophy on weight loss.

What's funny is that last week US News and World Report issued their first ever ranking of diets, and guess which diet scored high? Yup, the vegan diet. Just like we've been saying all along. There were a few others on the list that follow something similar to a vegan diet as well, underscoring the fact that the basic concept works.

I'm torn when I read these results. On one hand, it's what vegans have been promoting for years; a healthy vegan diet based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes will help you lose weight. But, on the other hand, I fear people coming to veganism solely to lose weight. I find those are the people who struggle the most, and who are most likely to quit the "diet" within a few months.

I have heard of plenty of people who learn about veganism for its weight loss potential and then find that they feel amazing eating this way, and they gradually begin to learn more about it, and those people I admire.

But, I digress... We haven't yet talked about the most extreme diet in the world. Do you know what it is? Click here to learn what the extreme diet entails, and who's following the diet.


Nutritional Spotlight: Carrots ARE Good For Your Eyes... And Other Body Parts

Carrots for Newsletter

You probably knew carrots were good for your eyes, but did you know they can also help prevent heart disease, lower your risk for cancers, even in one of the cancers that is notoriously developed through a dangerous activity... can you guess which one?

Click to learn about all the health benefits of carrots and a few of my favorite uses for the vegetable and its juice.


Question: "Can I feed my dog a vegan diet?"



I have been researching a vegan dog food and wonder if you think it is healthy. I am vegan and it bothers me each time I put money toward the purchase of dog food. I posted a comment about turning my dog into a vegan dog on the Youtube site where Earthlings was shown, and surprisingly got the response that it would abuse to my dog to make her be a vegan dog. I do not want to cause harm to my dog's health but am really interested in knowing more about having a vegan diet for my dog.


Are you feeding your dog vegan dog food, or are you wondering if you can switch over? Read to find out about vegan dog food.


Question: Is SiteBuildIt Worth It?"


People always ask me about my "job," and how I could possibly make money writing about what I love and helping people move into veganism. I have a few answers for that question, but I don't often get people asking directly about the tool I use to be able to make my site. Recently I got a question that inspired me.

Stephanie sent me an email asking if my site building company (SBI!, or SiteSell, or SiteBuildIt) was worth it. I went on and on in my response to her, and that's when I knew it was something I should share with all of you.

It wasn't long ago that I was working a regular 9-to-5 and hoping for a way to branch out on my own. I knew that I wanted to share veganism with people, but I had no idea how to do it. And then I read a few reviews about a website company that would allow you to take your passion and develop it into a full on business. If you're passionate about ANYTHING and are searching for a way to spend your working hours working on something you love, I definitely recommend you check out this link.


Have unresolved questions about veganism? Join in the discussion on our site by asking and answering questions, as well as commenting on other answers. It's fun and helpful!


Vegan Nutritionista Downloadable EBooks

The Vegan Bread Box: 30 Simple and Delicious Vegan Bread Recipes

Tiny Bread Cover

This is our most recently created ebook, and it's been overwhelmingly successful. I've found it really difficult to find a vegan bread cookbook on the internet; there are tons of recipes out there, but they're scattered all over different sites and you never know which ones are good. This book has everything from an eggless brioche to a classic whole wheat boule recipe, so you'll never have to go scrounging the internet again. I'm so happy people have gotten so much out of this ebook.

This time I asked for the help of several bread testers, so the recipes are flavor/texture/instruction-tested and approved! Learn more about the bread baking tip that's almost too easy here or download your copy for only $7.95 now.


Very, very soon, hopefully by the time you are reading this newsletter, we will have the option of you buying The Vegan Bread Box at Amazon for your Kindle and on iTunes for your iPad or iPhone, as well as through Barnes and Noble and many of the other online reading resource centers. I am super excited about this option because I get a lot of people asking me about opening these ebooks on those devices, so I think this will open up the options for spreading the word about vegan recipes.

If these links are not quite active, I encourage you to try again in a few days. It evidently takes a bit of time to get books listed and they've been in the queue for awhile, so it's right around the corner. Oh, and bonus! The listings on these readers are on a grand opening sale of $1 off... get yours (or a gift for someone) for just $6.99.

Here are the links:
To buy The Vegan Bread Box on Amazon.
To buy The Vegan Bread Box on iTunes.

Vegan Meal Plans for Spring/Summer

Spring Menus Newsletter
The spring meal plan book is available and is getting great reviews! It focuses on seasonal spring vegetables like kale, lettuce, carrots, peas, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and more! Just like in the original Vegan Nutritionista meal plans, the menus include 66 recipes for full dinners for 4 work weeks complete with nutritional information, tips, and many pictures. No repeats! Get your Vegan Meal Plan for Spring/Summer, now for just $9.75.

Vegan Meal Plans for Fall/Winter

Fall Menus Newsletter

Vegan Meal Plans is a complete meal plan for one month vegan weekday dinners. It includes 64 recipes, pictures, nutritional information, grocery lists, and tips and techniques. Everyone from those beginning a vegan diet to those veterans who want fresh menu ideas love this ebook. It focuses on fresh, local, and seasonal vegetables and uses all normal ingredients-- no fussy or gourmet skills needed. Download a copy for only $9.75 here.

Soak, Rinse, Boil! Your Complete Guide to Cooking Beans and Grains

Tiny Soak Rinse Boil Cover

Soak, Rinse, Boil! is a complete guide to cooking beans and grains. Don't worry about picking up endless cans of beans that need to be rinsed to reduce the sodium. Control all your own additives with fresh, homemade beans and grains. This guide teaches how to soak, how to boil, what spices to add and when, and how to store your finished product. Download a copy for only $4.75 here.

*Note* If you are an owner of A Fresh New Vegan You, you have a very similar guide in your ebook already. This is a printable handbook to store in the kitchen near your dried beans and grains.

Just the Menus Ebook Package Deal

Just the Menus

Just the Menus Ebook Package allows you to have both Vegan Nutritionista meal plans, one for the fall/winter and one for the spring/summer at a discounted rate. Download your copy for only $16.99 here.

Vegan Grocery List

This massive, complete vegan grocery list is the only one you'll ever need. Print out copies of it to hang on your fridge, and then mark what you need as you go throughout the week. Download a copy for only $0.99.

A Fresh New Vegan You

A Fresh New Vegan You is a complete look at why people go vegan, including information about factory farms, the environment, and the health benefits. It provides details on how to go vegan, and offers basic vegan nutritional advice, as well as information on vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children. This ebook combines all my vegan research into one easy, convenient location. Download a copy for only $27 here.

Entire Collection of Ebooks Deal:

Complete Package Order Button

Get The Vegan Bread Box, A Fresh New Vegan You, Vegan Meal Plans and Vegan Meal Plans for Spring with a free copy of the massive Vegan Grocery List for only $49.95. Save 15%! Download this package here.*Note: this does not include Soak, Rinse, Boil! because you get it within A Fresh New Vegan You.


Recipe of the Month: The Best Hummus Recipe


I know that as a vegan or vegetarian you are likely inundated with hummus sandwiches at restaurants, and you probably also have your own favorite recipe at home. But, I just have to share this one with you.

This hummus is based off of Dr. Neal Barnard's hummus in Food for Life, and it's made with no added oils, is incredibly simple, and is easy to bump up a notch with extra flavors.

Here's a link to the basic hummus recipe. What I recommend is to make the basic recipe and then start experimenting with these flavor combinations. Remember the rule that it's always better to start with less and work your way up to more because you can always add more of something, but you can't take it out.

For me, hummus is easiest to make with my Vitamix, but any strong blender or food processor will work well.

My Favorite Hummus Add-ins:

  • Roast the garlic for 5 minutes before adding it to the recipe for a more intense garlic flavor. You can even double the number of cloves it calls for in the basic recipe.
  • In honor of this month's spotlighted vegetable, consider throwing in 1 cup chopped carrots with your basic hummus recipe. Try sprinkling in a few spices that bring out the flavor of carrot hummus like parsley, coriander, and/or ginger.
  • Roasted red pepper hummus is a classic. About 1/2 cup is enough to give the hummus zip, and a great accompanying herb is basil.
  • Speaking of which, try a tomatoes and basil hummus by adding 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes to your basic recipe and throwing in fresh basil leaves until you have a nice summery dip.
  • You can make a green hummus with either spinach, zucchini, or kale. Use 1/2 cup to 1 cup (start with less and work up to the flavor you like) and taste.
  • Cilantro with extra lemon is an awesome flavor combination
  • Jalapeno hummus is a very popular style. Start with 1/4 cup and work your way up to the flavor intensity you like.
  • Kalamata olives match really well with chickpeas as well, so try 1/4 cup pitted olives in your basic recipe.
  • 1 small roasted eggplant is delicious in hummus, especially with a tiny bit more cumin and a sprig of parsley.
  • Other amazing vegetables to add-in include: artichokes, sweet potatoes, chipotle peppers, or bell peppers.
  • You can also make hummus with nuts such as pignoli, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. Add in about 1 cup shelled and roasted nuts to your blender before you add the basic hummus recipe ingredients.


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