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Dr Ornish's Lifestyle Heart Trial:
Eat More Plants and Fewer Animals

Dr Ornish is famous for a study called the Lifestyle Heart Trial, where he took a group of 28 heart diseased people and treated them with lifestyle changes only. He also treated another 20 heart-diseased people with the standard treatment plan suggested by doctors for people with heart disease.

In the experimental group, Dr. Ornish gave the patients a strict diet plan that allowed them to eat as much food as they wanted, but only from a list of fruits, vegetables, and grains. They were allowed up to a cup of non-fat milk or yogurt a day and egg whites, but no other animal products.

They also were asked to manage their stress levels and exercise for three hours a week. The group met for a few hours a few times each week for moral support.

In one year, 82% of the experimental group had some reversal of their heart disease. Their cholesterol levels dropped, especially their bad cholesterol levels. And, their chest pain decreased by 91% and their arteries became less clogged!

The other group, on the standard diet suggested by doctors, had increased chest pain by 165%, their arteries became more clogged, and their cholesterol levels worsened. This is the group that followed the commonly recommended diet plans offered by doctors to people with heart disease!!!

Again, for the most part it seems that doctors truly know that good nutrition will help to prevent heart disease, but they don't believe that people will make the changes needed to do so. Rather than recommend that we cut out animal products from our diets, they instead recommend that we cut back. The problem is that cutting back as they recommend obviously doesn't prevent future heart problems.

I believe in people. I believe that if we are told the truth, we can learn to make adjustments in our lives that will eliminate our health problems.

Learn more about Dr Ornish's Lifestyle Heart Trial here: http://www.ornishspectrum.com/proven-program/the-research/

You can also read his book, called The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health.

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