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Tempt Brand Ice Creams

by Anonymous
(Seattle, WA)

My favorite ice cream is Tempt Brand Ice Creams, and the best Tempt flavor is coconut lime. The worst is the chocolate. The rest are somewhere in between: Java Chip, Mint Chip, and Vanilla Bean (which tastes a little like cookie dough). What's great about Tempt hempseed milk ice cream is that it tastes exactly like regular ice cream, whereas soy ice cream doesn't.

Another brand is Bishop's Best. It's made from almond milk. I like the Orange Cardamom. The texture is halfway between ice cream and a popsicle. It's very expensive, Whole Foods sells a half a pint for almost $9! The vegan grocery here, Sidecar, sells it for $6.50, so if you're in Seattle, get it there.

Editor's Note:

I love Tempt Brand Ice Creams too! Hemp milk can worry some people because they think it's going to have THC like in marijuana plants, but it's actually made just from the hemp seeds, so it's perfectly legal!

Like our anonymous poster reported, hemp milk has a thick consistency and its frozen texture very closely mimics "real" ice cream, so many people prefer it over soy milk ice cream. There are some great health benefits to hemp milk. For one, it's loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it has all 10 essential amino acids, plenty of protein and calcium, and many other vitamins and minerals.

Tempt is made without cholesterol (of course, since it has no animal products in it), and is soy and gluten-free. Hemp milk can help your hair, skin, nails to become stronger and healthier, strengthen your immune system, and protect your heart. So, eat up!

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Tempt and I Scream Hemp Milk Ice Creams
by: From Washington

For those that don't like soy ice cream or rice ice cream (like me) because it tastes different than regular ice cream, I recommend hempseed milk ice cream.

I get the Tempt brand at Whole Foods (I especially recommend the Coconut Lime flavor) and the I Scream ice cream sandwiches at Hempfest in Seattle WA. I Scream is available in 9 states at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, unfortunately not in Washington yet but they told me it would be if enough people request it. I especially recommend the Jasmine Flowers flavor.

Almond Dream is another ice cream that tastes like the real thing, although it's too sweet for me.

Tempt Btrand Ice Cream
by: Anonymous

Where can it be purchased?

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