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Honor The Earth With Diet

by Karon
(Los Angeles, CA)

The first time I heard someone talking about being a "raw vegan" I was immediately drawn in even though I had never heard of it before and wasn't even a vegetarian. After reading everything I could find online on the subject I sat back and said to myself, "Well of course . . . I profess to honor this planet, recycle and all of that, and this is obviously the right thing to do."

A lot of my outlook on life has just been shifting lately. I used to think the Earth and everything on it was here for the benefit of man. The thought occurred to me that the Earth had been here for quite a while before we came along and even if man made this place uninhabitable for him, the Earth would still be here. Embracing life here as a gift, I now believe we are supposed to protect this wonderful living library we live on. Being vegan is a substantial way to live according to my personal beliefs. I like feeling connected to the Earth and I honor the Earth through diet.

Since becoming vegan I feel better physically. I used to require my beauty sleep of 8 to 9 hours a night. Now 6 hours is plenty and I wake up alert!

Spiritually and emotionally I am better balanced which effortlessly keeps my moods pretty even so I'm nicer to be around, which is another way of saying I am calmer from the inside out.

Now I had no intention to stop wearing leather but after a few months I began to understand there's not a difference between eating and wearing if the animal is raised and killed for either purpose. Staying vegan is my way of honoring Grandmother Earth. I am grateful to be alive and so fortunate to be living in Southern California where there is fresh produce available year round!

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