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The Top Anti Vegan Arguments

Expecting the anti vegan argument...

When I tell someone I'm vegan, I know to expect a wide range of responses; from the meatatarian to the people who fully understand me. I try not to give advice unless I'm asked, and I don't tell someone why I'm a vegan unless they want to know. I know people don't want a sermon, and I think this cuts down on people actually being angry at me.

More often, people think I'm being a bleeding-heart liberal and they think that they could never make such a huge change in their diet because they are so different from me. Ultimately, they think I'm silly.

On occasion though, I do get a response that indicates some annoyance with me. And, from people I don't know, I hear all kinds of arguments as to why humans should eat meat. Ultimately, I know it's a touchy subject. People take their diets very seriously, and they often harbor things they learned in their youth as fact.

The Anti-Vegan Arguments

1. The biggest arguments I hear are more concerns than actual arguments.

They come from people who are worried that without meat, you don't get enough protein. We know that there is a huge protein myth and there's also a prevalent worry that without drinking cow's milk, a human cannot get enough calcium.

Some people have heard that carbohydrates are evil and excess protein is good. In fact, protein (especially from animals) is something you don't want to overload on.

2. Cows need to be milked/ if we didn't kill them we'd have a huge supply of chickens, pigs, and beef cows.

Those people with a more developed hatred for vegetarians and have come up with anti vegan arguments such as, "it doesn't hurt the animals to eat them, similar to the "animals are made to be eaten" argument. 

3. The most factually incorrect anti vegan saying is the "humans are carnivores and are meant to eat meat."

We know just from comparing our body parts to true carnivores that humans are nothing like them. We size up much better with herbivores. Ultimately, we have adapted to be omnivores, but that doesn't mean we need to eat meat!

4. The argument that makes me the saddest is the "I'm going to die anyway, why not just eat the cholesterol" argument.

It's sad to me because I feel that it comes off like a joke, but that the person saying it doesn't quite understand that they are truly giving themselves an early death sentence by forging ahead with their unhealthy diet.

Additionally, they acknowledge that they may live longer not eating meat, but what they don't realize is that they will likely also have a much better quality of life than if they just eat anything and everything.

5. The cholesterol is good for you argument. 

Some people are very proud of their choice to eat eggs and butter, but I've yet to see research that supports eating a diet heavy in these types of fats or proteins.

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