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Skinny Bitch Gave Me a Mission

by Amanda Cox

It all started with wanting to lose weight. I had tried so many diets from the Special K Diet, to only white meats, fish, 'diet/fat free', power bars and water, starve and binge, and never considered veganism because I was raised that it's 'good' to eat meat, it gives you lean muscle, dairy, it builds strong bones, fish, it's brain food, eggs, it gives you energy, ect.

Until one day I sat in my room crying and praying out of desperation for an answer to lose weight. That evening I went to a book store and came across a book by the title of Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. After reading this book, I was in shock at the benefits of veganism and the harmful effects of using animal byproducts that I had to become vegan.

This book will give you all the reasons you need to become and stay vegan. This was my answer to prayer. This book changed my life forever. Now I am a happy and healthy person and I love my life. -Amanda.

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Me too!
by: Brianne

Thank you for sharing your story, mine begins the same way! That book changed my life and everything I put into my body. Im new to being a Vegan but I love it and would never go back to puting anything with a face on my plate! Thanks for sharing!!

Your story
by: LyNel

Hello, I'm sooo glad you found the book Skinny Bitch & found the right track. Hopefully your still very young, Health is the best & a really good weight is most of health. I too was amazed at how easy it is to loose weight being a vegan & how easy it is to maintain it. I still haven't found a recipe with too many calories & at 68 years I still have endless energy. My breast cancer has been gone for 14 years & never has come back. I was raised on meat & dairy & told that I had to have it to be healthy. Well now it's been 3 months & I haven't missed any of it. I feel great too. I'm very busy with my greenhouse raising veges. with heirloom seed & waiting for my 20 pounds of soy beans without GMO's to learn to make soy milk, cheese & yogurt. Maybe even soy ice cream. Making whole grain bread was a challenge at 10,000 feet. I went to Whole Foods & bought good yeast & it comes out fine now without the bread machine. Just stick too it & you will be a wonder too. Best of luck on your life & I hope you always have enough.

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