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The Endo Diet -- Vegan

by Sylvia
(Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

I recently converted from being vegetarian to being vegan after I found out I was lactose/whey and egg intolerant. The endo diet is basically vegan, however I also am advised to exclude soy because of its hormonal properties. I find that a lot of vegan recipes rely on the use of soy. What can I do to get my needed protein without soy so I can properly follow the endo diet?


I have read about how the endo diet is basically vegan and I've also heard good results of people being able to reverse their symptoms and prevent future recurrences of endometriosis with a vegan diet.

In short, the endo diet calls for you to eat:

  • whole grains (except wheat and rye)
  • beans, peas, and legumes/pulses
  • vegetables (especially greens, broccoli, turnips, garlic, onions and cabbage)
  • fruits (rhubarb is great for it)

The endo diet also calls for you to avoid:

  • red meats
  • refined carbohydrates like bread, flour, and cakes made from refined flours, and all wheat products
  • refined sugars and honey
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • chocolate
  • processed (frozen, packaged, canned) foods
  • eggs
  • dairy products

In short, the endo diet is like a strict vegan diet enhanced with a leaning towards macrobiotics.

Luckily, though many people worry that vegan diets depend on soy for protein, many vegans I know eat very little soy. In fact, many non-vegans accidentally eat tons of soy products in the form of refined soybean oil, soy isoflavone, soy sauce, etc.

We have several pages on Vegan Nutritionista dedicated to helping our readers figure out how to get plenty of vegan protein.

In short, the endo diet vegan style should give you an incredible boost in preventing further developing of endometriosis and should make you feel incredible overall. Good luck and congratulations!

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Vegan Protein - Easy
by: Jason Curry

My wife has endo. We're both vegan. I'm very physically active, I box 3x per week and lift weights. I get plenty of protein and have maintained my strength for years and I'm 42. I eat 1/2 cup black beans and a little brown rice 2-3 times per day. I have 1/4 to 1/2 cup hummus with raw veggies per day. 1/4 to 1/2 cup walnuts and a few pepitas and chia seeds. Of course I eat a ton of greens and take b12. Anyway my point is that if I, a 175lb guy who lifts weights and boxes is getting ample protein without soy then I think you all should have no problem. I hope this helps!

This is the only diet that I have NO pain!
by: Nourish The Gift

I just wanted to second what you are saying here. I have stage 4 endometriosis and following a gluten and dairy free plant based diet has been the only thing that has kept me pain free. Doctors want to put me on a medication that would put me into menopause, at age 37 I am not ready for that! I feel 100% healthier eating this way, not only is it good for endo, but so many more health benefits to go along with it!

Vegan Protein
by: Anonymous

Have you tried high protein foods like hemp seeds, quinoa, amaranth, lentils and almonds?

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