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I'm Vegan For the Health Benefits

by Cindy
(Houston, Texas)

I had been on two medicines for diabetes, two for blood pressure, and one for cholesterol for about 1-1/2 years when I heard about a Nutrition Boot Camp that focused on Raw Foods, strictly plant-based. I went to the four-week Boot Camp and by the end of it I had lost 20 pounds and was completely off all five medicines!

I am proof that the human body can truly heal itself if given the chance through proper nutrition. Needless to say, I was convinced and have stuck with the plant based diet since then, and try to eat mostly raw foods. I continue to lose weight and my doctor is astounded that I'm off my medicines. I'm a convert for life!

Editor's Note:
Congratulations on making such a huge and positive change in your life. Your story is a great example of how much diet impacts our lives and how much more energized and happy we can feel when we're released from animal proteins.

I've heard countless stories of people who had degenerative diseases and were able to cure them by choosing a plant-based diet that focuses on whole foods. No matter what illness you have or what position you find yourself in, you can change it quickly by simply choosing to try better foods. Congratulations on going vegan for the health benefits.

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Vegan and Clean Water
by: Todd

I've been struggling with arthritis and gout for 30 yrs. I think I've tried everything. Eating things like cherries and trying all the health food store remedies but at the end of the day I always rely on handfuls of ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

The last few months I've been eating as much organic as possible, to stay away from pesticides and whatever else they spray your food with, so I could get my body less acidic and more on the alkaline side.

Although going vegan seemed to help a little to ease some of the pain what really helped was drinking high alkaline water.

I had a friend recommend a high quality water machine that is medical grade and actually used in hospitals in Japan. I did some research and found out that this machine is in 1 out of every 6 households in Japan.

Long story short, I got the machine and within a week my gout went away and I didn't need ibuprofen.

It may be a little expensive but living without all the pain I would've paid double for this.

I'm a firm believer in organic and this alkaline water machine. If anyone has ever had gout and/or arthritis then you probably know what I'm talking about.

I would recommend this to anyone you know to keep your body alkaline.

Today decided to go vegan for health benefits
by: Stephanie

I'm actually not vegan yet. But my decision came today. The decision was born out of health concerns, thousands of hours of research (literally), including pesticides, gmo's, animal treatment, cancer, and degenerative diseases. I'm a long haul truck driver, my only options out here is the mass produced garbage, until I can put in a refrigerator I'm extremely limited. I've been eating as often as I can exclusively organic. Coming back to driving after a six month break, has put me over the edge, I just can't emotionally or psychically handle this horrible food any longer.

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