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Nuts at the Top of the Vegan Food Pyramid

by Ali
(United States)

I recently decided to become Vegan. I have been vegetarian my whole life so it isn't too big of a transition for me. Lately however, I have been craving proteins particularly mixed nuts. It is hard for me to feel full or satisfied without eating nuts.

In a day I probably consume a cup of mixed nuts. I'm really nervous about gaining weight. For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of whole grain oats with a banana. Shortly after (like an hour and a half later) I was craving protein hardcore so I ate a cup of mixed nuts. I feel like I shouldn't have any more grains or protein the rest of the day...


This is an interesting situation. How are you sure you are craving protein or nuts? Is there any way you could just be craving more food?

I find that with a vegan diet, I often eat more frequently than other people, and there is really nothing wrong with that. If I ate a bowl of oats and a banana, I would also be ready to eat again in about an hour and a half. Have you tried to throw some nuts or seeds into your oatmeal? I usually add about a tablespoon of ground flax seeds. And, are you getting full during breakfast? It's possible you might need to eat more food then. You might consider adding a smoothie made of spinach, nondairy milk, a banana, and an apple.

As far as restricting your grains the rest of the day, I'm not sure I understand how that is related. Have you looked at the vegan food pyramid for guidance on how much of each food group to eat daily? Make sure you are eating a ton of fresh vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fruits, and then your cravings for nuts should subside.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. The whole Vegan Nutritionista site is set up for people like you, so I hope that browsing around should help answer some of your other questions.

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Nuts & portion sizes
by: LyNel

I had the same problem. I never eat breakfast before vegan. Now I have to eat breakfast. I discovered a Granola that is safe but huge calories. I used one half cup mixed with soy yogurt & mixed berries on top. Then I added two tablespoons of mixed nuts. With a glass of Soy Milk I seemed to do just fine. Until the allergic reaction. Apparently I am VERY allergic to Flax seeds. My throat began to swell shut, my tongue swelled & I had such a time trying to breath for about two hours. I did have to take Benadryl & lots of it. Years ago I got a rash from making draperies out of Flax fabric & have been taking Flax Oil caps. for about two years now without a reaction.

Does anyone have a substitute for the Flax? Any vegan products I should stay away from besides Flax seeds & some Granolas. I am 68 & was trying to be heart protective.

by: Anonymous

I felt that I was craving nuts because no other food would make me feel completely satisfied or full. I ate some almonds along side my oatmeal with a banana this morning and added a little bit of soy powder. I have felt much more satisfied and full. The flax seed sounds like a better idea for next time. I had also heard that hemp works well too to complete the protein. I will continue to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables through out the day. Thank you so much for all of your help!

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