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Finding a Vegan Caterer

by Andrea
(Princeton, NJ)

I have been a vegetarian my entire life and a vegan for many years (and I'm only 27!) So when I started to plan my wedding, I was unwilling to compromise on my menu. I insisted that my day be "cruelty-free" and "karma neutral." I did not want any creatures harmed for the sake of my celebration. And as much as I wanted vegan food, I didn't want to be eating veggie kebabs and Boca burgers - I wanted classy cuisine in a glamorous setting.

So I fought my way through the search. I fought the stigma, I fought my sister, I fought the stereotypes and unsolicited advice, and I fought a bunch of caterers. I heard every line in the book from caterers: from "we charge double so we can teach our chefs to cook vegan food" to "oh we can't, our kitchen isn't sanctified vegan” (thinking kosher.)

I called every place in the book and eventually stumbled upon Frungillo Caterers. (www.frungillo.com) They are a family-owned business that has been doing high-end events for decades. Though I expected yet another rejection, through a twist of fate the right person answered the phone. John, the company's controller, had been trying for quite some time to put together an all-vegan menu to offer clients. (While he himself is not vegan, he recognizes it as a huge trend that needs to be catered to – no pun intended.)

Their service has been incredible ever since. They hired a professional vegan chef for the occasion, and at our first meeting had a table full of AMAZING vegan hors d’oeuvres for us. My fiancé and I designed the menu together with the chef, combining the power of vegetables (exotic mushroom ensemble) with gourmet meat substitutions (sesame crusted grilled ‘chicken’) that even my sister will love. Even the co-owner, Robert Frungillo, was there to help us devise the menu. Everyone in this company is amazing and caring, all in the name of establishing a vegan menu to offer for weddings and events.

To repay the good karma I have been dealt in having this team create my dream menu, I want to get the word out. The must be hundreds of brides in the same exact situation who are tearing their hair out with finding a vegan caterer. If any of them are in the NJ/NY/PA area, they need to know about the options at Frungillo. For vegan brides who are elsewhere, I want them to not give up and to try to work with caterers to change with the times. And lastly, I want wedding venues everywhere to follow this amazing example and offer compassionate menu options for their clients.


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contact info
by: Anonymous

for vegan caterers?

Vegan Caterers
by: Leslie Cottrell Simonds (The Lakeside Chef)

I find it interesting that as a vegan personal chef and caterer I am always on the prowl for other vegan caterers to network with. While on that search, I came across YOUR page! I was so happy to hear of your great experience. It is clear that it is a unique path to be on whether you are the consumer seeking a vegan service, or a vegan provider seeking clients. I hope to see the gap close as the population continues to be on the rise of those seeking a plant based lifestyle. As a business owner who recognizes that having a niche service based on personal convictions poses its own challenges of finding clients, I'd love to see plant based chefs embrace one another and not look at each other at competitors. We have so much to learn from one another! Cheers~Leslie Cottrell Simonds of The Lakeside Chef

Thanks guys!
by: The Bride

Thank you all for your comments!! I will definitely submit to Rose Pedals, I love that site. John, thanks so much for your comments - I didn't know any of that history. Wow. I'm so glad you put it out here for everyone to see!!! I couldn't be more grateful. (Especially to Vegan-Nutritionista for publishing!)

Rose Pedals
by: Sarah

Vegan wedding planning can be difficult, especially depending on where you live. We'd love to feature your story at Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings: www.rosepedalsveganweddings.com/submissions. You can find a listing of vegan wedding caterers at our site too. Thanks for writing about our favorite subject :)

The "Angel" behind your wedding prayers answered...
by: Anonymous

Hi Andrea,

I'm actually the "Angel" that came in to save the day with your wedding. ;)I am the investor and co-founder of Veggie Works, LLC and New Leaf restaurants which Chef Mark Rasmussen and I are partnered on.

John is my cousin at Frungillo Catering and I had long been offering him a chance to try our cuisine and to work it into his offerings.

We have been working for the past few years in taking Mark's cuisine from the restaurant, his 5 star cookbook and now, to the national and international level with restaurant franchises, so that everyone can eat the most incredible, tasty and conscious cuisine they've been demanding.

Mark's restaurant, Veggie Works, was a popular place on the Jersey shore for over 10 years and people would line up and travel from several states away, just to try some of the masterful dishes you had the pleasure of sampling that day.

In fact, your wedding is going to be one of the finest vegan-cuisine celebrations, with an offering of menu items that no other vegan wedding has offered before.

It is truly an honor to be a part of this beautiful day you have planned and for what you are offering to your guests through this menu. We hope to make this THE wedding you have dreamed about and the taste which you and your guests will be talking about in years to come!

Warmest Regards,
John Macedo, Jr.
CEO - Veggie Works, LLC

It was Amazing
by: Carolyn

I have to say, the food that was offered at your wedding was absolutely amazing. I was a Vegan (for a very short time in my life compared to Cathleen) but, still could not stand the taste of a lot of Vegan prepared food, unless I did it myself. That wedding catering put me to shame. LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

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