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Easy Raw Vegan Recipes

What exactly are raw vegan recipes?

People define raw vegan diets in different ways, but typically it means about 80% of the diet (if you were to weigh it all) would be from uncooked or lightly heated food. Cooking temperatures up to 118 degrees F still count as raw because above that point the living enzymes are destroyed.

There are three food groups to raw vegan diets; including sweet fruits, high-fat plants (avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, cold-pressed oils), and leafy green vegetables.

There are several differing opinions on the amounts of each of these food groups that raw foodies should eat, but they range from about 20-30% of calories from leafy greens, 20-40% of calories from fatty vegetables, and the rest from sweet fruits.

If you're new to the raw diet, one of the most popular cookbooks on the diet is Practically Raw, which includes plenty of easy raw recipes that are flexible and made for beginners.

What are the benefits of a raw vegan diet?

Raw vegans report increased energy and vitality once they adopt and stick to a raw vegan diet. Other benefits include fewer illnesses, lower cholesterol levels, decreased allergies, and better skin. Some people also report weight loss and reversal of diseases as a result of adopting a raw vegan diet.

Cooking destroys some vitamins and minerals in foods, but eating them raw leaves them intact. By eating raw food, we leave intact the food's living enzymes, which help us digest food. When we eat cooked food, it takes energy to digest food, making the body fatigued.

raw vegan recipes

What's an example of a basic raw vegan meal?

For breakfast, a fruit smoothie with bananas, mangos, figs, strawberries, spinach, kale, nuts, and raw almond milk.

A dinner salad could be lettuce with 1 red bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, and a sliced grapefruit.

Another dinner salad could have 5 oz. green leaf lettuce, 4 chopped Roma tomatoes, 4 stalks chopped celery, and 2 cups berries.

Snacks could include raw nuts, avocados, and other calorie-dense foods like cold-pressed oils.

You can make raw vegan recipes that are more intricate and exciting than just salads. People have been designing sauces, cheeses, decadent desserts like brownies and cheesecakes as well as ice creams, pizzas, and seaweed dishes for years now, and the world of raw food is ever expanding.

And most of those raw foodist are more than willing to share their creations with the world, helping to educate and enlighten about food outside the box.

A few of my favorite raw vegan recipes

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