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Meet Your Meat

by NJ
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Meet Your Meat- The life changing 13 minute documentary

I've always wanted to be vegetarian. I never once considered being vegan because I was naive enough to think that cows and chickens didn't suffer when providing us with eggs and milk. I never actually made the plunge to be vegetarian because I was being heavily discouraged and brainwashed by my family.

But, after watching the PETA documentary Meet Your Meat, that did it for me. That was it.

I did not stop crying hysterically for the entire 13 minutes of watching Meet your Meat. I vowed NEVER to consume an animal product ever again in my life. I adore animals. I do NOT believe they were created solely for the purpose of providing us greedy humans with food. They are animals just as we are. They live and breathe just as we do. They love, hate, feel joy and sorrow, pain and discomfort, feel hurt, fall ill, sleep, yawn, pro-create, and do all of the other things that we humans do. They are beautiful, wonderful and sentient.

The unbelievable cruelty that they are constantly being subjected to has got to STOP. And seeing as it isn't going to stop anytime soon, I decided to be and STAY vegan because I want NOTHING to do with that cruelty. I will never support it, and nothing anyone says can ever justify it.

God bless all my fellow vegans out there. If only there were more of you (: Check out Meet Your Meat here.

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