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Lowered Insulin with a Vegan Diet

by Terri
(Upper Michigan)

I am a type 2 diabetic who has become increasingly insulin resistant, despite drastic diets like Atkins and taking large amounts of insulin daily just to keep my sugars somewhat "normal".

God led me to Dr. John McDougall's website on my lunch break on August 14, 2011. That day, at noon, I became vegan. I now take insulin only rarely if I eat too much fat. Some weight has come off. I feel 100% better.

And after reading 25+ books on nutrition and the horrific, horrendous fact about factory farming, this has now become an almost all-consuming passion to end the suffering, (at least I no longer contribute to the suffering), and to live more healthfully.

Editor's Note:

This is another inspiring story of the benefits of a vegan diet. I've read countless books about people being able to stop using insulin, and effectively curing their diabetes, by simply changing their diet.

It sometimes frustrates me that patients aren't given this knowledge every single time they visit the doctor. I guarantee more people would be diabetes-free if their doctor simply suggested an animal-free diet could play a large role in curing this disease.

I can see where people got the idea that Atkins might be able to help diabetes since everyone thought all sugars were created equal and were bad, therefore condemning banning carbohydrates and fruits. I believe most people have moved on from that notion, but recently I've seen a huge uptake on interest in the Paleo Diet, which seems to be Atkins 2.0. To cure our illnesses, we need fresh, clean, real, whole foods like fruits and vegetables and plant proteins.

The best thing we can do is keep spreading information about how a plant-based diet can prevent, halt, reverse, and even cure many degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancers.

Congratulations to you for choosing to change your life and for taking a stand against the horrors of factory farming animals. That passion is incredibly important for helping others to learn about good nutrition. Thank you so much for your passion and activism, and for sharing your story!

For anyone reading this who might be interested, Dr. McDougall has some amazing books on diet and nutrition. He follows a no added fat diet in addition to the vegan diet, which I think is perfect for people who are looking to lose weight or beat a serious illness like diabetes. I find great deals on Amazon for vegan books, and I selected a few of his best books, as well as some of his pre-packed meals for people on the go.

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I have diabetes now too
by: Araceli Ramirez

I am an individual who loves to eat. Unfortunately that comes with a price. I now have diabetes, and a weight problem. I'm looking at different ways to better my health and I noticed that many foods out there are high in things that are bad for us. so my doctor talked to me about being a vegan. I'm interested in knowing information about becoming vegan.

Thanks for the comments!
by: Terri

All of your comments verify and comfirm what I already know. I am so tired of people saying "oh, how can you do that to yourself? I gotta have my burgers". I just want to slap 'em silly. I mean, "burger, heart attack, vs good health", "cheese, cancer, vs good health". When I hear people say "I can't give up ____" whatever it is, it translates into "I WON'T give up". Self indulgence is the name of the game. I know one thing for sure, walking into a house that smells of cooking beans is a heavenly experience as opposed to walking into a house smelling of cooking flesh.

The others
by: LyNel

I am a very senior at age 70. I walk in the mountains in ice & snow. NO PROBLEM. Since becoming vegan I have recovered from a very radical back surgery. No problems. No pain. No balance problems. No heartburn. No medications at all. All my friends ask how I do it? They all make a face & say they can't give up taste. What in the world do you say after you have just fed them a vegan meal & they are raving about its taste? I cannot figure people out. I really don't think they want to know how I do it at all. They just want to say something but don't know what to say. They just want to have this for themselves but if it isn't in a pill they aren't interested. They want what they want & they want it right now.

Almost Vegan and Loving the Great Blood Sugar Drop
by: Karen

I too stopped eating almost all animal products, excluding a small amount of dairy (probiotic reasons). I read a book Program for Reversing Diabetes by Dr Neal Barnard and was so shocked. No one had ever mentioned that cutting out saturated fat and lowering overall fat would have this type of reaction in my body. I have completely stopped getting heartburn, not to mention dropping 30+ pounds and bringing my fasting sugar levels down to around 100.

And I am told over and over again that what I am doing in no way contributes to my blood sugar improvements. I just smile and say, ok, and move on to another subject. Most people just can't comprehend that giving up meat could do this. And I never thought I could give it up so easily. It has only been 6 months, but I have no desire for meat. I doubt I can go completely vegan, I love my yogurt and honey, but my health is so much better now, I am very happy I looked for info to keep me off medicines.

Plant Based Diet
by: Shawn

I started eating a plant based diet about a year ago, after reading The China Study and reading the information on Dr. McDougall's web site. At the time, I was taking medications for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Today I am medication free and my blood pressure and cholesterol are both normal. I was taught in school and by my parents how healthy it was to consume animal products... boy were they wrong! It's a real shame that most people, including those in the health profession, have no clue what a plant based diet will do to improve their health.

Thank you
by: Terri

Thank you! I always hated mustard. Now I love it. But I've never even thought about growing it!! I have also learned to like Rosemary.
I DO need to start walking more. We like to golf,
so this summer I hope to get lots and lots of exercise. With the winter months and me being, ummmm, a senior citizen now almost, I'm a little afraid of falling.

Thanks for your input and help!!!


You rock
by: LyNel

Way to go. You have found the very best way to perfect health & a perfect body. Now all you have to do is walk. LOTS! Just lose the fat, salt & sugar in your new vegan diet. It's sooooo easy & it tastes sooooo good. My new friend is Mustard, the spice, along with Parsley, I grow it in my kitchen window, & something like Summer Savory or Rosemary. When I use these three it tastes just like I salted it. Add pepper & you're ready to eat. I have found many seasoning combos on the Veg. Web site & they are awesome. I have never cooked before & it's a whole new world for me. I even make our bread now. It's soooo easy & fast & I live at 10,000 feet in the mountains. I used to cook when the kids were small & worked & kept a clean house & where I got the idea that I didn't have time to cook is way over my head. Baby steps & be kind to yourself.

Diabetic Vegans
by: John C, Key MD

I'm a physician, a diabetic, and a vegan. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm not an "animal rights" vegan--I have no problem with those using animal products.)

I could not control my diabetes with insulin, oral medication, and an Atkins-Type diet (Hi fat hi prot). A vegan physician friend recommended that I read Colin Campbell's The China Study, which I did, and became a vegan eater.

My blood sugar became far easier to control with minimal medication. I recommend a vegan diet to my patients, unfortunately many will not consider it.

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