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Liver Cancer Cells Killed with Alkaline Diet

by Rosell
(Washington D.C.)

Growing up with a father from Italy meant that we regularly ate pasta with meatballs, salami, prosciutto, cannoli, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses as well as many other dishes containing meat and dairy products. It was such a staple in our home, that we even made our own salami each year. While in Spain in 2007, my father, Vittorio Novelliere, was having constant stomach pains for over a week. The doctor had sent him home 3 different times with a prescription.

He finally called a specialist on a Friday who told him that he was traveling out of the country that weekend and would not be back for several weeks, but to come for an appointment at 6:00pm that evening. When the doctor assessed him and completed several tests, he told him that he had to have emergency surgery the next day and that he suspected Colon Cancer. He told my father that if he had not come in that Friday, he would not have made it to Monday.

After a major 7 hour surgery, he was treated with chemotherapy for several months. The side effects of the chemo were awful. They consisted of constant nausea, vomiting, a lowered immune system and extreme sensitivity to touching or eating anything below room temperature.

After returning to the U.S., he was told to have an annual scan to ensure that the cancer had not return. In November of 2010, my father went for his annual scan. He did not expect to receive the call saying that they had found something. This time they found the cancer in his liver. The doctor downplayed the procedure and said that it would be minimal. However, it turned into an 8 hour operation that consisted of removing 1/3 of his liver. He was told that he would have to have chemotherapy once again. Again, he went through the same awful side effects.

After 6 more months of chemo, he went back to the doctor. He was expecting the doctor to say that the cancer was gone, after all, he did follow everything that the doctor had told him to do. However, the news was worse this time. There were 8 more spots in his liver and this time the doctor said that he could not perform surgery because his if he did, his liver would look like Swiss cheese. After asking the doctor multiple times if he should change his diet, the doctor assured him that he could eat anything he wanted and that diet did not affect cancer.

It was at this time that my parents decided to take my father’s treatment and his life into their own hands. Everything that the doctor had suggested had not yet worked and there was nothing to lose at this point. Chemotherapy after all was 60 year old technology and Radiation is 100 years old. They began searching the internet and consistently came across articles suggesting that a plant-based diet helped in the fight against cancer.
There was a lot of evidence to support the fact that what we put in our bodies can help or hurt us.

He watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and decided he would go vegan. He could not just "go vegan” however, because through his research, he began to understand that sugar feeds cancer cells and if he was going to combat this disease, he had to do everything possible and completely eliminate sugar from his diet. He went on a cleanse to purify his body from everything that had built up over the years. Next, he began to juice 6 or 7 times a day and ate raw food 80% of the time.

At first, it was difficult for an Italian who loved to cook to find new recipes to fit this new lifestyle. Each day and week, he began to make up his own recipes that were just as good and this time, they did not hurt his body. The positive changes that he began to feel after changing to a plant based diet were incredible. His Glaucoma that he had for years had virtually disappeared and his eyesight improved. He had more energy than he had for years, he lost weight and his varicose veins disappeared. He felt better than he had felt in years!

Several months ago he met a doctor that is known for specializing in a procedure that injects chemo directly into the liver instead of the whole body. The doctor explained to him that this procedure would stun the cancer cells so that wouldn't grow, but would not kill them.

After having the procedure, the doctor was shocked to discover that the cancer cells were actually dying. He told my father that this was a result of the combination of his diet and the procedure. We are not sure if he is cancer free yet, but the doctors told him a few weeks ago that he should have not survived this and he has.

We hope that doctors and patients will begin to understand that our diet is just as important as medicine and without changing what we eat, we can’t fully address any disease or ailment that we may have. My father hopes to help others facing cancer as well as other diseases through the knowledge he has gained and the recipes he has created.

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Dec 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am happy for you and your family!
May I ask what your father did to cleanse before "just going vegan." I know someone close with liver cancer also and I did not think it was as simple as just starting to eat vegetables only right away.

Apr 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

My dad (61) was just diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. We will be starting the treatment process soon. We are very holistic in our approach for medical treatments and believe that food does play a huge role into all of this. I will be sharing this story with my dad and hope that he sees the same positive results from it as your dad. Thank you for sharing this story it gives hope!

May 16, 2012
Forks over Knives
by: Anonymous

I still haven't seen it myself, but it's apparently having quite the influence over many people. I had two customers come in at Trader Joe's less than an hour apart to tell me that they're changing their diet after seeing it. I just love the fact that I'm assuming the approach of the film is logic rather than just trying to shock people with animal cruelty videos. Yay. I just think that it's a better way to convince someone.

May 09, 2012
by: LyNel

I had breast cancer 17 years ago. Every person on my father's side died of some form of cancer, some young and some old. None lived past 76 years. I have been eating vegetarian for years and vegan for about 2 years. No cancer and I'm now 70 years. I don't take any prescription medication. I don't need any. I don't get heartburn. No heart disease or cholesterol problems. I don't have grey hair.

When I had cancer I had the lumpectomy, and 38 treatments of radiation. The drain was painful. Nothing else hurt. The cancer didn't hurt at all. I think being vegetarian is the reason. I think being vegan now is why my health is so good.

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