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Top Vegan Calcium Sources

Are you looking to prove there are plenty of vegan calcium sources to keep you healthy without drinking milk? Look no farther, I've got you covered with a list and a pretty chart.

Continue reading "Top Vegan Calcium Sources"

Top Natural Gas Remedies To Stop the Pop

Have you started eating vegan and find yourself spending more time in the bathroom? There are numerous natural gas remedies that you can use to prevent and cure any embarrassing sounds and odors.

Continue reading "Top Natural Gas Remedies To Stop the Pop"

Vegan Challah with Aquafaba

I made this vegan challah with aquafaba (the liquid from a can of beans) instead of eggs, and it was so fluffy and light and absolutely delicious.

Continue reading "Vegan Challah with Aquafaba"

Going Vegan as a Teenager

Right now I'm 16 and still living with my family, and I really want to have veganism as my lifestyle. The only problem is that my dad probably won't approve

Continue reading "Going Vegan as a Teenager"

Vegan Black and White Cookies

This vegan black and white cookies recipe made super fluffy and light cookies with a delicious delicate flavor. It must be the aquafaba that lightened the texture.

Continue reading "Vegan Black and White Cookies"

What to do with old fur

I became a vegetarian about a month ago and have recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. I was prompted to change after researching the horrible slaughtering

Continue reading "What to do with old fur"

Substituting Agar for Gelatin

I have a question for vegans, and would appreciate input. I have made a gelatin based salad every Thanksgiving using an old family recipe, and some of

Continue reading "Substituting Agar for Gelatin"

Going vegan during eating disorder recovery

I've been stuck in an eating disorder relapse for a month now or so. I've been wanting to go vegan for a long time (I've been vegetarian for almost a year,

Continue reading "Going vegan during eating disorder recovery"

Veganism for the Allergic-to-Everything

I'm a little frustrated here. My girlfriend wants to be vegan, and I'm all for it. But she has a serious immune system disorder that results in allergies.

Continue reading "Veganism for the Allergic-to-Everything"

If everyone becomes a vegan

I became vegan a couple of days ago thanks to a few documentaries and activists. My question is that if everyone becomes a vegan and free all the animals,

Continue reading "If everyone becomes a vegan"

Are any probiotics *truly* vegan?

Hi there! I've been a vegan for about four years now. I've been sick for about nine years, and I've recently been told that I need to start taking a probiotic

Continue reading "Are any probiotics *truly* vegan?"

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom Burning Tongue

I recently discovered I had burning tongue. Look at pictures on google images and you will see how devastating and painful this is. I have been troubled

Continue reading "Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptom Burning Tongue"

I became vegan to avoid antigens

After an accident that caused severe ongoing pain, I took the advice of a doctor to avoid consuming antigens. Antigens are not prevalent in the foods

Continue reading "I became vegan to avoid antigens"

Watching Cows Being Hurt Makes Me Want to Be Vegan

I already knew about all the arguments for going vegan. The methane emissions. The environmental damage. The inefficiency in terms of food generation.

Continue reading "Watching Cows Being Hurt Makes Me Want to Be Vegan"

What the Health Stunned Me

I watched What the Health on Netflix last evening. I was absolutely stunned that so much of the content applied to me and my family! My husband has MS

Continue reading "What the Health Stunned Me"

Newly vegan after watching "What the Health"

I just became vegan a couple days ago. I have been vegetarian or pescatarian most of my life but recently made the switch. I had been meaning to go vegan

Continue reading "Newly vegan after watching "What the Health" "

Vegan after Weight Loss Surgery

I was vegan for a year when I was in my 50s. I took one of the usual routes--saw some horrible farm animal abuse video and decided to do something about

Continue reading "Vegan after Weight Loss Surgery"

I became Vegan to take my life back!

It was a slow enough journey for me but once I gathered all my information I wholeheartedly embraced a plant-based vegan diet and haven't looked back since.

Continue reading "I became Vegan to take my life back!"

Aquafaba is the Egg Replacer of our Fluffy Vegan Dreams

In 2015, aquafaba became the biggest discovery in the vegan world since meltable nondairy cheese and people started making everything from macarons and meringues to breads.

Continue reading "Aquafaba is the Egg Replacer of our Fluffy Vegan Dreams"

Vegan Buche de Noel Recipe

My vegan buche de noel is a revamped version of the traditional French holiday dessert, complete with vegan swiss meringue buttercream filling, chocolate frosting, and aquafaba merinuge mushrooms.

Continue reading "Vegan Buche de Noel Recipe"

Vegan Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

These vegan key lime pie cupcakes are made with a secret ingredient that makes them incredibly moist and fluffy... aquafaba.

Continue reading "Vegan Key Lime Pie Cupcakes "

Is there a guideline to cook vegan in a restaurant?

We have a small family run cafe and we have added a vegetarian and vegan menu for our clients. The comment was made to us that we could not offer vegan

Continue reading "Is there a guideline to cook vegan in a restaurant?"

Elevated Triglycerides on Vegan Diet

Last year I went vegan to reduce my cholesterol levels. Then I had a lipid profile and the cholesterol did come down, but the triglycerides went above

Continue reading "Elevated Triglycerides on Vegan Diet"

Acne on a Vegan Diet

I went vegetarian in August 2013 but still ate loads of dairy and eggs until February 2014. Since then I've been vegan which had many positive affects

Continue reading "Acne on a Vegan Diet"

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

When the weather turns chilly and everyone else is rushing to the coffee shop, you can whip up a batch of these vegan pumpkin spice latte cupcakes without ever leaving the house.

Continue reading "Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes"

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Waste not, want not, right? When you're carving pumpkins this fall, instead of scooping out the slimy guts and tossing them, consider the benefits of roasting pumpkin seeds.

Continue reading "Roasting Pumpkin Seeds"

The Best Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

Every spring when the first batch of fresh strawberries hit the farmers' market, I make this delicious and simple vegan strawberry shortcake.

Continue reading "The Best Vegan Strawberry Shortcake"

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Documentary Is Inspiring

The other night I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that hasn't gotten nearly the airtime as some of the more popular diet films, but that has an equally inspiring message.

Joe Cross, the creator of the documentary, had a problem common to many others; he'd spent most of his adult life focusing on his career and neglecting his health. He'd been dealing with an autoimmune disease that caused a skin disorder for years and had gradually, but steadily, gotten quite overweight. The only solution doctors offered him was management of the itchiness through steroids and he decided he wanted to try another option- juicing.

Joe stopped eating junk food and started a 60-day juice fast. For those two months, he drove across the United States juicing and talking to people about food, hopefully getting others interested in changing their diets. I'm sure you can imagine what happens in the long run from him eating exclusively fruits and vegetables, but you should watch the film to get all the details.

The inspiring part comes about halfway through the film when he gets a call from a trucker he met along his journey who has the same autoimmune disorder as him and is even more overweight. This man, Phil Staples, is dangerously overweight and incredibly depressed and looking for a way out, so Joe helps him learn the juicing ropes and offers his support any time Phil is in need.

You absolutely have to see the before and after shots of both of these men. It's so incredible what a difference real food makes to the body.

Whenever I watch these types of documentaries, one of my favorite parts is when you start to see light in the person's eyes and a certain tautness and color in their cheeks. People come alive again when they start eating foods that nourish rather than deplete their natural vitality.

My biggest take away is that though it may be "common" to take cholesterol medicine to control high levels, or to develop type 2 diabetes, or even to have heart valve surgery to fix blockages, those things are all illnesses mostly caused by what we choose to eat. Just because many people have it does not mean we are not sick if we develop it as well. There is no safety in being one of the large numbers of people who are medicated to control problems we can fix with lifestyle adjustments.

Humans do not need to develop high blood pressure and cholesterol as we age, and we have ultimate control over many of these degenerative diseases. We just have to choose that the excuse of "we only live once, why not eat anything we want," is only sentencing us to a lifetime of illness.

Chloes Kitchen: Stunning Vegan Cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli

My honest review of Chloes Kitchen, the first vegan cookbook by Chef Chloe, who first made a name for herself on Food Network's Cupcake Wars.

Continue reading "Chloes Kitchen: Stunning Vegan Cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli"

The Best Vegan Potato Salad for Picnics

This is the best vegan potato salad recipe I've ever made, and it that tastes like the traditional picnic potato salad from your childhood. It's light on vegan mayonnaise and heavy on flavor.

Continue reading "The Best Vegan Potato Salad for Picnics"

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