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I'm Trying to Stay Vegan

by Lindsey
(Oxford, MI)

I am trying to become and stay vegan because I watched Forks Over Knives.

I had started P90X, and I was struggling with the nutrition aspect because the calorie requirements were confusing me. The moderator of an online group I am a member of recommended the movie. He told me that he and his wife had decided to go vegan after watching, and that they had both lost a ton of weight that had always just seemed to stick around.

I watched the movie and immediately knew that if I wanted to get and stay healthy, I had to get out of the Standard American Diet, ASAP!

I didn't have any major health issues, and I wasn't overweight, I just want to be healthier. I still have days where I would be vegetarian rather than vegan, and I admit I have had meat since I decided to switch my lifestyle. But I can definitely tell when I am eating the right way for my body. I have more energy, feel more alive.

I don't want to go back to my old ways. It isn't worth it- I have a husband and two young children who are counting on me to be healthy. And I want to be the best role model for my kids as I can possibly be.

Editor's Note:

Forks Over Knives continues to be one of the most influential movies in helping people to understand the benefits of a plant-based diet. Most people who have gone vegan since it came out in 2010 credit seeing the movie as part of the reason they went vegan.

So, I want to congratulate you on being proactive and taking charge of your own health with your diet. It's great to hear that you weren't sick when you decided to change your life; you just wanted to be as healthy as possible for your family.

I also want to let you know that it's completely normal to have days where you struggle with eating vegan, and it's even normal to sometimes eat animal products. It's hard to change something you've done your whole life, and many animal products (especially dairy) are actually physically addictive, so it's very difficult to stop eating them.

I believe that one of the worst things you can do is feel so guilty about slipping that you start eating everything again. You know the mentality of, "well, I've already messed up, I might as well really mess up," or even give up.

You're making a huge change in your diet and lifestyle and it can sometimes take time to fully adjust to it, so be kind to yourself during the transition. It will get to a point where you haven't had animals for long enough that trying to eat them makes you physically feel terrible. When you eat slowly and consciously and really listen to your body, you will be confident enough in yourself to listen to those cues and I am sure it will guide you in the right direction.

Great work so far and just keep at it!

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Going Vegan is Doable Take Baby Steps!
by: Anonymous

Hey Lindsey,

I just saw your post here, not sure how long ago it was posted.. but thought I'd chime in. I'm a health coach, trainer and nutritionist and just went vegan about 3 years ago. Yes, it is difficult to make the transition but it will work its way out.

Most recipes, with a few simple adjustments can be made vegan. Try putting together a list of 3 recipes each for breakfast, lunch and dinner and get used to making those. Once you've got them down, gradually add in more variety. That's what helped me when I first switched.

Try to nail down one step at a time and before you know it, it will become second nature.

What specifically are you struggling with most?

So great what you are doing for yourself and your family!!

It works
by: Susan

For 18 months I have changed my eating. I am 57 and have struggled with my weight since I was 10. So many "diets" do much weight lost, but always found it's way back and brought friends with it. I have lost 47 pounds, my blood pressure has dropped to almost perfect, and I feel better. You have to change your lifestyle. I am not perfect but I can guarantee I will never eat meat from a grocery store or restaurant again. I had no idea what they had done to animals. My biggest pleasure is to take recipes I have known all my life and make them vegan. There have been some misses but also some great success. It is worth it and do not ever see myself going back.

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