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I Don't Eat Animal Products Because I Don't Have To

by Janene
(Miami, FL)

I watched and "Forks Over Knives," and "Vegucated" on the same afternoon about five weeks ago. Something clicked in my 52-year-old nurse brain connecting the often end-stage health conditions of the patients I see in the Emergency Department and the hazards of an animal product way of eating.

Eating eggs and dairy seemed as unhealthy and cruel to animals as eating meat itself. While I can understand why someone with limited food resources might eat whatever is available, I don't eat animal products because I don't have to. I have the evolving knowledge and resources to enjoy better health, not feel guilty when I look at my beloved pets, and take solace in the fact that I am doing something small to help the planet.

Watch the movies that changed Janene's life forever:

Editor's Note:

Forks Over Knives is one of the most influential movies ever made in the vegan community. Most of us grow up with traditional ideas of nutrition, and until we have a chance to see the facts, we might continue on that path for most of our lives. You have to go out of your way to learn the truth about food and with busy lives and food patterns that we love, it's not common for people to take the time to learn anything different.

I applaud you for watching these two incredible movies, and then for taking the information and changing your life.

I went through the exact thought process as you because while I stopped eating meat when I was very young, I continued to eat eggs, dairy products, and some fish for the next decade of my life. I never educated myself on the facts, so I just assumed that "chickens lay eggs no matter what, so why not eat them" and "cows need to be milked so their udders aren't too full, so it's fine to drink milk" were facts. The truth is that you contribute to animal cruelty just as much by eating eggs and dairy as by eating meat.

I also relate to your concept of no longer feeling guilty when you look at your pets. I remember the first time I snorkeled with tropical fish after I'd decided to stop eating them and I felt a sense of peace knowing I wasn't going to hurt a living being.

Congratulations to you on deciding to change your life for the better!

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agreed !
by: Bud

i agree fork over knives and other great documentaries have been instrumental in bring the truth to light ! and i hope someday we can bring down the big agri-pharm to a level where they dont intrude into the food of evryday life

I'm vegan for the health of it
by: Mariann

I recently watched the movie Forks over Knives and something clicked. I am a 42-year old nurse that sees all of the chronic diseases they talk about, in the ICU where I work. I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. My brother died of a heart attack at 53.

I love life and want to be the healthiest I can be. It's only been a couple of weeks since I went completely vegan. I feel like I have more energy, less digestion problems, and overall just feel great!

I wish more people would take control of their health. Life is such a precious gift, and our bodies are the only vehicle we have to take us through it.

Would you eat bark?
by: Diane Vukovic

Well said! I live in a place where vegetarians are virtually non existent. When people ask me inane questions like "don't you miss meat", I tell them that it doesn't even seem like food to me anymore. I probably view meat in the same way that they view tree bark: If they were REALLY hungry, then they'd eat it. But otherwise, it has no appeal!

By the way, I like how you answered the question without seeming pretentious. This is a major problem in the vegan community. At (http://vegetariansupplementsguide.com/blog/ive-been-a-vegan-for-__-years-that-makes-me-better-than-you), I even wrote a post about vegan superiority complexes!

wonderful page!
by: Melinda Abbott

What a delightful discovery! I am opening a vegan restaurant and I am excited to network within the vegan community. This project is exciting because - just as the page says- most folks don't think there are any other options besides the typical animal products that have become so ubiquitous. I intend to change that!

My neighborhood has not only very little in the way of vegetarian options but almost no vegan options, making it literally an invisible choice for most. I truly believe that if there is more access and less mysticism surrounding plant based eating more people will adopt it, because, lets face it, you just feel so much better!! Find me on twitter @melindababbott to talk more or recommend chefs or vegan support!

by: terrilee

I embraced the vegan lifestyle on August 24, 2011 and never looked back. I've read over 40 books and have watched Vegucated Eating, 3rd Edition,
and my husband and I have watched Forks Over Knives 15 times. I have seen others get well with this lifestyle. I have gotten off blood pressure medication that I was taking for 17 years, and have gone from 100 units of insulin daily for type 2 diabetes to zero. So I applaud your decision and wish you the very best in your new, healthier journey through this life!

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