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Vegan Bytes #53- Blueberries, Strawberry-Banana Cupcakes and Coconut Milk Ice Cream... Oh My!
August 14, 2012

Vegan Bytes #53: Blueberries, Strawberry-Banana Cupcakes and Coconut Ice Cream... oh my!

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*Nutritional Spotlight: Blueberries Bursting with Flavor and Nutrients
*Vegan Travel: Coconut Glen's Ice Cream in Maui
*Question: "Do I really need to eat organic?"
*Vegan Ebooks Collection: My Favorite Meal Plans and Recipes
*Recipe of the Month: Strawberry-Banana Vegan Cupcakes
*Book of the Month: Eat & Run by Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek
*What's New?: What's New With Vegan Nutritionista?

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Nutritional Spotlight: Blueberries

Blueberries and Strawberries

When I was a little girl, we used to visit Maine every summer during the height of wild blueberry season. One of my favorite memories is pulling over on the side of the road in Acadia National Forest and climbing the embankment to sit on rocks and eat fresh blueberries.

I try to keep that tradition alive today by picking my own blueberries every July or August when they become ripe in the South. Now I pick them off big bushes instead of the short, wild bushes, and the berries are big bulbs instead of the tiny wild ones.

Blueberries are another nutritional powerhouse, which is great news because they taste incredible too. If you have children, it's one of the best fruit snacks you can ever give them, and I can't think of many kids who would fight eating blueberries.

Learn all about the health benefits of blueberries here.


Vegan Travel: Coconut Glen's Fresh Coconut Milk Ice Cream in Maui

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream

I've been to Maui two times, and both times we drove along the famed Highway to Hana to enjoy the ridiculously beautiful views and sample a little bit of the local culture along the way. If you've been on the road, you know it's one of those times when the journey is the destination and that journey recently became a lot better when vegan coconut milk ice cream became part of the trip.

In true love-it?-oh-it's-vegan fashion, I don't remember seeing Coconut Glen's advertised anywhere as being vegan. What better way to get mainlanders to try something new than to simply call it what it is- coconut milk ice cream? By the time people have reached Coconut Glen's, they've already passed about 10 fruit stands with fresh coconut, a bunch of coconut candy places (btw, the open-air market on the left has a guy selling phenomenal coconut candy; so good I've googled several times in an attempt to have it sent home), and they're ready for any new coconut adventure. With fun, bright, hand-painted signs, Glen lures people into his little ice cream love shack.

If you're ever traveling to Maui, Coconut Glen's coconut milk ice cream shop is a must-visit. It's so worth it.


"Do I really need to eat organic?"



"I recently watched Forks Over Knives and decided I want to be a vegan. I'm confused about organic food though. Do I have to eat organic to be a vegan? It can get really expensive. Is eating organic really better?"



The whole term "organic" can be confusing and even sometimes misleading. You do not need to eat only organic food to follow a vegan diet.

In general, the term organic has nothing to do with animal products. Some organic foods are fertilized with animal products and some are not. What it basically means is that chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used on that produce, according to the standard set by the FDA.

My personal opinion is that you should really choose organic options for the dirty dozen, those fruits and vegetables that are most contaminated with chemicals during the conventional growing process. For the remaining ones, if organic is available and affordable, it can only help to get it, but it's not as important as with the others.

Read the full article on organic food benefits to get more information about what organic is and which foods are among the dirty dozen.


If you have any vegan questions and you want some guidance, feel free to send them in by following this link.


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Vegan Meal Plans for Fall/Winter

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The Vegan Bread Box: 30 Simple and Delicious Vegan Bread Recipes

Vegan Bread Recipes Thumbnail

This is one of our most popular cookbooks. I've found it really difficult to find a vegan bread cookbook on the internet; there are tons of recipes out there, but they're scattered all over different sites and you never know which ones are good. This book has everything from an eggless brioche to a classic whole wheat boule recipe, so you'll never have to go scrounging the internet again. I'm so happy people have gotten so much out of this ebook.

Learn more about the bread baking tip that's almost too easy here or download your copy for only $7.95 now.

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Cut the Cheese: Quit Your Cheese Addiction to Transform Your Life

Cut the Cheese Thumbnail

There is no one particular book on quitting cheese available in stores, and not many people are aware of the physically addictive qualities to dairy cheese. Instead of being sick and fat, you can give up cheese and feel light and free. This ebook also has the very best vegan cheese recipes, so you don't have to eat packaged versions that don't taste quite right anymore.

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Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Banana Cupcakes

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes

I've been holding out on you. A few months ago I was inspired by the freshness of our local strawberries and I created an awesome recipe that I've been waiting to share with you.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of making a lot of desserts out of fruit. I don't really believe they can be improved upon by adding sugar and popping them in the oven. Given a choice, I'd almost always choose a bowl of fresh strawberries over a baked good.

But, it's that "almost" in the almost always that prompted me to come up with this recipe. Sometimes I want a dessert, and I believe in occasionally and consciously indulging in your cravings. I also believe wholeheartedly that vegan baked goods are often the key to encouraging more people to try out the vegan lifestyle.

I really think you will love these strawberry-banana cupcakes. They're lighter than banana bread but with more texture than a plain strawberry cake. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


You can share your own recipes and comment on others by following this link to Vegan Nutritionista.


Book of the Month: Eat & Run by Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek

I first heard about Scott Jurek when I was reading the famed book Born to Run a few years ago. I remember reading that one of the runners was a vegan, and I immediately googled him to see what he had to say about it. At the time, he didn't divulge much on his training habits, though he did have a personal training business.

Four years after Born to Run made him internationally known, Scott Jurek released his book, Eat and Run, to rave reviews. It's a memoir of his life that seeks to answer the question we all have, "why run crazy long distances like that?" In the book Eat and Run, we find out why Scott runs so much, and we also learn more about what he eats along the way.


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