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Eyesight Improved on Vegan Diet

by Margie Anderson
(Phoenix, AZ)

I was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I asked if I could try diet and he said I could.

First I tried a low carbohydrate diet and it did nothing. On a hike, a lady told me about Dr. Neal Barnard's book about reversing diabetes. She didn't tell me what the program was. I read the book and decided to try going vegan for three months. My doctor was blown away -- at the end of the three months my blood sugar was completely normal and my cholesterol was down. My good cholesterol was very high. I've been vegan for over a year now and my a1c's are perfect. I am no longer diabetic and I have never taken any diabetes medication.

The real surprise was the other day when I went to see my eye doctor. I've been having trouble seeing street names and stuff, so I thought I needed stronger glasses. Turns out, she told me that having diabetes can make your lenses hold water and make your eyesight worse, but since my blood sugar was now normal, my prescription from two years ago is now way too strong. The first numbers in prescription went from 2.0 to 1.0!

Two years ago I could never have seen myself sticking to a vegan diet, but now I can't imagine going back to being sick and fat. I watched my dad die a slow miserable death from complications of diabetes. For me, it's a no-brainer. Give me veggies or give me death!

Editor's Note:

You have such an inspirational story and I'm so glad you chose to share it with our readers.

I'm very familiar with Dr. Neal Barnard's for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs, and know what a huge difference diet makes to chronic, degenerative diseases. What I didn't stop to consider was how many of the symptoms associated with illness would also go away when the illness subsided. Eyesight improving with a vegan diet is a whole new promotion we can all use on our family and friends!

I commend you for asking for your doctor to give you time to come up with a more holistic way to improve your health, as most people never realize they have that option. Rather than being a prisoner of drugs that merely keep you sick, you found a way to make yourself healthy, and that's just incredible!

Keep sharing your story with others and more and more people will catch on and search for healthy, holistic alternatives to traditional medicine.

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Nearsightedness is gone-- for real!
by: PJA

So glad to know that others have had the same experience! I stopped eating meat and have gradually moved to a Vegan diet. I have been nearsighted all my life and have always worn glasses I have had three eye exams in that period. At the first, the doctor said my eyes were getting better. At the second, better still, and I couldn't believe it when, a few weeks ago, he asked me if I had noticed that I could read signs on the freeway without my glasses, and said yes, I had, but I ignored it. He said "you are no longer nearsighted"!! And it's true. I have checked 100 times--I look at the mountains and see a specific detail, then take off my glasses, and it's just as precise as before. There have been SO MANY unexpected surprises--all GOOD--since I have been a vegan.

Eyesight improved as well
by: Anonymous

I just came back from my eye doctor, and similar thing happened to me. I had seen her at the beginning of my vegan diet (few months into it), and already then she told me that my correction was too much (this could have been linked to my previous doctor). Went from -8 and -6 to -7.5 and -5.50. Today I went back, after a bit more than 1 year of being mostly vegan, and with the same doctor checking, my eyes are now -7.5 and -5.00. She asked me if there had been any changes in my life, I told her about the vegan diet, and she said that it happened to many of her patients who had done the same thing (something about the sorbitol in your body affecting the shape of the retina (?) - not sure I remember correctly.). THIS IS AMAZING WHY WEREN'T WE TOLD THIS EARLIER?!!

Same for me, minus the diabetes
by: Aaron

I went to the optometrist after being vegan for a year and had the same experience -- my prescription had improved by 1 degree (it was awhile ago, but I think from 4.25 to 3.25). The doctor asked me if I had diabetes, or if I had made any major changes to my life recently, and I said no, except I'd been vegan for the year since my last checkup. He didn't think that had any relevance.

Obviously there are other possible explanations -- my previous prescription might have just been wrong, I had recently graduated college, so maybe my reading habits had changed -- but it could be that my diet was messing with my eyes even though I wasn't yet diabetic.

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