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Going Vegan is Easy

by Stacey
(LaGrange, Il, US)

Once you learn a little about vegan substitutes for meat and dairy, and the stores that sell these products...going vegan is easy! It is too easy! I make dinner, and sometimes I make too much. This is because I have all these fresh, yummy foods on hand.

Just do some online research into vegan food products. Then read some recipes. It gets easier every week.

I think going vegan is like all things...it takes a little practice. My meat-eating husband now requests some of my vegan meals!

Things to look into:

  • Tofutti brand sour cream and cheeses...really GREAT!
  • Tofu
  • Nutritional yeast flakes...tastes like parmesan cheese!
  • Soymilks
  • Boca's vegan options
  • Explore farmers markets and organic produce!
  • Try the fruit/veggie you never tried!
  • Dark leafy greens mixed into whole grain pasta with olive oil and garlic...YUM!
  • Anything with tomatoes!
  • AVOCADOS and GARBANZO BEANS. These things are naturally CREAMY...if I crave "creamy", I eat these!

This list goes on and on...do some on-line research. I found that going vegan was FUN!

As far as restaurants go...ASK ASK ASK!!! Most restaurant staff is very helpful, and they can recommend what to order if you don't see it on the menu. I even had one waitress say "Vegan?...GOOD FOR YOU! That is great!". I then had the most AMAZING VEGAN FAJITAS ever! I think the kitchen staff saw it as a cool challenge, and they even asked me how everything was!

You might be a little shocked at how people respect a vegan, and how many products are really out there! Going vegan is easy; at least easier than you might think.

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by: Stacey

Thanks for the nice comment!

I will keep everyone posted on more great vegan things I find. Try this:

  • HALF CUP flour
  • HALF CUP nutritional yeast flakes (whole foods and other health food stores)
  • 2 TBS. vegan margarine
  • 1-2 CUPS water (add slowly WHILE WHISKING, you can decide the thickness you desire)
  • SALT AND PEPPER to taste
  • DASH garlic salt

Heat on low while WHISKING for 2-3 minutes....


You can add hot sauce, spices, you name it. Dip corn chips, french fries...use as a potato topping, MIX WITH MACARONI!!! This stuff tastes like melted CHEESE! It is THE BEST on BROCCOLI!!!

by: Susan Cockrell

I couldn't agree more! My husband and I have been vegetarians for nine years, and hardly a day goes by that we don't say to each other--"I'm so glad we stopped eating meat." Then, for the New Year, I gave up half & half, which was huge, for me. Finally two months ago, I just jumped and became a vegan. Easy as pie! My husband rejected it at first, because he loves his cheese, but I can see how he is finding more and more to love about veganism. Daiya brand cheese is one reason.

I impulsively bought a vegan cookbook and regret it. Veganomicon by Moskowitz and Romero is nicely done, but every recipe is so, so difficult, and I never have everything together. You have to shop for each and every recipe. I wish I had my $18 back to spend on fresh veggies. My grown children question why, and I say, I'm vegan because I can, and if there's any hardship at all (which there isn't), it doesn't compare to the hardships the animals endure! But, now, I can say, "Not because of me!" Good Luck to everyone who is eating right!

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