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Find the Perfect Beach Food at
Joy's Place Kihei

We found Joy's Place in Kihei almost by accident. One day we decided to escape the rainy upcountry and seek heat in South Maui, and we knew we'd need to pick up some food on the way to the beaches so we mapped "vegan." The map on our smartphone directed us to Joy's, and we can't thank it enough.

Joy's Place

Joy's is a small deli-style shop in a tiny strip mall where you can either pick up a few of the freshly prepared raw wraps or you can order a sandwich, wrap, or salad to be made from the deli.

I have a hard time deciding at big restaurants, and so I actually liked that Joy's had a smaller selection of sandwiches and wraps. I'd rather go to a place that does a few things very well compared to a big place with tons of options that are all so-so.

We went to Joy's Place twice because we loved everything the first time and didn't have room to try the other things that looked good.

The first time we tried a raw summer roll and a live nut burger from the refrigerated bin. Both were outstanding, but we didn't realize we were supposed to pick up the live peanut sauce to go with the roll. The second time we bought the summer roll it was even better, stuffed full of raw vegetables and wrapped in a large piece of collard greens.

I loved the nut burger. It was wrapped in a kale "bun," which made a perfect beach burger bun. The "burger" itself is made with dehydrated nuts and seeds and flavored somehow to give it a savory flavor reminiscent of meat. The nut burger is covered in live mustard and ketchup, which was tart and wonderful, and a slew of vegetables, and sprouts.

The second time we went to Joy's Place Kihei, we had the live burrito supreme, which was also outstanding. You can either wrap it in rice wrap or collard green, and we opted for greens. Inside there's a sunflower seed refried bean scattered amongst tons of vegetables, cashew sour cream, and avocado. It was a huge burrito and afterwards I felt nothing like I usually do after tossing back a burrito of that size. Instead I was pleasantly full and ready to romp in the ocean.

Both times we had the indo crunch collard wrap because after we tried it the first time, we had to have it again. It was filled with marinated tempeh covered in a perfect peanut sauce, and again surrounded by a load of vegetables. I still think about the indo crunch wrap and just wish there was a Joy's Place in Lahaina so we could have indulged more often.

There were a few other vegan options on the menu and I wish I could try them, especially the grilled veggie burger. Veggie burgers tend to be the lone vegan options on menus so we're all used to eating them often and tend to avoid them when we have other options, but at a place like Joy's, there is no packaged burger option, and I'm sure it's delicious.

Joy's Place Kihei also has soups, drinks, and smoothies, as well as a few breakfast options like an acai berry bowl, muffins, and a peanut butter banana sandwich.

If you're staying anywhere near Kihei in South Maui, or even just stopping by, I highly recommend picking up some to go items at Joy's Place Kihei and having an impromptu beach picnic. I can never understand when people eat heavy, greasy food at the beach. Raw wraps and salads are the absolute perfect food.

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