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Health Concerns with Non-Dairy Spreads

by Nia
(NYC and beyond)

I've got a question that has been nagging me for a long time now. I have searched for information on it over the web, but find it hard to locate just what I'm looking for. So, I'm hoping that any of you out there who are well educated on the subject can spell it out for me plain and simple. Thank you in advance :)

I have heard and read somewhere that the ingredients in commercial nondairy spreads like ones made from canola, corn, soy, etc. are toxic. I'm sure due to GMO ingredients and processing methods but, it's not really clear. I read something like they twist your own DNA and cause your major organs such as your liver to become diseased. What are the health concerns with non-dairy spreads? How are they harmful and what exactly makes them toxic as well as what are the specific risks?

Also, I have begun to replace these types of spreads in my diet with coconut oil and olive oil solidified in the fridge. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Thanks again :)

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Vegan alternative to butter
by: Clarissa Cloud

Earth Balance is a non gmo vegan alternative to butter and it tastes much better... I have my non vegan friends hooked. It is even sold organic.

The Truth about Oils
by: Giovanna

Hi guys - I'm a Healthy Eating Specialist at the Whole Foods Market Tribeca (NYC). I actually teach my cooking classes without using any oil. The reason being is that extracted oils are a concentrated source of fat. Even though plant based oils are cholesterol free and if processed correctly will include few nutrients, the bottom line is that all oils whether plant based or not are 120 calories per tablespoon of pure fat. There are only two essential fats that are bodies need - Omega 3 and Omega 6. Most Americans get way too much Omega 6 because of over consumption of oils, especially Olive Oil, which is not a health food. The key to remember is that any benefit you get from olive oil and other plant based oils, you can get from whole foods and plants. Therefore, use these non-dairy spreads and oils judiciously. As far as the non-dairy spreads causing liver damage, I haven't read anything like that.

Health Concerns Non Dairy Spreads
by: Anonymous

Thanks LyNel, I wish I knew how to replace the taste of actual butter too! I was hoping that someone knew the actual health concerns about using substitutes. My husband still buys it from the supermarket sometimes because it's easier for him. I'd really like for us to stop having it around period. I hope someone might clarify it all to me. When I'm not clear on something, I tend to be more "loose" with it, I guess out of uncertainty.

the butter thing
by: LyNel

Oh yeah, someone with my same concerns. I to am using Olive Oil or coconut oil. I sure do miss the taste of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", though. Wish I could duplicate the taste with something that wasn't dangerous to eat. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get that taste?

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