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Beef and Chicken Seitan Recipe

by Nia Garcia

Beef and Chicken Seitan Recipe (Wheat Gluten, Wheat Meat, Seitan, etc.)

I think we usually go vegan/vegetarian with positive motives. Some people want to live healthier and others are just too compassionate to continue eating meat.

So, we usually try to transition by replacing meat with meat alternatives. More often than not we buy the stuff available in the supermarket frozen section, you know: Morning Star Farms, Veggie Queen, Quorn, Boca, etc. Sooner or later we realize that many of these products are highly processed and packed with things we wouldn't want in our bodies.

My tasty remedy has thus been making meat alternatives with vital wheat gluten (sometimes referred to as seitan in Asian cuisine). There are plenty of intimidating and time consuming recipes out there. I have no spine and even less patience for that.

Seitan Notes:
Vital Wheat Gluten can be found near the baking flour at supermarkets (as it is a popular ingredient in baking) or you might get it in larger packages at health food stores- I get mine in bulk at the 4th Street Food CoOp in New York.

Worcestershire Sauce usually contains anchovies/fish but, under cheap bargain brands are often vegan and all of the ones in the Latin Food Isle (called Salsa Inglesia) at my local supermarket are vegan-you can find vegan versions in health food stores (but, they're a little pricey).

For Beefy Flavor:

  • Water- Enough to fill a pot 1/8th of the way
  • 2 Parts Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Baking Powder- as much as you usually use when baking
  • 2 Parts Water *cool or cold
  • Approx 1/8 Parts Dark Soy Sauce
    (It's great if you can get the mushroom flavored one)
  • Vegan Worcestershire Sauce- to your taste
  • Garlic Cloves - a few to your taste
  • Fresh Herbs that you like
  • A Few Tablespoons of Oil
  • Fresh Mini Portabella Mushrooms- As much that will liquefy with the other wet ingredients
  • Salt-to taste, optional

For Poultry/Chicken Flavor:
Same as above but replace soy sauce and mushrooms with a little extra water and prepared poultry seasoning (or make your own)

Directions for Seitan:

  • Start by boiling water in a pressure cooker or pot with a steamer basket/tray.
  • Put all ingredients - except for the vital wheat gluten, baking powder and water for the pot- in a blender.
  • Blend until all is liquefied.
  • In a separate bowl mix vital wheat gluten and baking powder. Add half of the liquid mixture to the dry mixture. Incorporate with your hands and add more liquid until you have a firm, mildly tough dough.
  • If it is too dry, add more liquid or water and continue to incorporate it with your hands until there is no dry flour left in the bowl.
  • Continue to knead it until you think it's of an even consistency.
  • Let the seitan mixture sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • Make rolls, balls, patties, shape like a roast - you can wrap in foil or cheesecloth to help keep its shape.
  • Place on the steamer basket/tray in your pot, cover and steam for 30 or more minutes.
  • You can marinate, coat, bake, grill or fry it afterwards too (without the foil/cheesecloth).

This stuff impresses my meat eating friends!

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