Celebrate Vegan Holidays With Other Vegans

by Nia Garcia

I tried to celebrate with my meat eating family, but that proved disasterous. I tried this for three years but it seems no matter how much I try to suck it up, my family seemed more focused on my eating habits than their own. Moreover, I was truly miserable having to sit and smile while they praised the tortured dead animal at the center of the table. After three years I finally lost it.

Two years ago, just after Christmas, I sent them an email explaining how perverse it was to worship God by defiling his animals, and I sent them a link to a page from the Christian Vegetarian Association. And that pretty much kept me from being invited to any more holidays after that (which I am happy about). I found it much more enjoyable eating with people who shared my point of view- even if they are not as close as my family.

I still love my family and understand that they do not have compassion for farm animals, but I don't want to have to celebrate with them in doing this. I would rather be alone or with people who share my values in respects to animals. Besides, if there is a pie, cake, drink or even a simple fruit/vegetable dish I can actually eat and enjoy it because it is animal-free.

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