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How to be protein type and vegan?

by Sylvia
(the Netherlands)


I am tired all the time and when eating vegan did not help, I tried to find the source. Turns out I have some issues with adrenal fatigue and I am a protein type (metabolism). In both cases the advice is to increase protein intake (animal products of course) and decrease carbohydrates, especially those with high glycemic indexes. I was tired enough to consider it, but the idea of eating animal products again made me cry. So can you give advice on how to combine the two? I'm soooo tired of being tired.

Editor's Response:

I am sorry you're dealing with fatigue right now. I am not incredibly versed in many of the more popular diet concepts out there because I take the stance that if we eat from plant-based sources, we will ultimately be the healthiest we can be. But, I do know that not all bodies are created the same and some of us might benefit from higher levels of certain foods, so the metabolic typing diet is interesting to me.

I did some quick research, and it appears that protein type means that your body burns carbohydrates very quickly and so you need to eat plenty of proteins to balance out your metabolism. The standard recommendation is to eat high fat animal proteins, and of course, I disagree with that assumption.

From what limited information I know about the metabolic typing diet, it seems like you should be able to simply eat a higher amount of plant proteins in your daily diet. I would focus on eating different beans at every meal, making sure to eat a variety of beans and legumes such as lentils, black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, and soybeans, tempeh, and tofu.

As far as the refined carbohydrates, I agree that every body will feel better when it's not being fed a low of highly refined carbohydrates. I recommend whole grains, especially those packed with protein, like quinoa, bulgur,

I know the idea of eating animals again is completely unappealing to you, but it might be hard to turn your back on what your doctor tells you. Just remember that eating animal protein leads to a host of illnesses, so beyond just the disgust factor, don't forget what else you could bring back on yourself.

I hope this helps! Since I'm not an expert in this kind of information, I'd love if anyone wants to share any other helpful information in the comments section!

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anna g
by: Anonymous

I had a similar problem for over 20 years,being vegetarian and feeling always hungry. It started in my teens though when I was still eating standard diet. Paradoxically, going raw vegan and doing intermittent fasting ( at different times in my life) were the only things that ever helped. When I was raw I cut out sugar & processed carbs and was eating nutritious salads for breakfast - it was such a game changer! It's high protein with fat & salt so it was very satisfying! I'm a protein type like you so I'd recommend to go low on green smoothies unless you add lots of protein powders & fat/ salt to them. Significantly increase the amounts of raw food in your diet, also seaweed, spirulina, chlorella, hemp, moringa, they're all easy to get. Get homeopathy or tonic herbs for your adrenals, it's a must & it'll change your life around! And until you fix your adrenals, pls go easy on exercise as it'll further deplete you energetically, try qi gong or yoga instead. Avoid EMFs, get fresh air & sunlight daily. Google up what else nourishes & depletes your adrenals & you'll definitely turn your tiredness around! Good luck!

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