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Transitioning To Vegan Slowly

by Elizabeth Hernandez

Question: I just purchased The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone because I'm thinking of going vegan. However, even the "Flirting" chapter appears to be extreme for me. How can I transition to vegan slowly? What is your opinion about this book? I enjoyed reading it.

Answer: I have only flipped through The Kind Diet, but it looks awesome. I totally understand what you mean. I personally don't love the idea of defining everything so strictly. Even though it's a cool concept, it pigeon-holes people and makes it feel like a "diet" more than a lifestyle change. While some people are able to drop all meat or all dairy at once, others struggle with the confines of a diet like that.

The very best thing you can is take everything at your own pace. I know quite a few people who start by just having a "Meatless Monday," or even just by cutting meat out of one meal a week. If that is what you are comfortable with, you can certainly do that. Once you feel comfortable making that one meal vegetarian (or vegan), you can graduate to making two meals a week or two days a week meatless.

You also have to give yourself a little leeway while transitioning to any new diet. If you "mess up" and eat something you shouldn't have one day, don't worry about it. You can just make up for it another day. I find that being forgiving on yourself is the quickest way to get to veganism. Our dog trainer told us once that "going slow goes faster," and I believe that to be true with food as well.

That being said, you might want to check out my ebook on going vegan called A Fresh New Vegan You. I try to maintain the same "trust yourself and forgive yourself" attitude and I hope it provides good details on the whys behind going vegan, which I find very helpful. Once you know the truth about the food industry, it's hard to turn your back on it and keep eating that way.

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Becoming vegetarian for now...
by: Meghan

Okay so I watch this movie and figured out what animals go through...made me sick. So I heard that quoting cold turkey can make you have more cravings. I don't want to eat more meat then I have to. My friend ate a toco next to me today and I got really grossed out and cried.....So how do I wean myself off meat?

How we are transitioning
by: Barbara

We are vegans at home. Except hubby, who eats eggs,only from farmers we know treat their chicks with love. If we go out or eat at a friends, we eat whatever is served. I find that it makes the hostess very nervous if she can't use meat as a protien.I don't think it promotes veganism in a good light if you are too up tight. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Go With Whatever Pace
by: Anonymous

I think it comes down to why a person is going vegan. If it's just health it's going to be a bigger struggle struggle, if it's being against animal cruelty it's going to be a lot easier especially since there's undercover documentaries on t.v.and videos online that show the horrific cruelty animals go through every second. Just go at whatever pace you want and you will get the hang of it in no time.

Transitioning slowly
by: Nia

I agree with the first answer completely. It's more about why we do what we do that makes what we do a more natural process. Even the way we get our mornings started is tailored to each individual-in other words we are not robots or droids that can be programmed by one formula. And everyone does what they do for their own reasons and different reasons strengthen different people. So I would suggest not designing yourself by someone elseses regimen, just educate youself with it-maybe for refference. Develop your own way on what is more natural to you and it will be hard to break that process going down the line. Good luck and have faith in yourself and your motivation.

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