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TV Program on Cruelty to Animals

by Lynda Bennett
(Sydney, Australia)

Recent footage on ABC TV (Australia) of the incredible, inhumane cruelty to cattle in Indonesia and then sheep (I think in Turkey) made me furious, and then sick. Stopping the live trade made me feel virtuous for contributing loudly to this issue. BUT then it resumed with a "less cruel" killing method. Finally this got me to think about what I was eating. Then I watched The Cove. Killing to eat and survive has its place if there are no other choices. But in this world now, there is no excuse.

The only way I can see that it continues is that we do not acknowledge that animals have fear and pain and families. The truly terrible TV footage shows these mammals (like us) being treated as inanimate soulless objects. Are the sensitivities of people bred out so that the real money can continue to be made by feeding our addictions and making us believe it is right?

The thing is, I am an intelligent person who has all this information at my fingertips but I chose not to look. I was brought up on a varied diet, including meat. I even have health issues which should have prompted me but it all goes in the "too hard" basket. I chose to be "normal." Supermarkets help greatly by providing packaged meats that separate us from the source.

But now my son has decided to be vegan for a particular reason and I have had to look at new recipes. He has forced me to look into myself. I am grateful.

Thank you ABC TV Australia for being brave enough to air these disgusting practices on free TV, forcing many of us to look at what we eat at the source AND CHANGE. This can be the only positive outcome from these programs. That is the only way to really stop it - if we don't eat it, they don't make money and they look for some other venture! Maybe even growing vegetables?

Demand for gluten-free products has created a lot of new products in the "healthy foods" area in the supermarkets. I am wondering how to accelerate the demand for "suitable for vegans" label and thus create more profit and more jobs and more "normalness" associated with this way of eating.

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