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Nuts to Replace Dairy

by Katy

Can I Use Nuts Besides Cashews for Nut Cheeses?

I keep reading and hearing about how cashews are a great dairy substitute for making milk, whipped cream, and cheese. Both of my children have severe dairy allergies, fish allergies, as well as some nut allergies (peanut and cashew). My question is... can you use other nuts to make the cheese and creams and still have the great results that cashew has?


I love cashew cheeses! I have had great success making sweet cashew creams, an alfredo-style cashew cream sauce, cashew ranch dressing, and even raw tapioca pudding with chia seeds, all with cashews. I think the appeal of cashews is that when soaked and blended, they have a very creamy, buttery texture and flavor, and that lends itself well to the richer dishes like those I made above, and cheeses.

But you can definitely use other nuts as well. Every nut has different nutritional benefits, so switching them around makes for interesting flavor matches, as well as health benefits.

I have a few great nut based vegan cheese recipes, in my ebook Cut the Cheese that you might want to check out as well.

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Nuts to replace dairy
by: Nia

I just read this-I hope it's not too late.

You can use almost any nut. Soaking makes the nut softer and more nutritious. Although, some nuts do not benifit from soaking. I'm posting a chart below for soaking times. I wouldn't soak past these times-the nuts may actually spoil! There is also grain, seed and oat milk on the market and you can even find recipes for these on the web. I soak the nuts or seeds and blend them in a regular blender (mine is by Oster and was about $40 bucks)for about three to five minutes with triple the amount of water for milk and less for cream or cheese. The softer/lighter the nut or seed, the creamier the milk. Good luck.

Seed, Nut Soak Time Almonds 8-12 hours
Cashews 2-2 ½ hours
Hemp Seeds Do not soak
Macadamia Nuts Do not soak
Nuts (all others)6 hours
Pecans 4-6 hours
Pine Nuts Do not soak
Pistachio Nuts Do not soak
Pumpkin Seeds (hulled)8 hours
Sesame Seeds 8 hours
Sunflower Seeds (hulled)2 hours
Walnuts 4 hours

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