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I went vegan for a life change

by Jackie
(Duncan, B.C)

I went vegan after Christmas this year. Actually, I initiated my new diet with a cleanse/detox purification system from my healthfood store. Wow, did it make me feel great! There was no way I was going to end my way of being. I went vegan for a life change and I have more energy than ever and feel outstanding!

Although, I'm struggling with the transition with my two children (2 and 4), they LOVE cows milk:( Any suggestions?

Editor's Note:
I'm so glad to hear you are feeling great with your new diet. The instant energy is pretty shocking, isn't it? It makes you wonder how your body could ever manager with all that heavy, tiring animal protein.

Transitioning children can take some time, but luckily your kids are young enough that I doubt you'll run into too much resistance. If you give plenty of positive reinforcement when they try something new, and you are excited and happy with the food you are eating, they will gladly follow along. You could also think of some age-appropriate reasons for why we aren't drinking cow's milk anymore.

And, lastly, I've read that it takes 12 tastes of a food for a child to remember and appreciate the flavor, so keep trying with the milk. You might start with small amounts in their cow's milk and then gradually switch over, seeing how that works.

Hope that helps!

Whoops! I meant to say that "small amounts of nondairy milk" would be a good way to transition your kids. We love almond milk at my house, but there are so many options, including soy, oat, hazelnut, hemp, and rice milk. Experiment and see which ones you like the best. Check out my page on milk substitutes.

It's also important to remember that we don't actually NEED any form of milk in our everyday diets. We've become accustomed to putting milk in cereal because that's what we've always done, but technically humans are done with milk once they're weaned, and you can get all the nutrients you need from whole foods, rather than feeling like you need a milk substitute in your everyday diet.

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RE: Cow's Milk
by: Lawrence

Hey There!
I think it's great that you went vegan, and started your transition with a detoxification process. I read that you're struggling to find a milk alternative for your children to enjoy. I recommend making your own oat milk (blending one part oatmeal, three parts water, and adding one or two dates for sweetness). This is a very affordable milk alternative and the sweetness from the dates may be something your children can enjoy. Additionally, there are a few almondmilk brands that offer chocolate and vanilla flavors, which may help when it comes to transitioning your children.
Congratulations on the lifestyle change!

Milk Substitutes
by: Cathleen

Whoops! I left out that section of my original post. I edited it to clarify. Thanks for catching that.

"small amounts" of what
by: Anonymous

Following up on the editor's comment, "small amounts" of what? In helping the mom with her kids and cow's milk, there was the statement, "You might start with small amounts in their cow's milk and then gradually switch over, seeing how that works." So "small amounts" of what?

What about almond milk? I'm afraid to say soy, because some people have allergies. But I've actually had vanilla soy milk with a slight touch of water, and it almost tastes like cow's milk. It's kind of hard to do, though, because you don't want watery milk.

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