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Healed Skin Lesions with Vegan Diet

by Sue
(Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

I Healed My Skin Lesions with a Vegan Diet

It seems minor when I consider there are people who have stopped cancer cells from developing, but my life was made better a year ago when the skin lesions on my fingers healed. It was a direct result of my vegan diet, I believe, because it happened within weeks of my giving up fish and dairy which I had been consuming for ten years after having given up meats.

My fingers had been a constant embarrassment to me, as they would split open and bleed inappropriately, if you can imagine that. I wore band-aids on several fingers almost all the time, and had to wear Bag Balm under gloves at night. I needed fingerprints to get a license renewed, and my prints were no longer traceable. And they hurt!

A friend invited me to take a class with her called "The World Peace Diet," which was a life-changing invitation as it turned out. We were guided through the book by that name and some of us read The China Study as well. Inspired by that class, I gave up all animal products in my diet. My husband found "The China Study" compelling, and joined me, so the diet was much easier to maintain. A year later, we still eat a plant-based diet.

It was incidental, that one day I looked at my hands and realized my fingers no longer had splitting skin! The problem that had plagued me for years was gone, and it happened within six weeks of beginning a vegan diet. To this day, I feel cured, that by doing something in the name of world peace, I have found a bit of peace in my own body.

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Blemishes disappearing through diet
by: Vicki

I just ran across your article and wanted to share that I have been eating completely Vegan for about six months now, and every blemish I have on my body is healing. My skin is healthier and healthier, day by day. It is amazing. The insides of my body is probably doing the same thing. The China Study is good. Forks and Knives on NetFlix. The Gerson Therapy - cure for cancer. Health to a great extent depends on what we are putting into our bodies. Great health to all!

Wow! Who Knew?
by: Cathleen

I find it constantly amazing to learn of how much of the body can be healed by simply eating what our bodies were designed to eat. Your story is inspiring because so few of us would think to equate skin problems with dairy products! This will help more people than you know. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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