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Cruelty Free Pest Control

by Christy

We have ants in our office. My husband and I are the owners, so we will decide what to do about this. We've stopped eating in the office and removed all the food we were keeping here. The ants even ate holes in packages of granola bars and stuff like that! They aren't swarming really, but they are still prowling around. I'm getting bit too! I do not believe in spraying insecticide everywhere and killing every last living thing in the place. What do other vegans do about bugs?

Great question! This is a big deal with many vegans around this time of year because while most of us adore animals and want to do no harm, we also don't really want to live with bugs inside our homes.

If you simply can't co-habitate any longer, here actually are a few great, easy options for cruelty free pest control. In some cases they will help deter insects and some other options help to humanely remove "pests" from inside your home/business. I know your main concern is ants right now, but I'll include a few other cruelty free pest control options.

1. Depending on your tolerance for the smell, garlic is a great way to control ants from coming into your building. You can rub a clove of garlic along the perimeter of either the cabinets, the door stop, the windows, or any other point of entry. Hot peppers also do the same trick. Just make sure not to touch your eyes afterwards!

2. Plant spearmint, peppermint and/or pennyroyal plants right outside your building in order to deter ants from coming inside. You could also try the essential oils of these herbs inside along the areas of entry to deter the insects. (Flies are also turned off by mint and basil).

3. For other flying insects like mosquitos, citronella oil is an amazing deterrent. You can use candles from the store, or you can make your own bug repellant from equal parts citronella, lavender, and clove oil. Those are often sold very cheaply on the internet and you can make a huge batch that will last quite a long time.

4. Moths are also deterred by garlic. You can hang some by your doors to discourage entering the building.

5. If you are bothered by furry creatures inside your house and cannot begin to think about killing one of them, consider a humane mousetrap. These are endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organizations and basically work like a tiny house that a mouse would be able to enter but not leave. Then you can take the critter outside and free him away from the house. Of course, I highly recommend checking it often so you don't freak the mouse out or leave him in there without food for too long.

6. If you have cockroaches, bay leaves work really well to keep them away. You can put them in all your cabinets and near any food source and they will stay away.

Hope that helps with your cruelty free pest control!

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Try living with a horde of rats when they devour hakf your pantry and leave your food covered in feces
by: The Realister

You call youself the realist and say "If you can't live with rats then move." Have you ever lived on your own? Try telling that to your landlord "Yeah there's a rat problem in my apartment. No no no don't send an exterminator. Just let me break my lease early and move out." or god forbid you own a house "Teah so I had to take out a mortgage on my home but it's become infested with cockroaches so I'm just going have to learn to get along. Sure they they cover up half the floors at night but hey! At least I still have the moral highground!" The truth is no matter what you do, you'll be killing animals in some way in everything you own. These animals pose a real health risk and just letting your home become infested with vermin will either put you in the hospital or turn you into a two-bit saturday morning cartoon vegan. In reality, simetimes you need to remove harmful creatures. Being vegan is about minimizing the suffering of creatures, not removing it entirely. That's a famtasy.

Flying insects
by: Anonymous

I live in Melbourne and flying insects (fruit flies and some other flying bugs idk the name of) are always attracted to the fruits that i have to keep unrefrigerated. Will the citronella oil help as well?

spiders and cricket problem.
by: Anonymous

I have a large cricket and spider infestation inside and around the outside of my house. How do I deter them from my house so they will leave on their own? And then how do I keep them out after they are gone?

Cruelty Free Roach Control
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

Inspired by the story about ants above i thought i'd share my method for helping you rid your home of roaches.

To do so you will need a large jar, petroleum jelly, bread/cracker, a small amonut of beer.

Ok, place the bread/cracker into the jar and pour the beer onto the bread, just enough for the bread to soak up.

Now smear a thick line of petroleum jelly around the inside of the jar about an inch from the rim.

You have now made a totally humane roach trap. Place this in a place that you suspect roaches are inhabiting in your house and wait for the roaches to trap themselves.

They will be attracted to the smell of the bread and beer, climb inside and not be able to get out. Dispose of them as humanely as you wish.

Hope this helps anyone that has seen a roach or two around the place.

Found on http://www.togetridofroaches.com/get-rid-of-roaches-naturally/

Humane traps for vermin?
by: Realist

Guess what, you "humanely" trap the rat/mouse then release it elsewhere?

Very humane - apart from the young that it can no longer get back to to feed it's young. Feel better now letting those poor babies sarve to death?

There is no such thing as "humane" vermin control only "making yourself feel better about it" vermin control. If you can't live with the rats and mice - move.

Fresh or dried Bay leaves to deter roaches?
by: Anonymous

Do the bay leaves need to be fresh or will dried work?

6. If you have cockroaches, bay leaves work really well to keep them away. You can put them in all your cabinets and near any food source and they will stay away.

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