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Becoming Vegan For Health

by Shan

I am in the process of becoming vegan for health and I need help!

I am motivated because I do not like the way my body feels. I am getting older, more sluggish, and tired. Becoming vegan has crossed my mind many times before. However, when my doctor suggested it for my health issues, I knew it was time. Now, I need help!

Cooking is one of my passions. But I am from the south and old habits die hard! I have tasted some good vegan food and some stuff that tasted like wood! It feels like I have to rediscover food. I think it will be fun though because I love to cook. The tricky part is going to be introducing all these new foods and recipes to my family. However, everyone has agreed to make an effort. Whatever happens, I will not give up!

I am determined to ensure the health of my family. Wish I would have started our children out vegan from birth. But I am stressing to my family the importance of good health. So far, they seem willing to give it a try. My husband will probably have the biggest struggle. Anyway, I plan to get the kids involved with the cooking and the menus (including their bag lunches for school). I pray it will be more of an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one. I look forward to our new lives!

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to help us succeed? I would love to hear them!

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Vegan is healthy
by: Anonymous

Hеalthy food is grеat, I likе it so much. During еating salads, fruits, vеgеtablеs and othеr organic mеal your body recеive nutriеnt and vitamin fееding. Also, you should look aftеr what ingrеdients you usе. Bеst of all it’s that homеmade. Good luck! :)


strict vegan, with advice on what not to eat.
by: Anonymous

As a vegan for two years, who has throughly researched and gathered as much information on food there are just a few critical things id like to strongly recommned avoiding as a vegan in order to maintain your health.
so basically i eat very strict, and because of that these food categories i absolutly avoid and eat ZERO OF.

1.Any genetically modified "food" , the reason.. because they contain practically NO MINERALS or VITAMINS, and are harmful to the body. They lead to damaging of dna, and reporductive abilities. you ARE what you eat.

2. Any SOY, it ruins your thyroid and liver, stops mineral uptake big time, and ruins your hormones and promotes cancer cells.

aside from that, if your willing to eat like i do i dont eat any processed 'foods" except for a few brands that are in alignment to high quality standards.
larabars ,synergy (the raw kombucha drinks) and thats practically it, so pretyy much il eat a 'processed food" if its not laced with chemicals. vegan processed stuff that i dont eat thats filled with chemicals are..
all the almond milk brands,rice milk, the fruit juice brands (naked, odwalla, botlehouse farms, all GMO supporting groups, their bottles say non GMO but theyve been sued for lying, and contain toxic synthietic sweeteners n such)any vegan "breads, crackers, cakes, icecream, pasta etc" all thats junk.

so if you avoid all that, which is totally easy.

i DO eat, beans, rice, kale, broccolli, bananas, dates, potatoes, unrefined coconut oil, unrefined salt, avocados. ha and i ONLY buy ORGANIC.
vegan power!

going vegan
by: Sandra

I am currently vegetarian and will change to vegan the first of the month when I can shop for my grocery vegan needs. I am 70 years old and feel that it is way past time I made this change. I may stumble a time or two, but will continue on. I truly believe I will feel better in the long run.

Vegan for Health Benefits
by: Mike

I'm just starting a vegan lifestyle. For me eating meat is not a moral issue. There are greater moral issues to involve myself in than animal cruelty. I have a friend who was very unhealthy and after going vegan has been able to get off all prescriptions and has a new outlook on life. I'm interested in the health benefits that come from eating sensibly!

Vegan family/kids advice
by: Anonymous

Hi there! First I'd like to point out a great website for Vegan food for your family called Vegan Dad: http://vegandad.blogspot.com/. He has great recipes that he puts together for his kids, himself and his wife. I know that he can relate! I know PETA has a special website for kids called PETA2. You should be able to find a lot there. If I were you I'd do an internet search on vegan kids.
When I was a child my mother made me vegetarian for about three years. This was probably the best thing anyone has ever done for me! I have now been vegan for more than fifteen years. It has changed my life, energy levels, health, mentality, etc. Don't give up - keep encouraging your family, especially your kids! Good luck!

I also went vegan for my health
by: Nicole

Although this is new to me, the reason I opted to become vegan was for my health. As I started reading more into Veganism, I have learned so much about the farming techniques and highly disagree with them. Also, I have a great concern for what is happening to our environment, and feel that this is a great way to help with trimming down the need for more land and ridding of the natural environments.

Southern vegans...
by: Georgia (vegangeorgia.blogspot.com)

Hi, I am from Mississippi, and I have been a vegan for just about 2 years now. I can relate to your fear about turning your back on tradition, but I want you to know, you are not going to miss anything! There are so many ways to enjoy southern flavors on a healthy, plant-based diet. I highly recommend that you look into the website "Fat Free Vegan," which is written by a vegan southerner and focuses on food with no added fat. There is also the book Vegan Comfort Food by Alicia Simpson, which tells you how to make your own fried chick'n, etc., and many other southern favorites. Most of all, I applaud your decision to consider this life change!

Help for healthy vegan eating
by: Anonymous

Check out www.goodfoodproject.net for recipes and resources.

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