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Protein in a vegan diet?

by Deborah
(Charles Town, WV)

I have only started researching 'going vegan'. I am a diabetic who is tired of meds that don't work and food that I know is making me feel bad. I want to have energy again, and I want my life back! But, I've read stuff that scares me about anemia, lack of protein, and the vegan diet. I know these things can be overblown, but I want to gain as much information as I can before I dive in. Besides your site, what other vegan-knowledgeable resources do you recommend?


You are making a great move by considering a vegan diet to help yourself off the diabetes medications. There are numerous studies and examples of people who were able to lower their medication and sometimes even eliminate it completely. I highly recommend reading Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs. Dr. Barnard has several books that discuss the health benefits of a vegan diet, and this one is very applicable to your situation.

In my ebook called A Fresh New Vegan You, I also have several success stories from people who went through that exact process as former diabetics.

As far as worrying about protein and anemia, you're not alone. That's one of the biggest worries of people who are considering changing to a plant-based diet, and luckily, it's nothing to fear. As long as you eat a good mix of whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits, snacking on nuts, you will get more than enough protein. Most people actually eat too much protein, and the excess leaves our body in our urine. Check out my entire page on vegan protein here.

I hope this helps!

~ Cathleen

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could veganism work for me?
by: Emily

I'm looking at going vegan (again), but have problems:
1: I get vitamin D deficient and anaemic. Other vegans in the family take heavy-duty supplements, which I am against.
2: I am intolerant to grain and legumes.
3: I am VERY active and want to gain muscle (protein powder = supplement).
4: Sugar over 50-90g/day makes my bowels act up. Badly. I get lethargic on sugar, too. :(
5: I have gone vegan many times before and always succumbed to health problems, as above.
Is there a way veganism could work for me?

Can non-vegans drink vegan protein powder?
by: KCali

Is it ok for a non vegan to drink a morning shake with vegan protein powder? I don't eat very much meat- once a day if that. Is that too much protein and vitamins for my body in one day? Also, is it beneficial to break up the two scoop serving recommendation as far as energy and vitamin absorption go?

vegan protein
by: Anonymous

You might also read Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book The China Study. Our country eats way too much protein, and our bodies have to work too hard to digest it. Reducing (or eliminating) your animal protein intake can have far-reaching health benefits.

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