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Genetic Modification Destroys Healthy Food

by Trinka

I've been vegan for 25+ years and had only discovered soy products 10 years ago! I know, "what?" I am an avid fitness buff, including bodybuilding, and I'm a woman. During the time I was eating soy products, I noticed that I could no longer keep my weight stable, even though I was working out three hours each day. I recently went gluten free due to wheat intolerance, but not full-blown celiac disease.

After looking back on it, I realized that the only "new" food added to my sugar-free vegan diet was soy products. NOW, THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY!!!! I truly believe that my weight gain and fatigue was related to soy products. Sorry, but that's what I've concluded. However, you may not be sensitive to it.

I also believe the more we humans mess around with our food industry, the more allergies we will develop to more and more naturally healthy food. I'll bet Japan does not have GMO soybeans!! They grow their own beans.

Overall since I stopped eating soy, I have lost the 100 lbs I had gained, and am still a happy vegan!

Editor's Note:

Thank you for your inspiring post. The idea that naturally healthy food has been corrupted by genetic modification is nothing new, but it's always interesting to hear personal stories and opinions related to GMO foods. I think it's certainly a possibility that the soy you were eating was leading to your weight gain, and I am so glad to hear you are back down to a more comfortable weight.

You raise an interesting point by bringing up that genetic modification is destroying our healthy food. While soy be naturally healthy, once it is genetically modified it might become unhealthy. I'm not sure that I've read studies on this, but it seems plausible. It would certainly explain why there's such a huge soy controversy debating whether or not it's healthy... perhaps they are not focusing on the right debate.

I'm also really glad to hear that you are still a vegan. Some people worry that going vegan will mean they will have to eat tons of soy products; I find that to be one of the most commonly asked questions I get. Not all vegans eat lots of soy, and in fact, many non-vegans eat quite a bit of soy without realizing it.

Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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I had the same issue with soy
by: Donna

I work out 4 hours a day (weightlifting, running, sports) and it's always been a hassle for me to get my proteins in since I became a lacto-ovegetarian so I started eating soy. I gained weight but no sizes. Sometimes I can't tell whether its from working out or from not eating right.

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