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Is SiteBuildIt Worth It?

by Stephanie


I don't know how, but my mother stumbled upon your website because I have been telling her how much I don't want to work for anyone anymore and would love to work for myself (I'm in marketing). She saw your website and passed me along the link to have me read your bio. I think she did this because I told her I was going to write an article for another website (for free) about vegetarianism.

From reading your bio, you have inspired me to break out on my own and find something to write about that interests me (and hopefully others!). I'm sure other people who have read your bio felt the same.

Does SBI really help you gain more exposure and money than Google ad campaigns? I do have my own web site but it's really for promoting my portfolio and myself as a marketing professional. Although, I really find no joy from marketing. Was it costly to get started with SBI?

Any information you are willing to share with someone who is probably where you were at when you started this web site, would be greatly appreciated. And cheers to you for having the guts to quit your job and do what you love and make a living from it! Very admirable!

Editor's Answer:

It's so great to hear from you, and thank you for the compliments. It sounds like you are in the same place I was when I decided to stop working for "the man." I personally believe that there is a type of person who just doesn't function as well when working for someone else. Many people love and thrive in a structured workplace, but others feel like we're suffocating. For me, life is just so much better when I'm pursuing what I love and have passion for, and I hope that passion bleeds through onto my website and helps other people to improve their lives.

So, to start answering your questions... I love SBI. I found it after searching endlessly for work at home jobs that were legitimate and after considering loads of possible careers that involved veganism and food and nutrition, such as catering, having an at-home bakery, becoming a certified nutritionist and working in a hospital, etc. There were drawbacks to each of those ideas and they didn't quite touch on what I loved and really wanted to do, which was basically to help coach people into veganism. I love the idea of exposing people to the truth about a plant-based lifestyle and helping them along the way.

To answer whether SBI helps to gain exposure… I can't begin to explain how much it does for the new sitebuilder. It literally helps you to do everything along the way, from the actual physical building of the site to figuring out the best way to monetize your particular niche. And, what's crazy to me is that they keep adding more features. When I started, I had absolutely no knowledge of websites or internet marketing, or anything related. I knew no html and couldn't tell you what CSS stood for. All I knew was what I wanted to help people to do, and after reading the success stories on SBI's case studies page, I felt like I could do it. So, I bought my first site, and was sort of nervous about spending $299, but believing in myself enough to consider it my first investment in my future.

SBI has an amazing action guide that walks you through each and every part of building a site, and I recommend everyone follow it to a tee, along with using as many of their site building tools as you can. You use their template building program to design your actual home page, and their keyword generating software to know what keywords to use on each page. After you start getting pages built, you submit your site once to the search engines and SBI handles the submission every other time you change something on your site. Their guide teaches you how to build links back to your page, and from there you start generating traffic. The rest is gravy, and there is a lot of gravy. One of the more amazing things is the forum, where you can ask questions of veterans, and where the atmosphere is all about giving back and paying it forward. There are also an abundance of files for you to learn anything you want to know; more than I'd ever have time to fully review.

Now, I have to say that it's not a get-rich-quick scam. You do have to work hard and it does simply take time to build pages and traffic. I was lucky to have a supportive husband whose income could support both of us while I got the site going. I've read plenty of examples of people who continued working at their day job and built their site on lunch breaks, in the evening, and on the weekends, and waited until the income was enough to replace their old job before they walked away. Every niche is different in that respect too, so it's hard to say how long it will take. A lot of it depends on your passion, your work ethic, and the particular site concept you select (SBI's keyword software helps you to decide what will be profitable).

As for your question about whether it was expensive… I've had friends who had websites made for them for $3000, and that was kind of what I expected a site to cost. I've also seen domain names available for $10, and before I read about SBI, I couldn't have told you what the difference was between those two prices. Now I know that domain name was just that, and to get a site running I'd have needed a lot more, not that I could even list it would need, even after several years of running my own site. SBI takes care of all those things I'd have to worry about, so I'm positive it should cost way more than it does. I did run a small business before I started my sites and I know how much it costs to do so, so for me, $300 was a pretty small start-up cost. And that's all it costs… no hidden extra fees or any other nonsense. I do sometimes run ad campaigns with google or with Facebook, but those are just supplemental and many people don't do that.

I've gone on and on. I really can't say enough good things about it, and I recommend it to all my family and friends. I recommend it to people who already have websites or blogs too, because most of those site building programs just enable you to get the site up and running, but offer nowhere near the guidance that SBI does. Granted, that doesn't mean everyone starts their own site; not everyone is ready to branch off on their own, but maybe they will in the future. It gets my highest recommendation!

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