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A Plant-Based Diet Makes Perfect Sense

by Deborah

I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and I finally got why a plant-based diet makes perfect sense.

I have decided to follow vegan diet, and will cook mostly vegan meals for my family. My husband and son have not decided to join me - yet. I hope they will someday understand why eating a plant-based diet is important on so many levels.

So, here are my reasons for finally becoming a vegan:

--Improve my health and well-being
--Longevity for my children and grandchildren
--Weight loss
--Lessen my impact on the environment and on living creatures
--Support farmers and organic producers
--Improve my athleticism
--Force myself to become a better cook
--Re-educate my palate
--Challenge myself to become a better person
--Feel lighter, better, healthier
--Save money (by not buying expensive cuts of meat and cheeses)
--Set an example for my family

Editor's Note:

Thank you for this post, Deborah. What I appreciate about it is that so many people are just like you; they recognize veganism as being valid, but don't quite get why a plant-based diet makes perfect sense. Sometimes it takes watching a poignant video on the animal industry to really internalize how eating animals affects each of us personally.

Your reasons for becoming a vegan are all amazing, and there are a few I want to touch on.

1. I love that you said you'll re-educate your palate. I find that I actually appreciate the subtleties in food more than I ever did before. I think my taste buds were numbed by the common flavors of cheese and dairy, and once I removed those, I found that there are so many flavors I could never really pick up on when my food was covered in animal products.

2. Saving money isn't something that most people associate with veganism, but it's so true. I would regularly spend $5-10 on a small chunk of good cheese before, and that is simply gone out of my grocery budget. While I'll occasionally get some good vegan cheese (you can find my recommendations in my ebook Cut the Cheese), it isn't a regular part of my budget. And, meat is super expensive. Compare the cost of a pound of beans that you can eat off for weeks to a pound of steak that is gone that night, and you will see the difference.

3. Many people like to say, "Life is short, so I want quality of life by eating what I like now." What they don't understand is that by eating all those animal products, they are reducing their quality of life. They will be bigger, slower, and much more prone to illness than if they stopped eating those things. You can't be around and energetic to enjoy a long, full life unless you aren't sick. And, as we talked about, you can enjoy amazing food that is animal-free.

Thanks so much!

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Vegan and loving it!
by: Sabrina

It all started with getting interested in green smoothies and learning about whole foods.

Then i watched Change Your Food Change Your Life by Vegan-gal. I learned how easy it could be for grocery shopping, eating out, all the good food i could still eat, harmful affects of animal products, and how people's health improved with a vegan diet.

I also watched Forks Over Knives and Food Inc.. All these movies were so enlightening. I had no idea of the senseless cruelty animals have to go through, profit is the bottom line and the animals suffer.

I have been following the vegan diet for 2 1/2 months now. I am enjoying cooking more than I ever did when eating meat and dairy. A week ago I think the diet kicked in and I started feeling GREAT!!! I noticed I wasn't tired or sore anymore. I haven't felt NORMAL in a long time, always tired and sore. I go to the chiropractor once a week, I've had to cancel the last 3 weeks. Before, I NEEDED my adjustment, now I am not even sore!! my mental state seems a little better. I was forced to work some overtime and it was ok, I wasn't tired, I was alert, it didn't put me in a bad mood. THAT IS THE DAY I REALIZED THAT THIS DIET IS WORKING FOR ME AND CAUSING ME TO FEEL BETTER.

I am hoping my osteoporosis will be helped from the vegan diet. I watched a testimonial video of a woman on another smoothie website and her osteoporosis improved greatly in a year and that was just from drinking the smoothies. I am drinking the smoothies and following a vegan diet so I expect
to start feeling even better and seeing improvements in my health.

I am 56 years old so am at that age where illnesses could start, I'm hoping to ward them off with the vegan diet.

Loving the changes I've made!

I am loving my new journey on this path.

I've gone Vegan
by: Kay from Tucson

I have gone Vegan because of my health, I have heart disease and I am now with 3 stents and high blood pressure and another branch blockage .... enough already!

I want to live longer, live healthier, lose weight, be more active and be in better overall shape than I am now. So out with the meat and oils in with the greens, beans, fruit and mild exercise.

I watched Forks Over Knives and it made sense to me and bolstered my resolve to stick to a plant based diet. Sites like this one are a big help in keeping motivated.

I have been on the diet two weeks now and noticed I am not as hungry as I used to be and if I do get the desire to eat fruit satisfies me like it never did before.

I hope this Forks over Knives starts a trend and we all get healthier and more fit.

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