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Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant Nashville

by Evelyn
(Nashville, TN)

Gojo Ethiopian Nashville menu

Gojo Ethiopian Nashville menu

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant is in Berry Hill, just off of Thompson Lane at the intersection with Nolensville Road.

All the vegetables are cooked without butter. I recently have decided to be an ovo-veggie and Gojo is one of my favorites because I know I can get a full dinner or lunch that's free of milk and eggs. Ethiopian food is similar to Indian food so I can kill two birds with one stone.

Also, Chinatown in green hills has good vegan options. They have veggie egg rolls which isn't vegan, (actually those are one of my biggest weaknesses) the egg rolls are delicious.

Editor's Note:
Thanks so much for the insider tip!

Ethiopian food is packed with vegan options, and Gojo Ethiopian Nashville gets really good reviews. I even saw people who said they never liked to try new foods who enjoyed this restaurant.

There is a vegetarian plate that varies daily and includes some combination of yellow split peas, yellow or red lentils, cabbage, greens, green beans, and/or potatoes. You are served the combo of vegetables with injera bread, and to eat it, you break off pieces of the bread and scoop up your veggies!

They also have a spiced sweet tea that is a fun take on the Southern sweet tea that so many people adore in Nashville.

Gojo is a definite hole-in-the-wall, which makes it all the more fun to try out!

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Loved Gojo Ethiopian Nashville
by: Cathleen

Thank you so much for this amazing restaurant suggestion. We absolutely love Gojo Ethiopian Nashville. I added a picture of the vegetarian section of the menu, as well as the vegetarian combo platter. The enjera is amazing-- it's like a nice, egg-free crepe made with whole wheat flour. We LOVED the chickpea dish the most, although everything was delicious.

Also, they do have the spiced tea in an unsweetened version. My husband had the sweet and I personally thought you could taste the spices more in the unsweetened one.

Our server was super friendly as well. Highly recommended!

response to denise
by: Evelyn

Woah!!!! Woodlands is the bomb!! It's on west end! More than half of their menu is vegan, I know because I asked and the server showed me. Samosa chats all the way! Gobi Manchurian! Dosas! ahhh delicious! I suggest you give it another try! I did not like woodlands the first time I tried it either because I loved sitar soo much. Now, I feel much more comfortable going to Woodlands than Sitar knowing their fryers, flat tops, knives, whatever has not been used previously on a meat dish. The servers are much more personable at Woodlands than Sitar as well! Oh my gosh the lunch buffet at woodlands is even better than the dinner menu! I wanna go right now..

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant Nashville
by: Denise

Evelyn, thanks so much for the information on the Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant. I'll certainly give them a try. I just tried Woodland's vegetarian Indian Cuisine on Charlotte Ave (Nashville). I was not thrilled. I went with a friend, and was trying to be sociable.

My friend is not vegetarian, and he chose to go there for me. I am actually vegan. I was afraid to ask if some of the items they had, had milk or egg. And after eating at Sitar Indian Restaurant (116 21st Ave.), no other Indian restaurant can compare.

Also, you mentioned that you're an ovo vegetarian. If so, you still eat eggs. If so, try to do the organic eggs. I'm vegan with a veggie child, and he still eats eggs and milk. I make sure they are organic. It's hard, because he was up some age when I sent from veggie to vegan. If I have another child, s/he will be vegan from the cradle. Take care for now.

Thanks for sharing.

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