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Raw Vegetarian Diet

by Hensley

I will try to make this short, but I'm confused. I am 42 and suffered awful depression since I was 21. They say it's chemical depression, and so drugs work, but not very well.

I have tried everything to get better for years and nothing helped... I have been depressed, lethargic, tired, sleep patterns messed up, anxiety. I feel like garbage because depression effects the body too. I'm in good shape and don't overeat, but it doesn't matter.

Last week on a complete fluke I decided to try just one week eating only organic raw vegetables. ABSOLUTELY nothing else but the raw vegetarian diet, just to see what would happen. OMG! I'm on the 5th day doing this and I feel 70% better. My mood, my energy, my sleep patterns are all better. Why is this? I took in no protein so I should be flat worn out and half dead right?

I feel alive again as if I awoke from some bad slug shell! I don't want to stop now, but I don't know how to live a plant-based diet. I have the will, but know nothing of how to do it. This trial of mine was not because I feel bad for the animals people eat... That is a choice and humans have been eating meat for thousands of years. I could care less about Elsie the cow. It was about my health and a fluke shot that doing this might help.

It did more than help! There is no question as to why I feel better (and I never feel better) because all I ate was plants. How could that make me feel so much better? Why didn't my psychiatrist tell me to try this? I suffered for two decades and they never suggested trying a raw vegetarian diet! Maybe I wasn't sick, maybe my meat and dairy diet was making me sick. Could that be true? Others eat meat and seem happy and energetic and not depressed like me.

I don't want to stop. I feel too good now to eat that heavy garbage. Will my muscle mass shrink to nothing? I like to lift weights and build muscle. This is not a placebo effect... I really do feel better even in just 5 days! What is happening to my system with this raw vegetarian diet experiment?

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by: Anonymous


Good For You
by: Mic

I'm glad you found the secret to the fountain of youth. Some tips would be to not eat cooked vegetables or cooked food it's being robbed of so many nutrients. Also most of the supermarket veggies are loaded with toxins so you may feel better but you are still loading your body up with toxins which can cause a deficiency in your body and you will still be susceptible to common sicknesses such as colds and flu's but if you were toxin free and had all the needed nutrients in your body it would be impossible to get sick and pretty much full proof yourself of catching cancer when you get older.

A basic rule/guide-line would be:

Number 1: Do not eat sugar the WORST THING EVER for your body worse than cigarettes and alcohol believe it or not.

Number 2: Eat primarily raw vegetables that are made naturally with no pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Number3: no Processed foods

Number4: Drink healthy water such as spring water or reversed osmosis purified water or go to the supermarket and get distilled water. Or just drink something that is natural that you like that won't hurt your body like natural lemonade or iced tea there are so many other alternatives.

Number 5: Take high quality vitamin supplements not cheap stuff because it won't help you at all there has been studies about that.

Number 6: exercise a little bit and you should live to 100 years old or longer and die naturally in your sleep like Jack LaLanne did.

Number 7: Read the book called Never Be Sick Again from Author Raymond Francis that is where I learned so much and check out Annette Larkin she is 70 years old and she looks so young she is truly an inspiration. Good Luck and enjoy your life.

thank You!!
by: Anonymous

I've been a vegetarian for over 15 years, and have started considering a vegan lifestyle. I've suffered with depression for many years myself, and like you, it's chemical depression and drugs don't really do much. You're question/story have inspired me to make the change - I know that I'm helping the animals a little bit more by changing my lifestyle, so even if I'm not as lucky as you, I might feel better in that regard.

This is our natural diet.
by: Anonymous

To work out what our bodies were designed to eat just look at what most "primitive" societies eat. It is mostly plant based and mostly raw. I know people who even eat their meat raw. No other animal cooks their food and don't have a problem with it so why should we. It is really strange how in our society the thought of eating a raw vegetable seems weird to most people - but that's how nature delivers it.

Feeling better
by: Lynda

When I first tried vegetarian only, I felt better too. Then I did the Tony Ferguson weight loss diet and realised that there are other things not being eaten - bread, cakes, pasta and dairy. On reintroducing foods, I recognised the familiar illness symptoms. NOW I am Gluten free, dairy free and mostly vegetarian.

After 14 years of medical care, I'm amazed and yes a bit peeved that nobody looked at this. I struggled in the dark. The thing is that "a bit" doesn't work. You have to be all or nothing for a while to clear your system and feel good.

There are so many Gluten free and soy products in the supermarkets now, it is so much easier than I thought it would be. Veggie burgers, Gluten free breads and Soy cappuccinos are socially very normal, if not trendy now!

Good luck with your health. You can google a lot on the gluten free/ dairy free diet for ADD, depression, and various immune system and allergy problems etc. Others have been talking about this, just not the doctors. Could there be a conflict of interest with the drug companies? I still take my medications but am reducing them and have so much more energy and more positive outlook. Guess it's because I have hope!

Join the best group ever was
by: LyNel

Hello, You have really made the right choice. I have been vegan for about a year & it's changed everything. If you eat beans or potatoes your eating protein. You don't need as much as you think.

I'm 70 years old & don't have an ache or a pain anywhere. I really think all my arthritis went away. My husband has gone off almost all his heart meds. & he feels great. Our doctors wish they had the blood test results we have & the doctors are much younger.

The recipes on the vegan sights are wonderful. We don't miss animal products at all. We are taking supplements too but that is because we are so old & the system just won't work like it used to. We do exercise but haven't lost muscle mass. I do eye exercises but still have 20/15 distance vision. I'm a 17 year breast cancer survivor.

I eat every thing black. Black beans, wild rice, black pasta & so on. Cancer can't grow with the black plant foods. Watch very carefully & read ingredients on food products so you don't eat any GMO foods. Grow your own vegetables from vintage & heirloom seed. Be very careful about fertilizers compost too. Just read lots & look it up on the puter. It's all here.

Fruits are a bit harder & we just eat organic & locally grown fruits. Investigate all cosmetics. Loose the aluminum especially in deoderant. You can grow your own Stevia plants, steep the leaves in water & it's better than sugar. You have to adjust recipes. I grind my own flour & make my own bread. Just have to do it once a week & it's yummy & much cheaper & I know whats in it. Hope this helps & please love yourself enough to stick to it.

response to raw food diet reaction
by: Anonymous

I am so happy for you - I had a similar reaction to going vegan and although I still eat a little dairy (cheese sometimes) my energy level and mood have changed drastically. I am afraid to eat meat and probably never will eat it again.

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