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Elevated Triglycerides on Vegan Diet

by Birgit

Last year I went vegan to reduce my cholesterol levels. Then I had a lipid profile and the cholesterol did come down, but the triglycerides went above normal. I never had a problem with elevated triglycerides until I went vegan. Can you tell me what foods can cause triglycerides to go up?


Michelle also submitted this similar question:

I've been vegan for a few months now, but when my blood test results came back, it said that I have high triglyceride levels and possible fatty liver. How is this possible?! I am not overweight at all either. In fact, I'm slightly underweight. I don't drink alcohol. I don't eat a lot of refined foods. I also have never ever had any of these problems!. And I always thought that I was deficient in iron, but the blood test said that I have high iron storage! What?!

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refined sugars
by: myk

refined sugars will raise your triglycerides. Cut them down/out and the tris will go down.

me too
by: Anonymous

4 years vegan, high carb, mostly whole foods no oil, no alcohol, no smoking. My latest blood results came back with good overall cholesterol, but high triglycerides and high iron. What's going on?

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