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How can I be a vegan in college on a low budget?

by Ali
(Nashville, TN)


I have recently flirted with the idea of becoming a vegan. I am an avid yoga student and am in the process of getting my license to teach. I have noticed the difference in my practice when I eat a more plant based diet, but I have grown up in a very pro meat/dairy family. I am nervous about deficiencies without meat and dairy and it seems very hard to be able to cook and afford the vegan life style (I am in college and am on a strict budget). Could you help educate me? Any tips for saving money and eating vegan?

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vegan in college
by: Anonymous

This is true!!! It does seem hard but you will find it is easier than 1-2-3.. : ) I am new to this all as well.. I found PETA's Vegan College Cookbook a WONDERFUL investment... however, I like to ADD veggies to some of their dishes.. : ) I love them and I worry that they don't have enough of them... and hey! it can't hurt to add more.. When in doubt, add more veggies. Good luck on your adventure.. It is noble and wonderful for you to live a healthier life style, for what ever reason that motivates you! Happy trails!

I used to be in your exact situation...
by: Anonymous


I went vegan when I was in college. I started off on my own, the wrong way and it took me quite a while to get it right-Lucky You - get to know the answers before even starting! I have found the most inexpensive way to eat a vegan diet is to keep it whole and simple (fresh fruit and vegetables). Ounce for ounce-meat is more expensive than produce. People generally stretch meat dishes with vegetables not the other way around. consider yourself off to a thrifty start. By the way, I spend a lot less money on groceries than my meat eating friends! I found that volunteering two hours per week at a Food Co-Op gave me nice discounts on items that I purchased there. I believe every nutrient that we need is readily available via the earth we live on; many healthy, strong generations before us have proven this. Avoid processed and packaged foods. Imitation meat and dairy produced by most manufacturers can be pricey and unhealthy; if you must have this, you are better off following recipes for making your own. Buy fresh produce in small enough amounts to last you just a couple of days (stocking up on produce can cause it to spoil before you get to use it). Do stock up on dry grains. If you shop in health food stores or food co-ops you can save money by buying things from bulk-bins. Nuts and seeds can boost you nutrition too. Make sure you store food accordingly to prevent them from spoiling (look up the best way to store each food on the internet or ask salespeople). Research different foods to find out how other cultures and previous generations have eaten them - speak to your grandparents (or someone else's). I hope this helps. Good luck, because you are making the right decision! PS-PETA has a college cookbook: PETA's Vegan College Cookbook: 275 Easy, Cheap, and Delicious Recipes to Keep You Vegan at School

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