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Infants and Cow Milk

by Lauren

Infants and Cow Milk

I am interested in cow's milk and dairy, and our efforts to receive calcium in our diets. I understand that when you eat a lot of animal protein, your blood is acidotic and, therefore, calcium is leached from your bones, potentially offsetting the benefits of getting calcium in your diet from other sources.

I am a little confused though as to why everyone including infants and children should eliminate dairy completely. Are milk/dairy proteins as detrimental to our bodies as animal muscle proteins? Or is it the combination of muscle and milk proteins that seem to cause the most leaching of bones and chronic diseases?

I'm concerned because many of my patients are on cow's milk based formulas, and have a lot of exposure to the primary milk proteins, casein and whey. I also know that breastmilk is the best nutrition an infant can have, and the primary protein component is also casein. My inclination is that casein in breastmilk is probably metabolized in a different way than it is when we are adults, and infant bones are of course not calcified so there is not a concern about leaching. I'm just concerned about the processed nature of formulas and the great exposure to bovine casein. Any insight on infants and cow milk would be greatly appreciated!!

As for milk proteins, I would definitely agree that they are just as bad (or worse) for our bad as meat proteins. Casein is highly addictive and seemingly the source of many of the diseases from meat/dairy consumption. I read a ton about it inThe China Study, and I'd definitely recommend picking that book up to learn more as its written and was researched by a doctor and can give you more conclusive evidence than I can here. Here's a link to my page on vegan books. Infants and cow milk simply do not mix!

When you think about it, it makes sense... cow's milk is designed by nature to grow infant cows into toddler cows, gaining hundreds of pounds in the process. It's not made for humans. The only reason we use cow's milk is because it was a huge source of milk that we could easily exploit and make the process of feeding our babies easier. That doesn't mean it was healthy for those babies. It just would be far too expensive to sell breast milk, and then human females would have to be exploited for their milk, rather than just helpless animals.

Human breast milk is incredibly healthy for human infants, and helps to develop us into toddlers. At that point, do we need milk? Absolutely not! That goes completely against what most people living today were raised to believe, but it's being researched to be true. Once we start eating solid foods, we don't need breast milk anymore. What we are learning now is that not only is it unnecessary, but it's also unhealthy to keep feeding children milks. Learn more about the ways to get calcium as a vegan.

Hope that helps! If anyone else has insight on infants and cow milk, please do add it!

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We are not cows
by: Tricia

This is so good to think about. I like how this article explained that cow's milk is to make baby cows into big cows. haha We are not cows. Our little people grow into healthy adults by human milk and then they no longer need it. Makes complete sense.

Thanks so much for sharing this. We can get what we need from natural foods provided by our creator that grow from the earth we were meant to live on.

Scientific Facts About Milk
by: Anonymous

Dr. John McDougal is a world renowned expert on milk and the diseases caused by consuming dairy products.

If you drink milk, or feed it to your children, then you should really consider watching this video on Google, because it could literally save your lives: http://bit.ly/aBAQL4


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